Have you ever imagined a day in your life without using your smartphone?

These small, yet innovative devices have become an integral part of our life. They have changed the way each one of us communicates daily from calling, messaging, emails, voice notes, and what not. Smartphones are capable of it all.
In this day and age of technology, it is very tough to imagine even a day without using your best communication asset, the telephonic system. These are not only valid for personal usage, but more so for businesses. Communication is a crucial part of any transaction, and without it, you are bound to fall off a cliff.
Effective communication is crucial to the success of any enterprise. To be able to convey your goals, objectives, and aims to other people, you require not only excellent communication skills but equipment such as software and hardware that precisely provide your message without any hindrances.

In the past couple of decades, telephonic systems have not only evolved as a better form of long-distance communication but have become revolutionary tools in the business industry. The integration of the internet with telephony led to the introduction of cloud telephony or VoIP(voice over internet protocol) services, which has enabled enterprises across the globe to manage communication strategies better.

A VoIP service is a telephony service which uses the internet rather than regular telephone lines. They not only provide you with many useful features for businesses also offers local phone numbers, toll-free phone numbers, and mobile numbers, which can be purchased at much cheaper rates than average cellular rates.

How to Call New Zealand from The US using a Traditional Phone Number

Follow these dialing instructions to place a call from the US to New Zealand-

  1. First, you need to dial the US exit code which is, ‘011’.
  2. Then, dial the country code for New Zealand, which is, ’64’.
  3. Finally, you must dial the 1 digit area code(for the region in New Zealand) followed by the 7 digit phone number.

You can find the list of area codes for New Zealand here.

This traditional method of calling is excellent, but it has many drawbacks. Some area codes cannot be called using international numbers. Many cellular service providers in the country also give their customers the ability to block international calls completely.
This process is a very tedious one, and many people dislike it. You are bound to incur extra international calling costs. People seeing a call from a different country often decide to reject this unknown call, which is not a good thing for your business. To avoid these situations, using a VoIP service is a great idea.

Calling New Zealand from the US Using CallHippo VoIP Service

Using best VoIP service such as CallHippo you can quickly obtain local phone numbers, toll-free phone numbers, and mobile numbers from 50+ countries, and place calls using these numbers in over 190+ countries. CallHippo is available on mobile as well as desktop. Our service can be integrated with other services, including HubSpot, Zoho, Slack, Groove, and many others. With an endless list of useful features that provide great functionality, you are sure to find all the solutions to your communication problems right here.

If you live in the United States, you can easily purchase a New Zealand virtual phone number from CallHippo. This number will act as a local phone number for anyone receiving a call from this number in New Zealand.

Call New Zealand by CallHippo

Get Your Virtual Phone Number In 3 Easy Steps :

  1. Signup for an account with CallHippo.
  2. Head over to the virtual phone number section. Select your country(New Zealand), an area code that you would like, and choose from the list of available numbers.
  3. Once you have selected your number, proceed to pay for it with our bright and straightforward payment plans. CallHippo subscription plans are some of the lowest in the industry

Yes! It is that simple
Now, you don’t have to worry about not being able to call customers internationally. No call blocking or extra international calling charges. You will be able to reach people who could not be contacted with an international number.
Your virtual phone number for New Zealand is now ready to be used. You can use it on any communication device that supports CallHippo for placing and receiving calls. Furthermore, you can add multiple users on the same number for business purposes or personal reasons.
If all the utility mentioned above that a VoIP service provides to you isn’t enough, you must take a look at the plethora of features CallHippo offers along with your virtual phone number. You don’t want to miss out on these significant aspects of CallHippo.

VoIP Phone Features

  • Compatible with many devices and platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, Web-based, and iPhone/iPads. Due to this feature, you are no longer limited to using a cellular phone to place calls.
  • Smart call forwarding lets you easily forward calls from your CallHippo number to your personal or registration number.
  • Using the Voicemail feature you can let people leave you messages when you are not reachable. These voicemails are stored in CallHippo’s cloud system and can be accessed by you anytime and anywhere from compatible devices.
  • Set customized On Hold Music during a call hold.
  • The Call Transfer feature is amazing and very easy to use. Rather than having your customer call another number, you can easily redirect the current call to another staff member so they get a better customer experience.

The Conference Calling system lets you collaborate with people all over the globe.

VoIP Business Features

  • Call Distribution is an intuitive system which allows you to route a call to the right executive at the receiving end.
  • A distinct customized Welcome Music or Message at the beginning of your call will set you apart from the competition and give your customers an enhanced call experience.
  • You can set customized Voicemail Greetings for all your valuable clients. This will let them know how serious you are about their business, adding to the value you provide to them.
  • An IVR is also known as an Interactive Voice System is a prerecorded voice system that directs the customer to the right department when they are looking for help. This system saves the customers and the support staffs time.
  • Call Queuing lets you answer calls in the order they were being received, allowing you to be courteous to your customers.
  • Call Barging sounds like a harsh term, but it is a handy feature for customer support businesses. When supervisors are monitoring calls, they can easily barge in or join the call in case of any queries. Doing this will immediately turn it into a conference call.

If you are someone who is buying a New Zealand virtual phone number for personal use, you might not need all the features mentioned above, but it is always good to know you have the option of availing them.
As for businesses, CallHippo’s simple and innovative features will help you solve many of your day-to-day business problems and enhance it to a whole new level.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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