In today’s fast-paced world, it is a huge challenge to maintain and augment effective business communication practices for a small organization or startup. In fact, poor communication policies account for over 50% loss in profits, customers, and brand reputation for most companies.

Well, so how do organizations ensure that they can have seamless and uninterrupted communication at low-cost? The answer to this is a virtual phone system – it is a magical platform that can bring about great connectivity, flexibility, and profitability to your routine operations.

Virtual phone numbers have gained immense popularity worldwide and the majority of global organizations have started utilizing the power of virtual telephony to boost communication efficiency. It is a beneficial decision to buy a virtual PBX phone system, as it can help your company gain a strong customer base in a foreign market and enhance business presence in the long run.

Virtual phone systems are a buzzing trend and the global VoIP market is expected to reach a size of 14 billion dollars in the financial year 2017-18. This shows that companies have taken the initiative and decided to buy virtual PBX phone systems to gain a number of corporate advantages.  

If you are still unsure about getting a virtual phone, it is high time to stop thinking and invest in a reliable virtual phone service provider such as CallHippo. CallHippo is a market leader and can help your organization get an ideal virtual phone system that will suit all your business requirements. Here are some amazing advantages that you will get instantaneously by investing in virtual phone numbers:

  • Accessibility – Keep all your team members connected in real-time – all they require is a fast speed internet connection and they can access their business communication from any geographical location in the world!
  • Utility Business Features- Buy a virtual PBX phone system to enjoy a wide range of business facilities such as virtual assistant, call recording, voicemail and call forwarding which make sure that your communication remains streamlined all the time.
  • Low Cost Calling Plans – Organizations that deal with a high volume of business calls should invest in virtual phone numbers as they are highly cost-effective and can cut your huge phone bills by nearly half the amount!
  • Superior Customer Service – Virtual phone systems can help your organization provide customers with a holistic experience and keep them delighted with superior service as they feel that the company representatives are available round the clock to respond to queries, complaints, and issues.
  • Team Collaboration – Make your work environment better through collaboration and help team members gain mobility in business communication by investing in a top-class virtual phone system – it can help in enhancing productivity manifold and keep your workforce highly engaged!

Do not lose out on precious time – buy a virtual PBX phone system to reap these gigantic benefits and keep your small business or startup focused on the fast track to business glory!

Best Alternative To AirCall is Definitely CallHippo:

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable alternative to Aircall, make sure to check out CallHippo and register to get the best virtual phone system packages for your organization! It has the ability to customize personalized cloud based virtual phone number packages for your business requirements at economical prices.

CallHippo is a specialized vendor in phone system requirements and provides world-class VoIP solutions for better end results. CallHippo is catering to small, medium and large businesses along with startups primarily, whereas AirCall targets its offerings to freelancers along with business enterprises.

CallHippo is a robust interface with sophisticated architecture that provides virtual mobile number options to 50+ countries. It provides customer support through phone, live chat, ticket, and training – it is easily reachable and far more user-friendly than AirCall.

Pricing Plans- CallHippo provides the most cost-effective and affordable calling platform as its basic plan is $0, the bronze plan is $8, the silver plan is $15, and the platinum plan is $35. This is highly more economical than AirCall that has calling solutions starting at $29, premium plan for $99, and the enterprise plan for $399. CallHippo allows for two free users with its basic plan – you get to enjoy all the best virtual phone system benefits and it does not influence your budget in any way!

So make sure to leverage the power of virtual phone numbers and get the best VoIP software suite for your organization through CallHippo. It will help your company gain a massive competitive lead over similar rivals and help your customers stay super happy with your escalated service levels.

Virtual telephony is the future of corporate communication, so buy a virtual PBX phone system to enhance your bottom line profits and help your organization reach the elevated heights of corporate success!

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Updated : May 6, 2021


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