The age of telephones and now even traditional smartphones in business communication is slowly but surely coming to an end. It is in the best interest of businesses to switch to newer, better options. VoIP and cloud telephony services are increasingly gaining adoption in businesses across various segments. The cloud telephony service’s market is expected to hit a CAGR of 17.2% by 2026, with an expected valuation of $41760 million in North America alone.
Clearly, the number of options available to businesses is also on the rise with the increase in market growth.

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In order to leverage your business communication tool, you need to be well-informed about the tool you’re potentially going to be using. In this article, we’re going to compare two very popular options available to you if you ’re looking to switch over to VoIP phone service in order to boost your business communications. CallHippo and Aircall are both well-known names that come up frequently when the question of the Best VoIP phone service provider 2019 comes up. So, we’d like to analyze both on the basis of certain parameters in order to help your business make the right decision when it comes to your business communication systems.  

Let’s make a thorough comparison of the offerings of both providers and see which one is the right choice for your business.


Pricing is the first parameter that a business needs to scrutinize when comparing two options. Of course, this is not to say that the least costly option is always the best option, but that if a particular option offers more features and a greater return on investment (RoI), it stands a greater chance of being selected.

CallHippo vs aircall pricing

CallHippo’s pricing plans take all types of customers into account.  The user can familiarize himself with CallHippo’s capabilities for practically nothing. The Bronze plan is ideal for outbound calling teams, equipped with additional features like country blocking, call recording, and free SMS, for $8/user per month. For sales and marketing teams, the most popular plan is the Silver Plan, costing $15/user per month. It includes features from the Basic and Bronze plans and additional features such as a free number, calls queueing, and call transfer.

At $35/user per month, CallHippo’s Platinum Plan gives your organization additional credit, custom integrations, and premium support.

Best VoIP Phone System CallHippo Vs Aircall-CallHippo

On the other hand, Aircall’s basic or Essentials Plan starts at $30/user per month. The features available are similar to those available in CallHippo’s Silver Plan (such as warm and blind transfers), at double the price. The Professional Plan which costs $50/user per month offers some additional features like unlimited concurrent calls, Salesforce integrations, etc. A feature like unlimited concurrent calls is available even in the basic version of CallHippo.
CallHippo is offering comparable features at half the price here, a fact that will definitely play a significant role in your final selection.


We touched upon a few features in the previous section. You can’t choose the right VoIP service provider without deciding which features are the most important to your business. A closer look at Aircall and alternative to Aircall, CallHippo reveals that both offer similar features at varying price points.

Some common features that both CallHippo and Aircall provide are: Voicemail in Email, Call from any number, call conference, ring groups, simple analytics, etc. Both provide integrations for Zendesk, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Intercom.
CallHippo has a couple of unique features which make it stand out:

A. Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion or DNI is a functionality that allows visitors from different geographical locations to see a local number when they visit your company website. CallHippo offers this unique feature, which can be a huge revenue booster for businesses looking to establish a local presence internationally.

B. Call Barging

It’s one of the reasons CallHippo is a great Aircall alternative. Call barging is an excellent training tool for sales and customer service teams. The monitoring supervisor can ‘barge’ into an ongoing call in case an issue needs to be resolved or a situation needs to be de-escalated.

A basic study of the features of both will show that CallHippo offers superior features, catering to teams and businesses of various sizes

User Reviews

No comparison of products is complete without a look into what their respective users have to say about them.

The overall ratings of the CallHippo and Aircall Android apps seem close to the Google Play Store. CallHippo has a higher rating of 3.8 compared to Aircall’s 3.4.

Top CallHippo reviews focus on the efficiency of the app, and many have praised CallHippo’s customer service team for their prompt and helpful responses.

Best VoIP Phone System CallHippo Vs Aircall-CallHippo

A majority of Aircall reviews mention that it doesn’t have the best customer support and that the app is in need of fixes with respect to glitches. A common complaint is that the app keeps crashing, and is way too expensive.
Meanwhile, on Capterra while Aircall has a 4.5 to CallHippo’s 4, even the topmost Aircall reviews on this platform are quick to point out the declining quality of customer service and the exorbitant pricing.

You should go through a number of reviews on various websites and forums in order to decipher what the general sentiment regarding the product is, based on various reviews. A preliminary search will show that the sentiment regarding both Aircall and CallHippo is somewhat equivalent, however, it leans more towards the positive side, given CallHippo’s pricing and customer service. 

CallHippo: A Much-Needed Alternative to Aircall

It’s natural to be skeptical of such a claim, as CallHippo is a relatively new entrant in the VoIP/cloud telephony services market. Despite being a newer entrant, CallHippo is able to provide comparable features and a number of unique functionalities, at nearly 50% of the cost that Aircall is currently charging. Meanwhile, CallHippo is continuing to grow and evolve and is constantly adding useful new features to cater to as many different types of teams as possible. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, as well as large enterprises. Aircall, on the other hand, will most likely not be the first choice of many small-medium businesses or entrepreneurs who are just starting out, due to its pricing.

In all, it depends on what you and your business are looking for when you decide to switch to a VoIP/cloud telephony-based communication system. However, there is a chance that most first-time users would want to opt for a provider like CallHippo owing to its reasonable pricing plans coupled with superior features. But don’t take us at our word, conduct your own research just to be sure.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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