VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems are more affordable and reliable than traditional business phone lines. The VoIP system market is projected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12% from 2019-2025 and reach $55 billion by 2025.

However, when it comes to finding a VoIP provider, it could be challenging to find the right one. Everyone has something unique to offer. 

In the case of 8×8, their sales team is a headache to work with. They take lots of time to provide you with an accurate quote despite relatively clear prices published on their website. Also, they charge for almost everything. For instance:

  • 8×8’s activation fee is $39.99
  • 8×8’s cancellation fee is $59.99
  • Additional virtual phone numbers cost $4.99 a month with a $9.99 activation fee (one-time)
  • They charge an additional deactivation fee for each extension as well, making it difficult to scale your business

With so many charges and fees along with a lack of scalability, 8×8 might not be an ideal choice for businesses, especially SMBs. So here, we bring the top 16 alternatives to 8×8. 

What Are the Best 8×8 Alternatives? 

1- CallHippo

Relatively new than others in this list, CallHippo is trusted by more than 5000+ companies globally and is the top 8×8 alternative. CallHippo’s VoIP offers a wide range of features that allow you to set up and use a virtual phone system quickly.



  • Mobile apps to run your business from anywhere, anytime. 
  • Smart call forwarding ensures you don’t miss any important calls even when you are not in the office. 
  • Live call monitoring helps ensure your agents are working efficiently. 
  • Integrates with more than 85+ apps, including Zapier, Salesforce, and HubSpot, to streamline workflows. 
  • Track your phone support performance with advanced analytics comes VoIP system to improve your call quality and call center’s efficiency over time. 


Bronze ($20/user/month)Silver ($30/user/month)Platinum ($35/user/month)
Free number, forward to device, SMS, Voicemail, call recording, and moreEverything in bronze plus IVR (interactive voice response), live call, after call work, call cascading, holiday routing, and moreEverything in silver plus power dialer, 3-way calling, call barging, IP whitelisting, customer caller id, and more

2- MightyCall

Built especially for new-age entrepreneurs and small businesses, MightyCall offers an affordable VoIP system. With MightyCall, you won’t have to pay per user. Instead, they charge a fixed fee per month. 



  • Provides unlimited extensions to help you scale your business at no extra cost.
  • Auto-attendant to greet callers, deliver necessary information, and forward calls to the appropriate extension. 
  • It allows you to port your existing number for free. 
  • Receive voicemail with the transcribed text on your email. 


Basic ($29.99/month)Standard ($39.99/month)Ultimate ($99.99/month)
1000 minutes, 2 toll-free numbers, unlimited users, voicemail, and moreUnlimited minutes, 5 toll-free numbers, call recording, voice to text, and moreUnlimited minutes, 10 toll-free numbers, presence indicator, voice studio recording, and more

3- RingCentral

RingCentral offers a fully-integrated, easy-to-use solution for phone, videos, meetings, and messaging in one platform. It also allows you to send a fax to anyone online. 



  • Make team collaboration easier with team messaging, file sharing, task management, and HD video. 
  • Route calls to the right support agent with carrier-grade reliability. 
  • Voicemail-to-text enables you to keep track of conversations and coach your call center agents accordingly. 
  • Call whispering and barging features help improve customer experience in real-time. 


Essentials ($29.99/user/month)Standard ($34.99/user/month)Premium ($44.99/user/month)Ultimate ($59.99/user/month)
Up to 20 users, unlimited calls within the US & Canada, team messaging, document sharing, and moreUnlimited users, unlimited audio conferencing, up to 24-hour meeting duration, 24/7 support, and moreSingle sign-on, automatic call recording, multi-site admin and management, call whispering, barging, and moreDevice status reports, device status alerts, unlimited storage, and more

4- Novocall

Novocall Conversations is a holistic call management software that turns your conversations into conversions. It comes with a suite of call management features such as callback automation, outbound calling, call tracking, and call scheduling that aims to improve customer engagement and reduce lead response times.


Integrations with CRM tools like Hubspot and Salesforce help to save time on data entry and better keep track of your lead’s and customers’ information.

– Facebook Lead Ads integration allows you to cast a wider net and capture potential customers from more touchpoints.
– Connect with customers from up to 43 countries.
– Send callers to the most relevant people based on departments, product knowledge, language, or location.
– Automatically distribute meetings to your team based on availability, priority, or equity.

5- CloudTalk.io

CloudTalk is a new-age cloud phone system for startups, small businesses, and online stores. It integrates with most popular CRMs, helpdesk, and ecommerce tools, including Shopify, Pipedrive, and Intercom. 

Cloudtalk alternative


  • Use your existing numbers by porting them to CloudTalk.
  • It allows you to choose a personalized absence message or redirect calls to a different phone number to handle incoming calls outside business hours. 
  • Skill-based routing enables you to automatically redirect calls to the right agent. 
  • Its smart detection feature allows you to find solved and unsolved missed calls. 


Starter ($15/user/month)Essential ($20/user/month)Expert ($35/user/month)
Unlimited inbound and intracompany calls, click to call, automated call distribution, mobile app, and more All Starter features plus advanced analytics, real-time client dashboard, skill-based routing, smart queuing, and moreAll Essential features plus power dialer, smart dialer, call monitoring, wallboards, and more

6- GoToConnect

Packed with more than 100+ features across cloud VoIP, audio & video conferencing, GoToConnect is an ideal choice for businesses looking for a unified platform for inbound and outbound business communications. 



  • Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) offers a fully-integrated communication system and the flexibility to scale up (and down). 
  • Call routing allows you to redirect calls to the right agent to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Wait time announcement, so the customer has a fair idea of how much they need to wait and prevent frustration. 


User-based pricing starts from $19.95 per user per month
Cloud PBX, custom hold music, call routing, advanced ring strategies, up to 250 meeting participants, caller ID, do not disturb, unlimited call queues, and more

7- Aircall

Aircall provides an easy-to-use business phone solution. It is ideal for mid-sized and enterprise companies. It allows admins to instantly add numbers from more than 100 countries and scale their teams according to their requirements. 

Aircall Alternative-CallHippo


  • Greet callers with pre-recorded voice messages
  • Find all your numbers in one place, even if your customers are spread across the globe. 
  • Get a complete overview of calls that require a follow-up. 
  • Take or place as many calls as you want simultaneously on the same phone number. 


Essentials ($30/user/month billed annually)Professional ($50/user/month billed annually)
Unlimited calls within the US & Canada, call recording, IVR, voicemail, click-to-dial, and moreSalesforce integration, advanced analytics, live call monitoring, call tagging, power dialer, and more

8- Dialpad 

Dialpad is yet another great alternative to 8×8. It is perfect for businesses with a major percentage of remote employees. With its mobile apps, all your employees can communicate with each other and customers on-the-go. 



  • You can build smart call routing paths to redirect customers to the right agent. 
  • Its voice intelligence feature captures what was said and by who on each call. 
  • Allows you to send SMS, MMS, or create group chats with anyone.  
  • Enables you to coach call center agents with feedback from real conversations. 


Standard ($15/user/month billed annually)Pro ($25/user/month billed annually)
Unlimited calling, call controls (transfer, hold, mute), custom voicemail greeting, voicemail transcription, and moreAll standard features, local number support in 50+ countries, custom off-hours routing, API & webhooks, and more

9- Monster VoIP

Monster VoIP is one of the top 8×8 competitors. It provides multilingual support for iOS and Android devices. You can even use its screen sharing functionality to conduct online presentations and hold virtual meetings within the company. 

Monster VoIP


  • With its auto-attendant feature, you can deliver pre-recorded messages or redirect calls to your smartphone. 
  • Its unified communications system allows you to collaborate with your team via audio and video conferencing. 
  • You can view and reply to customers’ messages using any mobile device. 
  • Record calls automatically to evaluate and improve your team’s performance. 


Happiness ($27/month or $270/year)
Team collaboration messaging, team presence, video conferencing, unlimited calls within the US & Canada, voicemail-to-email, call recording, and more

10- CallTrackingMetrics

The conversion tracking feature makes it one of the best alternatives to 8×8. You can monitor which of your campaigns’ driving calls, form fills, and chats with keyword-level marketing attribution. You can also manage your contact center on one platform. 



  • Its UCaaS platform lets you know who is calling, their previous history with the company, and their referencing campaigns. 
  • Redirect incoming calls, texts, and form submissions to the right agents based on agent queues, location, and availability. 
  • Live listening tools to assist your staff in real-time. 


Business ($39/month)Marketing ($99/month)Contact Center ($299/month)
Call and text tracking, live phone, email, and chat support, basic call routing, call recording, scoring, and taggingLive chat widget to engage prospects, conversion analytics, automatic scoring, and morePredictive dialer, live agent performance reporting, dedicated onboard support, internal team chat, and more

11- Ytel

Ytel is yet another great 8×8 alternative. Thanks to its all-in-one blended solution for call centers, marketing, and sales teams, you can now handle customer queries and convert prospects using the same platform. 



  • Predicatively call customers and maximize your team’s productivity by reducing the wait time between calls. 
  • Nurture leads by scheduling voicemails, emails, and text messages based on the disposition of your prospects. 
  • Receive and make calls without worrying about carrier complexities. 
  • Scale up or down by paying only for the minutes you use. 


Human agent license ($99/month) + local phone number ($1/month)
Automated nurturing, answering machine detection, call recordings, call menus, and more

12- Grasshopper

While Grasshopper is not as feature-rich as others in this list, it still is a great alternative to 8×8. It provides extensions to each employee or department in your organization, transcribes voicemails, and 24/7 automated attendants that interact with your customers outside the business hours. 



  • Take calls from multiple people at the same time on the same number. 
  • Transfer ongoing calls to another number when needed. 
  • Analyze your agents’ performance with detailed call reports. 
  • Provide quick updates to customers with business texting. 


Solo ($26/month billed annually)Partner ($44/month billed annually)Small Business ($80/month billed annually)
1 phone number and 3 extensions3 phone numbers and 6 extensions5 phone numbers and unlimited extensions

13- Mitel 

Awarded as the best business tool of 2019 by Newsweek, Mitel is one of the top 8×8 competitors. Built on Google Cloud, Mitel combines all your communications and collaboration needs into a single solution. 



  • Unlimited minutes per month on all plans. 
  • On-demand call recording to coach call center agents and improve their efficiency. 
  • Multi-party audio, video, and web (desktop sharing) conferencing. 


Essentials ($20.99/user/month)Premier ($26.59/user/month)Elite ($38.49/user/month)
PBX features, collaboration, conferencing, instant messaging, mobile apps, an admin portal, and moreEverything in essentials plus CRM integration, voicemail transcription, call recording, and moreEverything in premier plus archiving and operator

14- Phone.com

Phone.com is a modern VoIP solution for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. From voice and text messaging to video conferencing, Phone.com has all the features you need to run your support and sales team successfully. 



  • Route incoming calls to one or many phone numbers based on the day and time of the call. 
  • Its call screening feature tells you which number was dialed with an audio message along with caller ID info. 
  • Greet your customer with the help of a voice tag (that helps customers choose the right option based on their issue). 


Base Account ($12.99/month)Plus Account ($19.99/month)Unlimited Extension ($29.99/month)
300 monthly minutes, 2000 text messages, 1 local or toll-free number, and more500 monthly minutes, 3000 text messages, 1 local or toll-free number, premium hold music, and moreUnlimited monthly minutes, 1 local or toll-free number, premium hold music, voicemail to text, video meeting host, and more

15- Intulse

What makes Intulse a great alternative to 8×8 is its flexibility to grow and change with your business. You can increase or decrease your extensions from one to 1,000 any time you want. 



  • Its mobile app helps you stay on top of your business all the time. 
  • Multi-way and conference capabilities give your team the power to connect with each other. 
  • Create customized greetings and IVR menus to pass crucial information to your customers while they wait in line. 
  • Allow your callers to dial by name or extension to reach the agent they have previously interacted with. 


Intulse has not made its pricing public. You will have to contact the company to get a quote. 

16- Intermedia

Intermedia combines voice, chat, and email queues into a single omnichannel experience, enabling you to offer the best possible customer service. It also provides real-time insights to boost agent-customer interactions. 



  • IVR to help customers with straight-forward concerns like checking their account balance or status of their request. 
  • Omni-channel routing to reach the right agent based on skills and idle time. 
  • Real-time dashboards to monitor live activity and agents’ performance.
  • Send outbound voice, SMS, and email notifications so you can contact customers using their preferred mode of communication.


Intermedia has not made its pricing public. You will have to contact the company for a custom quote.

17- 1-VoIP

1-VoIP was built with the aim of retaining customers based on excellent service and support. All the services offered by 1-VoIP are contract-free, and they offer a 99.9999% uptime SLA (service level agreement).



  • Extension to extension calling to streamline internal communication. 
  • Call parking feature to transfer the call to a designated “parking lot” extension where any free agent can take the call. 
  • Custom announcements to keep your callers informed about your latest offerings. 


Business VoIP (starting from $14.97)
Digital call forward, music on hold, extension transfer, call recording, hours of operation, virtual fax, and more. 

Wrapping Up

More and more companies are starting to use VoIP phone systems due to the flexibility, reliability, and affordability it offers. However, not all VoIP providers are the same. Make sure to check the features and scalability options before choosing a VoIP provider. 

We have listed the top 16 alternatives to 8×8. Did we miss any of the leading 8×8 competitors? Let us know in the comments.

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