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Before You Start VoIP Installation

VoIP installation can be very effective for businesses as it saves more than 50% long distance & international charges and phone company surcharges. It is perfect for companies who are looking forward to saving money and dependence on phone companies.

Before VoIP installation, it is essential to know the number of users that will be using VoIP. It will help in deciding on the system. The system that you adopt should have enough capacity to handle all the calls of your organization. You should also consider whether VoIP phone installation is for mobile phones, remote, or at-home workers.

Another good thing about business phone installation is you can add or remove users even if you slightly undercount or overcount the number of users. Before VoIP installation, businesses should upgrade their connections; accordingly, companies need to have good Internet connectivity for seamless connectivity with VoIP networks.

Opting for VoIP phone installation is a very daunting task. To make it easy and quick, you should decide the features needed for your businesses beforehand. These features could comprise of advanced features such as voice mail, audio conferencing, call recording, and many more.

Basically, there are two types of VoIP phones, i.e., hardware or IP phones and software or softphones. The significant difference between the two is IP phones look like conventional office phone but uses VoIP to engage calls. Whereas, a softphone is a software installed on your PCs or mobile handset that uses VoIP technology for placing and receiving calls.

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VoIP Installation And Setup Page

There are some essential components you will need before VoIP phone installation.

  • Internet Connectivity- For robust business phone installation, you will need a strong broad internet connection, i.e., for higher call volume, you need higher bandwidth.
  • Router- You require an ethernet router to ensure a successful VoIP installation. If you want to operate a VoIP network remotely, you should have a highly capable VPN network.
  • PBX Server- If you have an extensive user base, then the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) could be of great importance to you.
  • IP phones (Hardware)- There are different IP phones available in the market, like wired, touch screen, cordless. Based on the need of your business, you can choose either one of them.
  • PBX Software- PBX server software acts as a core for all local phone networks. It facilitates all the phone networks streamlining all your business calls.
  • VoIP provider- Businesses have to subscribe to this service. Without this, you will not be able to make and receive calls.

Features Of Callhippo’s Business Phone System

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Deliver your daily calling commitments like a pro with CallHippo’s super-efficient Power Dialer function.

Smart Switch
Smart Switch

Multiple telephony providers before placing a call. You can now safely bid adieu to all your call connectivity issues.

Global Connect
Global Connect

Global Connect helps you know the right time to call your international clients.

Smart Call Forwarding
Smart Call Forwarding

Each user can choose to have calls forwarded to several phones, to remain reachable even on-the-go.

Call Transfer
Call Transfer

The Call Transfer feature allows you to redirect a connected call from your phone number to a team member.

Call Conference
Call Conference

It’s a feature that will enable you to add a third person to your two-way call and turn it into a 3-way conference.

Call Queuing
Call Queuing Software

A Call Queue places incoming call in a line when the agent is busy attending other customers.

Call Barging

Call Barging is when a supervisor who is silently monitoring the call decides to enter the conference bridge.

Call Recording

Record every call on each of your numbers to better monitor your performance as a team.

Voice Mail
Voice Mail

Receive voicemails by email in your inbox. Play them directly from your email.

Call Analytics
Call Analytics

Track your phone support performance. Measure the % of missed calls, call load of each teammate, etc.

On Hold Music
On Hold Music

On Hold Music from CallHippo is a great way to keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold or upload your own custom music.

How To Install VoIP

Hardware VoIP Phone Installation

  • IP phones associate with hardware VoIP installation. It looks like regular office phones but reads digital rather than analog signals.
  • Remember, your PBX should be connected to your network via Network Interface Card (NIC) and should be assigned with a static IP address for better and constant connectivity.
  • The third process is plugging in your hardware. To connect your IP phones, simply connect it to the same IP address as that of PBX via ethernet cable or PoE ethernet adapter. Power the phone to connect it to the PBX.

To make your business phone installation work plug it in via ethernet cable and make sure to configure your router for maximum capability.

Software VoIP Phone Installation

  1. Software business phone installation consists of an application that you need to install on your computer or mobile phone, enabling it as a VoIP phone.
  2. Enter your IP address into your PBX’s server domain.
  3. Choose a VoIP provider to configure your business. By doing this, you will be able to communicate externally.
  4. Set up the trunk by entering the details provided by your VoIP provider. It will help to set up the communication between your network and the VoIP provider.
  5. Establish an inbound route to receive all the external calls.
  6. Set up the destination for the inbound route. It will determine where the calls to your inbound route will direct to.
  7. Set up an outbound route to make all the external calls.

VoIP installation is cost-saving. Implementing it could cut your upfront investment cost by half. The administrative portal of the system enables you to add or delete users. And also, in a pocket-friendly budget, you can engage all the advanced features for your business.

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