Cloud technology is one of the best boons for the service industry. It comes with different technologies like software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), function-as-a-service (FaaS), and disaster recovery-as-a-software (DRaaS), etc. 

The service industry is one of the high-demanding sectors that require robust technologies like cloud services to serve customers in the best possible way. Providing the best services to different customers and resolving the issues in the most efficient way requires technological assistance.

Virtual call center software is one such technology that does the best to empower different call centers with excellent features to serve their clientele better. As a result, there are multiple reasons that you must include this technology in your business.

What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center is a flexible call center that can be located anywhere in the world. Thus, businesses can hire call center agents from different geographies and can interact with them easily. Virtual call centers are highly beneficial in challenging the covid-19 pandemic when companies face social distancing and remote working issues

Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center takes care of the time zones of different persons to ensure that work never gets disturbed due to other locations. This call center’s 24*7 services help businesses serve global clients at affordable costs and operational charges. It is expected that cloud contact centers are 27% cheaper than traditional call centers

The flexibility of operations in a virtual call center is due to the power of virtualization that is the heart of any cloud technology. However, as the cloud is relatively new to many businesses, it is easy to get confused and insecure in selecting the best cloud technology for your business. Let us help you get through this confusion and enjoy the best cloud call center software benefits.

Virtual Call Center Software – Why Do You Need It?

After solving the mystery of virtual call center software, it’s time to move to the best reasons to include it in your organization.

1. Customer Experience

Improve customer experience with virtual call center

Contact centers are the prime-facia of the company’s dedication and attitude towards its high-demanding customers. Therefore, any lack on the part of the contact centers takes a direct toll on the business profits.

Thus, any customer reaching the contact center of your company should be given priority on all bases. In addition, the virtual call center software helps manage a large number of customers effectively. Thus, whether it is a sale season or festival season, serving your customers is made easy by using cloud-based contact centers.

Many customers don’t prefer to wait in lines that cause a dip in business and customer satisfaction ratings. The virtual call center software does excellent work by bifurcating the work in different team members using an automated process.

The other main reasons that improve customer experience include interactive voice response (IVR), integrated CRM, and web-based communications. So, if you think that the customer is the king of your business, it is the right time to provide them high-tech cloud-based services.

2. Improve Agent’s Productivity or Job Satisfaction

Nothing is worse than unsatisfied employees for any business. However, when these unsatisfied employees are from your business’s contact center management team, it is definite that this dissatisfaction will take a toll on your customers.

Thus, it is crucial to take care of the team that has to take care of your clients. The contact center teams often are dissatisfied with their way of working or are not equipped with proper hardware and necessary infrastructure.

All these issues are best resolved by the virtual call center software that helps agents manage their work with the help of APIs. In addition, the automated call distribution further ensures that nobody is left overburdened or under-worked in the team.

Integration of the virtual call center software with outbound dialer, CRM software, etc., further helps you train call center agents effectively so that they can serve customers better, thus improving their job satisfaction levels. In addition, the unified channels with options in feedback and surveys allow agents to work on self-improvement and master customer service skills.

3. Reduced Upfront Costs

The traditional contact center comes with significant upfront costs like PBX systems, dedicated systems, host servers, etc. These costs are brutal for startups and small businesses. However, all these hardware requirements are eliminated when companies prefer to go for virtual call center software over the traditional one.Reduce Upfront Costs using virtual call center

4. Scalability

Every business wants to expand its market share in a consecutive year. Virtual call center software is one such technology that fits well your scalability requirements. In addition, there is no need to spend high on the main upfront costs when managing the work with remotely located teams.

It is easy and quick to integrate APIs with the virtual call center software that provides necessary tools to scale up or down the services according to the business requirements.

In addition, the chances of oversubscription are eliminated once you choose pay-per-click charges of the APIs. Thus, at any time, you’re only paying for the services that your contact center team is using.

5. Provides Omnichannel Experience

Many contact centers face issues when their teams have difficulty in managing different communication channels during rush hours. The virtual call center software helps many businesses grow by collaborating their SMS, live chat, phone, email support on one platform.

In addition, the cloud-based data further improves the retrieval rates and makes the entire process easy for the remotely located teams.

6. 100% Remote Operations

Managing global teams is not a cup of tea in many cases. But certain limitations like lack of physical office in the location and pandemic times have forced the companies to go for flexible and remote operations.

The virtual call center software has made it possible for different businesses to manage their contact centers with 100% remote locations. It doesn’t only save money and the efforts of the teams but also helps them work flexibly.

Top Features to Look for in a Virtual Call Center Software

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

It is excellent for the customers who don’t want to wait in line before connecting to the contact center agent. It can be termed the “self-service” for the customers and powered by the knowledge base. More than 65% of the contact center customers prefer to take the help of an interactive voice response or IVR.

Thus, while investing in the virtual call center software, you must look for the application service provider-based IVR system. Then, you can combine it with automatic speech processing (ASP) to generate high accuracy in managing customer issues.

2. Integrations

Virtual call center integrations

Any virtual call center software should be equipped with seamless CRM integration that eliminates the manual task of adding customer details and other information.

Thus, it is easy to share APIs at all levels of the data. In addition, the other integrations like data management or evaluation software help managers get the best out of the software.

3. Auto-call distributor and skill-based routing

Auto-call distributor helps to direct the customers to the free channel on any available agent. In addition, the skill-based routing feature best manages any information that is left unattended in the IVR system.

It helps businesses to save the customer’s time by using the enhancement to auto call distribution. It uses the customer’s geographical location, caller’s interaction history, and agent’s area of expertise to route the calls.

So Virtual Call Center Software: Yay or Nay?

Modern businesses require brilliant ideas with optimized implementation to gain the highest revenues in the stipulated time frame.

Virtual call center software is one such cloud technology that relieves the stress on the companies’ operational costs in the service sector.

The best-automated features with the unlimited potential of cloud clubs with features like compliance management, security management, etc., helps companies serve their customers in the best possible way.

Maintaining the data is accessible using cloud technology as any call center agent (who is authorized) can access the details on virtual call center software. It is best in the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and is helpful for startups and small businesses to maintain their efficiency in remote working.

Thus, starting from the monetary benefits to providing the best customer experience, there is nothing less than a miracle for the virtual call center software. In addition, the easy-to-use features further relieve the stress on the contact center teams that can contribute actively to the company’s development.

The best virtual call center software providers offer affordable costs to different companies looking to upgrade their customer service departments.


Updated : September 6, 2021


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