If you want to deliver an excellent customer experience, just remain accessible! If a customer has a problem, make sure that your business provides them with adequate channels to reach out for quick resolution.

So what’s the big deal about toll-free numbers? Do they work? Check out these mind-boggling statistics:

  • Toll-free numbers increase sales by 200% on average.
  • Implementing a toll-free number will increase telephone orders by 30-40%.
  • Product returns will decrease by 50% if your company has an active toll-free number.

A toll-free number is bound to increase customer calls simply because it does not cost them a penny. Yes, that’s right – calling on a toll-free number does not incur any charge for the customer. Hence, they do not need to worry about mounting phone bills; rather they can focus on resolving their issue by reaching out to the company representatives at the earliest.

How Does A Toll-Free Number Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Toll-free numbers have become very common for customers nowadays. Most toll-free numbers have 800, 866,877 or 855 area codes, making it convenient for customers to reach service representatives at any time of the day. Let’s dive deeper into the subject and find out how toll-free numbers can improve the customer experience.

1. Build A Professional Image:

The current business scenario is highly competitive. If your business does not build a positive first impression, customers might move over to other rivals. If your organization invests in a virtual phone system that has toll-free numbers, your clients will never face the problem of missed or dropped calls.

Toll-free numbers give your company a highly professional image, as customers can reach out, round the clock and receive quality support and service. Basically, a toll-free number gives a simple option for customers to contact an organization, without worrying about the cost. This plays a profound role in establishing a positive brand relationship and enhancing professionalism in all aspects of customer interaction.

2. Boosts Business Marketing:

Sales and marketing is the lifeblood of any business organization. Most marketing campaigns flash their toll-free number as a potent tool that motivates their loyal customers to call them and get in touch with them.

Most virtual phone systems not only keep track of calls, but they also boost marketing efforts by encouraging customers to know more about your products and services. Customers can place their orders on toll-free numbers, clarify any doubts they have, and engage positively with your team members. Your toll-free number also allows you to create numerous extensions, each of which can be used for an individual marketing campaign.

Never undermine the power of toll-free numbers – it is a must-have asset that can lead to a monumental increase in your sales volume, lead conversion, and ultimate profitability.


3. Delivers Faster Service:

We live in a hyper-digital era; hence speed is of utmost importance in the overall customer experience. Toll-free numbers ensure that your business responds with speed to customer issues, and does not keep them waiting endlessly.

One of the easiest ways to boost customer satisfaction is by just remaining available to take calls. Toll-free numbers enhance accessibility and connect your loyal clients to the concerned support executive swiftly. It removes all communication barriers for customers; as they do not need to worry about costs, yet get instant service for all their grievances and complaints.

4. Reduces Customer Costs:

Many times, customers hesitate to get in touch with an organization via telephone, as they fear huge phone bills. Toll-free numbers ensure that customers do not think twice before calling your business, in fact, they serve as an intrinsic motivator.

If you want to urge customers to pick up the phone and communicate with your staff members, just get a toll-free number. It will spare you, customers, from getting burdened with heavy phone bills, and give your business a competitive edge in the market.

5. Promotes Self-Service:

It is simply not possible for your support representatives to remain available at all times to answer customer calls. In such a scenario, virtual phone systems are highly useful; as they have interactive voice response systems that can help customers redirect the call to the required extension number.

If a customer calls on a toll-free number, they can either troubleshoot the problem by accessing automated knowledge bases or can get further assistance from a specialized staff member. It reduces the workload of your support team, and increases customer happiness exponentially!


6. Increases Credibility:

Small businesses and new startups need to work on building a credible brand reputation. There is nothing better than a toll-free number to help your customers realize that your organization is responsible and committed to delivering quality service.

If customers do not have any channel to get in touch with your staff members at the time of their convenience, it will definitely make a terrible impression. Companies that have a dedicated toll-free number develop a trustworthy reputation and their clients remain highly engaged at all times.

7. High Portability:

If you have a virtual phone system and a separate toll-free number to serve your clients, you just don’t need to worry about location! Even if your organization is shifting offices or moving to a new geographical location, your clients will not come to know, as all calls can be forwarded on any mobile or landline number.

Once your organization decides to buy a toll-free number, it is there to stay! This means that even if you change your service provider, you get to keep the number; hence there will be no loss of business identity. Portability is an immensely useful feature, as it ensures that your organization can retain its long term clients by maintaining a singular phone number.

Irrespective of the size of your business or industrial domain, there is no doubt that you need to work upon building quality service and providing an exceptional customer experience. Getting a professional toll-free number is a sure shot way to boost customer service and carve a niche identity for your company in the market.

If you are thinking of investing in a toll-free number, do not be in a tearing hurry. Check out all the available service providers, go through customer reviews and discuss your options with various vendors. You will want to check the scope for scalability, security level, cost-effectiveness, and customization options before you make a final choice. Remember, it is a one-time investment that can have a far-reaching positive impact on all vital bottom results!

So go ahead and leverage the power of a toll-free number for your business. You will witness a great transformation in all performance parameters and increase customer satisfaction levels dramatically! 

Updated : July 15, 2021


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