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About CallMiner

CallMiner is a speech analytics software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to capture and reveal insights from customer interactions. Its engagement analytics transforms your customers’ and agents’ voices into operational intelligence with sentiment analysis and sensitive data redaction.

CallMiner Features

  • Speech to Text: Transcribes calls from speech to text. Provides separate audio for customer and agent sentiment analysis.
  • Customer Scoring:Analyze 100% of your calls to deliver powerful, data-backed coaching.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Helps identify your agent’s sentiment (percent silence, politeness, empathy, hold, transfer, and language) for each call.
  • Agent Performance: Allows you to check and compare an agent’s performance based on factors like language, escalation, legal action mentions, and profanity.
  • Customizable Alert Tool:Enables managers to deliver pinpoint feedback to agents in the form of notifications
  • Inline Call Review:Listen to calls from each contact record to identify the best and worst calls.


  • Ease of Use: The platform does not require you to undergo extensive training to understand and use the system.
  • Self-Coach: The ability to self-coach can prove invaluable in a call center environment. Your agents can quickly identify issues and training gaps with valuable examples.
  • Shows Performance: Its dashboard provides you a birds-view of your agent’s performance, including score tile, score trend, and comparison.
  • Assign Actions: With CallMiner, you can assign follow-up actions to each agent based on their progress.


  • No Live Monitoring: You cannot listen to calls in real-time, which might affect customer experience (especially if the agent is new).
  • Finding and downloading call data:The search feature of CallMiner isn’t robust. Besides, there is a limit on the search data you can download.

About CallHippo Speech Analytics

CallHippo Speech Analytics is a speech and conversion analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance your call center’s performance. It makes it easier for you to identify the most important interactions that need your attention (like customer objections, competitor mentions, compliance gaps, and more), thereby enabling you to evaluate more in lesser time.

CallHippo Speech Analytics Features

  • Call Transcription:CallHippo automatically transcribes all your calls for faster performance analysis.
  • Moment Analysis:Apart from general transcription, CallHippo uses AI to help identify critical moments in each call (something that defines the success or failure).
  • Call Filtering: It automatically filters out the calls that you must listen to based on pre-set conditions.
  • Detailed Analytics:In-depth recording and analytics features that provide you a birds-eye on your agent’s performance.
  • Feedback Management: Rate calls, offer feedback, and share points with your agents while you listen to the call in real-time.
  • Playback Library: Save important calls and transcriptions to train new agents.
  • Customization: Need CallHippo Speech Analytics for a specific purpose? Customize the platform as per your requirements.


  • Real-Time Evaluation: You can listen to calls as they happen in real-time. This helps you prevent any blunders from happening and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Fully Self Managed: Using CallHippo Speech Analytics doesn’t require any special skills or training. You can get started with the platform from day one.
  • Saves Time: Since CallHippo automatically filters calls that need immediate attention, you don’t necessarily need to spend hours listening to each call.
  • Speeds Up Agent Training: When you share the best and worst calls with new agents, they will better understand the do’s and don’ts (even without a trainer).
  • Improve Your Team’s Performance: With detailed and on-point feedback, you can enhance your team’s performance quickly, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction rate.
  • Increase Agent Retention: When you help your agents get better over time with personalized coaching, they are less likely to leave your organization.


  • Call-Only Analysis:In 2021, customer interaction occurs across channels (phone, social media, live chat, and emails). CallHippo Speech Analytics covers only the call-based interactions.

Why Is CallHippo Speech Analytics Better Than CallMiner?

CallMiner is a great speech analytics software. It helps you analyze calls and discover what drives a positive customer experience. However, it does not help you improve your team’s overall performance. It also does not help filter calls based on pre-set conditions.
CallHippo Speech Analytics, on the other hand, allows you to define conditions based on which you want to filter the calls, thereby saving you a lot of time. Besides, it is a versatile software that covers all the aspects of the business (sales, marketing, and customer support).
Another aspect where CallHippo Speech Analytics outperforms CallMiner is moment analysis. You can easily identify calls based on keywords, competitor mentions, and other criteria, something that CallMiner lacks.

Pricing Comparison

While CallMiner has a quote-based policy, CallHippo offers a subscription plan starting from as low as $20 per month per user.

With CallHippo Speech Analytics, you get the flexibility to scale up or down as per your requirement. Besides, CallMiner has mentioned that their product is perfect for enterprises.

CallHippo Speech Analytics, on the other hand, is perfect for businesses of all sizes, which makes it an ideal alternative to CallMiner.

Declaration: The information presented on this comparison page is for general informational purposes only. We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate, but we make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk and conduct your own research before making any decisions based on it.

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Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best substitute for callMiner?
CallHippo is one of the best alternatives to CallMiner. It is a budget-friendly, feature-rich solution that provides seamless third-party integrations, 24*7 customer support along with greater affordability and scalability.
Which is a better investment, CallHippo or callMiner?
With an easy-to-use interface and AI enables insights, CallHippo empowers your teams to bag the maximum possible return over investments. Above everything, the round-the-clock support, extensive integrations, and the power to implement transparent processes enable your company to create an impeccable customer experience.
Which one is easy to use, CallHippo or callMiner?
When it comes to usability, CallHippo scores a point. It has the most effortless user interface. Along with that, CallHippo provides 24*7 support and training, an extensive knowledge base, live support, and more to ensure that you don’t face any roadblocks.
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