CallHippo: The Best eVoice Alternative

If eVoice isn’t completely aligning with your needs, there are several VoIP solutions like eVoice that provide impressive benefits without straining your budget. One of the top evoice competitors is CallHippo, known for its range of powerful features and user-friendly interface.

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Why Switch from eVoice to CallHippo?

Transitioning from eVoice to CallHippo can prove to be a smart and advantageous decision for your business. Unlike alternative virtual phone systems, CallHippo consistently delivers on its commitments, empowering companies to elevate their business communications and foster robust customer relationships. CallHippo stands out as a carefully designed virtual telephony solution tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

CallHippo Vs. eVoice: Feature Comparison

Interested in discovering why CallHippo is considered the top alternative to eVoice? Take a look at the comparison table below, which showcases the features of leading virtual phone systems.

CallhippoeVoice Logo
Mobile App
Advanced Features
IntegrationsWide RangeLimited
Customer Support24/7Limited
Call Recording
Call Analytics
Power Dialer
On-hold Music
Call Notifications
3-Digit Editable Extension
On Call Notes
Global connect
Dynamic Number insertion
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CallHippo Vs. eVoice: Pricing and Plans

In terms of pricing and subscription packages, CallHippo outshines eVoice! With CallHippo, you can discover budget-friendly options starting at $0. Whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise, CallHippo provides customized pricing plans to suit your specific needs.

eVoice Elite


Per Month
  • Voicemail
  • On-hold music
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording

CallHippo Platinum Plan


Per User/Month
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Monthly payment | Annual Subscription
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Multi-level IVR
  • CRM Integration

Why Businesses Are Switching To CallHippo

Boasting a worldwide reach, an industry-leading call connection rate, cost-effective pricing, and a resilient infrastructure, CallHippo offers all the elements that make it the favored VOIP solution for businesses.

Industries Leading Call Connect Rates
99.9% Uptime
Zero Jitter
In-depth Integration With CRM & Helpdesk
AI Enabled Call Routing
Zero Latency

Top Features That Make CallHippo The Perfect eVoice Alternative

CallHippo stands out as the premier virtual phone system, offering a diverse array of over 50 cutting-edge features. It surpasses eVoice in a wide range of functionalities.

CallHippo: Seamless Internal Calling

Efficient Internal Communication

  • Enjoy industry-leading call connection rates for seamless in-house correspondence.
  • Ensure dependable connections for your incoming calls and experience crystal-clear audio with CallHippo.
  • Utilize services like Group Calls and others to connect with several people at once.
  • Enjoy flawless audio quality and effective conversation without any lag or distortion.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

  • Ensure efficient communication with international clients by leveraging CallHippo's expertise in managing time zone disparities.
  • CallHippo's assured Caller Line Identification (CLI) in more than 70 countries enables you to maintain a global connection and widen your reach.
  • Enhance customer engagement by placing calls at opportune moments and tailoring them to individual preferences.
  • Enjoy instant connections with industry-leading call connection rates, enabling you to reach clients and teams across borders effortlessly.
CallHippo: Master Time Zones
Competitive Pricing at Its Best

Tailored Pricing Solutions

  • Explore our competitive pricing options, meticulously designed to cater to your unique business requirements, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.
  • With our selection of add-ons, like Voicemail Transcription, WhatsApp Business, and more, you can improve your output and performance.
  • To determine the best fit for your company, compare CallHippo's features and price across its Bronze, Silver, and Platinum tiers.
  • Enjoy top-notch cost-effectiveness with CallHippo, and opt for annual plans to save up to three months' worth of costs.

50+ Intelligent Capabilities

  • Supercharge your productivity with CallHippo's arsenal of feature-rich tools designed to enhance your communication process.
  • Explore the world of effective communication by utilizing CallHippo's cutting-edge features, such as Power Dialer and Smart Switch.
  • Enhanced client interactions can be achieved by utilizing powerful capabilities like Global Connect, Call Analytics, Call Monitoring, and others.
  • Make the most of advanced call analytics capabilities to fine-tune agent performance and take customer experiences to new heights.
CallHippo: Feature-Rich Communication

CallHippo on Top: Across Popular Platforms

Reputable review sites like Capterra, G2, and GetApp have given CallHippo outstanding reviews. These recommendations confirm our unwavering commitment to providing excellence and guaranteeing customer happiness.

Top 10 eVoice Alternatives in 2023

Discover these top evoice competitors, each providing a range of comparable features. Pick the option that most closely fits your needs and objectives.

CompanyRatingPlanLearn More
Callhippo Logo

Basic: $0

Bronze/month: $16

Silver: $24 /month

Platinum: $40 /month

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RingCentral Logo

Core: $20

Advance: $25

Ultra: $35

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Grasshopper Logo

Essentials: $30/user

Professional: $50/user

Custom Plan

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Nextiva Logo

Essentials: $18.95

Professional: $22.95

Enterprise:: $32.95

Learn More
GoTo Connect Logo
GoTo Connect

Basic: $27.00/month

Standard: $32.00/month

Premium: $43.00/month

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Vonage Logo

Mobile: $14.99

Premium: $24.99

Advanced: $34.99

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Dialpad Logo

Standard: $15

Pro: $25

Enterprise: Contact sales

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8×8 Logo

x2: $24

x4: $44

Learn More
OpenPhone Logo

Standard: $10

Premium: $25

Enterprise: Customized Solutions

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CallHippo outperforms eVoice with its extensive array of 50+ intelligent features and benefits. These include a remarkable 99.9% system uptime guarantee, a network covering seven or more telephone solutions, five or more global servers, a guaranteed CLI in more than 70 countries, round-the-clock customer assistance, and many more features that makes CallHippo the best evoice competitors.

  • CallHippo provides unmatched pricing, beginning at only $0, making it the budget-friendly option for both startups and established enterprises.

  • Certainly, CallHippo offers customized pricing solutions and a range of add-ons, including Voicemail Transcription and WhatsApp Business, to elevate your operational efficiency and productivity even further.

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