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RingCentral Pricing And Plans: A Complete Overview

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Supriya Bajaj
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: June 21, 2024

RingCentral is a VoIP service provider that makes it simple to call, communicate, and collaborate with employees and consumers. It simplifies communication across many devices with a cloud-based phone system, an AI-powered contact center, video conferencing tools, and team messaging capabilities.

With so many plans, it might be difficult to choose the appropriate one, so here’s all you need to know about RingCentral’s pricing and plans.

Overview of RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP is RingCentral’s comprehensive array of business communication tools and solutions. The MVP bundle includes four basic components that address business communication needs.

Ringcentral - An overview

1) RingCentral MVP Business Communications

This MVP suite component integrates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone, video conferencing, and team chat messaging. Businesses may improve internal and external communication by seamlessly combining voice, video, and message channels with this unified communications platform.

The VoIP telephony function allows businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet, removing the need for traditional phone lines. Video conferencing allows teams to cooperate and communicate efficiently regardless of their geographical location by facilitating virtual face-to-face encounters. The team chat messaging tool encourages team members to collaborate and share information in real-time.

2) RingCentral Video Solutions

RingCentral delivers independent video conferencing features as part of the MVP suite, allowing enterprises to hold high-quality virtual meetings and conferences. The video solutions incorporate an easy-to-use interface, screen sharing, and advanced functionality such as recording, annotation, and virtual backgrounds.

RingCentral also provides a webinar platform, which allows businesses to hold online presentations, training sessions, and large-scale virtual events. RingCentral supplies conference room hardware with video cameras, microphones, and speakers to support video conferencing in real meeting spaces.

3) RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral’s Contact Centre, which delivers an omnichannel Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution, is included in the MVP suite. This all-in-one system allows organizations to manage client interactions across many channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media.

The Contact Centre also has workforce management (WFM) and workforce optimization (WFO) features, allowing firms to efficiently run their customer service operations. WFM allows organizations to schedule and optimize agent shifts and workloads, whilst WFO allows supervisors to monitor and improve agent performance.

4) Conversation Intelligence

Enterprises may get robust Conversational AI, AI-powered automation, analytics, and agent coaching from Conversation Intelligence as an add-on licensing option. This function uses call records and transcriptions for analysis to provide enterprises with crucial insights into consumer interactions.

Businesses may use AI-powered analytics to discover trends, gauge customer sentiment, and gather actionable intelligence to improve their communication efforts. The agent coaching functionality aids training and growth by providing personalized comments and recommendations based on client dialogue analysis.

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RingCentral Pricing And Plans

RingCentral offers three pricing plans: Core, Advanced, and Ultra, each with a different set of features and functionality to fit your VoIP needs. These strategies gradually enhance their capabilities to meet a variety of corporate requirements. Continue reading to learn more about the features and benefits provided by each plan.

ringcentral communication pricing plans

1. Core plan starts at $20/user/month

As you might have guessed from the name, Core is RingCentral’s entry-level plan and offers—you got it—the fundamentals of VoIP technology for your company. With this package, you may make unlimited calls to the US and Canada, convert voicemails to texts, use call queues for call management, and control your phone system.

You will also obtain basic team administration tools, such as document sharing and team chat. A video meeting option can also handle up to 100 individuals, which should be more than plenty for most businesses. You’ll also have access to call recording, unlimited audio conferences, a multi-level auto attendant, and 24/7 customer support, which will be useful if you have any problems with the system.

This strategy generally targets smaller firms searching for basic VoIP technology to manage their team’s primary communication needs.

When paid annually, the Core plan costs $20 per user per month; when paid monthly, it costs $30 per user.

2. Advanced starts at $25/user/month

RingCentral phone system is one of the best video conferencing alternatives out there, according to our study; therefore, small businesses that might not want to pay for an extra service can really benefit from having access to this tool. All of the video conferencing features from the Core plan are available on the advanced plan.

The Advanced package includes features great for staff training, such as automatic call recording, hot desking, a virtual receptionist, and conversation-based capabilities like call monitoring, whisper, and side barge.

The Advanced subscription also grants access to a number of connectors, including those with Salesforce, Zendesk, Canvas, and Smarsh. Even better, you can handle your VoIP system however you want because you have access to unique connectors.

When paid annually, the Advanced plan costs $25 per user per month, and when paid monthly, it costs $35 per user per month.

3. Ultra starts at $35/user/month

Pricing is sometimes the most crucial consideration for many firms when purchasing software, but RingCentral’s Ultra plan will be your best option if you have a larger budget. Even though it costs a little more, it clearly offers the best value in terms of the features you get for the money.

Unlimited storage, 8-digit extensions, end-to-end video, and message encryption, as well as real-time analytics to assist your business in better understanding how it functions, are all features included in this RingCentral pricing plan. Until recently, only this RingCentral subscription had single sign-on technology, greatly enhancing system security. However, it is currently a part of every RingCentral package.

Additionally, the number of video meeting participants is increased to 200, and automated or on-demand call recording is included, just like with the Advanced plan.

When paid annually or monthly, the Ultra plan costs $35 per user per month and $45 per user per month.

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Top Key RingCentral Features

RingCentral offers a variety of essential tools that help businesses connect and cooperate more efficiently. RingCentral provides critical communication and productivity tools such as VoIP telephony, video conferencing, team messaging, and integrated contact center solutions.

Ringcentral key features

1. RingCentral MVP Business Phone System

The cloud-based phone system from RingCentral provides powerful call management features along with phone support and unlimited local VoIP calling on desktop and mobile devices.

To establish a local presence, users can select from local phone numbers in more than 200 area codes or from toll-free, vanity, or international numbers in more than 100 nations. Existing numbers can also have their numbers ported.

2. Call Routing

One of the most crucial elements of RingCentral is call routing, which enables administrators to design simple call flows for incoming calls and route them to certain agents, departments, ring groups, or other IVR menus based on user input.

call routing

Administrators have various options at their disposal, including skills-based routing, priority routing, concurrent ringing, round-robin routing, time-based routing, or list/fixed order routing.

In addition to call routing, pre-set call rules automatically divert calls and play specific greetings based on business hours, agent availability, holiday schedule, the department dialed, and other options.

The maximum number of calls that MVP can queue is 25, and administrators can select between sequential and simultaneous distribution, personalize wait times and after-call work hours, and assign particular agents or ring groups to particular queues.

While MVP is a more straightforward company phone system, the RingCentral Contact Centre solution offers more sophisticated IVA, AI-powered automation, and call flow design choices.

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3. RingCentral Business SMS

The same RingCentral phone line that is used for voice calls and faxes is now supported by MVP for sending Enhanced Business SMS and MMS texts.

Team members can message internal and external clients using the RingCentral softphone desktop interface or mobile devices. Text messages, photographs, audio files, video files, attachments, website links, and even one-click access links to audio and video conferences can all be sent and received by users.

Individual and group messaging options exist, and number filtering and spam blacklisting keep communication secure. There are also search capabilities, a 1,000-character limit for local messaging, and bulk texting capabilities for up to 100 recipients.

Send automated order confirmations, customer surveys, appointment reminders, and more by integrating current third-party technologies.

4. RingCentral MVP Analytics

The RingCentral Analytics Portal uses interactive reporting to give MVP users real-time and historical insight into customer, agent, and team/department behavior.

Reports include a rundown of RingCentral activity for the previous day, week (including calendar and work), week, and month. The ability to drill down on data by department, ring group, or agent is also accessible, along with customized date ranges. At predetermined periods, reports can be shared automatically or manually.

RingCentral MVP provides admins with pre-made reporting templates, over 30 major metrics and KPIs, and the ability to drag and drop widgets into bespoke reporting dashboards.

5. Security

RingCentral’s software uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption to prevent unauthorized parties from intercepting customer data.

Additionally, RingCentral uses data centers and electronic defense systems that have undergone SSAE 18 and ISO 27001 audits. Engineering experts and security personnel on-site safeguard and monitor infrastructure and information.

Additionally, the program uses several infrastructure-related security measures, such as firewalls, session border controls, fraud analytics, and regular vulnerability assessments.

Overall, RingCentral has taken a number of measures to safeguard the security of customer data and session information while also supplying administrative options that let users better defend themselves against potential dangers. For instance, you could lock video conferences and only allow authorized users access.

6. Chat Messaging

The Team Messaging App by RingCentral MVP is a chat interface that enables users to communicate, share and edit files, assign tasks, initiate and plan video meetings, and more.

Real-time message and file synchronization avoid misunderstandings and guarantee that everyone is working with the most recent and accurate information.

Users have a selection of one-on-one Direct Messaging, informal Group Conversations with no administrators, and admin-managed Team Conversations within the Messaging applications. External users can be added to a Team Conversation, which can be made public or private.

The user-friendly interface, which automatically produces and arranges chat tabs in the sidebar chat Details Tab, is one of MVP Team Messaging’s greatest features. This page offers quick access to tasks, links, notes, events, integrations, tasks, files, and photos specific to a given conversation.

7. Team Collaboration

Additionally, team collaboration tools like file sharing, task management, and notes are available through the messaging interface.

Users can send message attachments or share files up to 5 MB each directly within the team file repository.  Users can upload these files directly from their desktop or through a third-party storage program like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Google Drive.

A fluid editing procedure is made possible by real-time file comments with replies. It is possible to download and save in the cloud to search, share, or delete files.

Within chat chats, users can add personal or group notes that can be accessed and edited by any team or group member. Rich text formatting and the ability to upload files, tables, photos, and code snippets are just a few note-taking tools.

Users can name tasks, assign them to numerous users, or allocate them to themselves or others using the task management tool.

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Best RingCentral Products To Check Out

Not sure which RingCentral product to opt for? Below is the compiled list of top RingCentral products that you can check out.

Ringcentral products

1. RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center is a robust omnichannel Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution that enables businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. It offers various features to handle customer interactions across various channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media.

The Contact Center solution provides intelligent routing, ensuring customer inquiries are directed to the most appropriate agents. It also includes workforce management (WFM) and optimization (WFO) capabilities to optimize agent scheduling and performance.

Pricing: RingCentral Contact Center pricing varies based on the specific requirements of each business. It is best to contact RingCentral directly or visit their website to get detailed pricing information tailored to your business needs.

2. RingCentral Video Solutions

RingCentral Video Solutions is a collection of tools and services that enable high-quality video conferencing and virtual collaboration. Video meetings, webinars, and conference room hardware are all included. Businesses may use RingCentral Video Meetings to host virtual meetings, share screens, and communicate with participants in different locations in real-time.

Organizations can use RingCentral Webinars to host online presentations, training sessions, and large-scale virtual events. RingCentral also provides conference room gear, which includes video cameras, microphones, and speakers, to enhance the video conferencing experience in physical meeting locations.

Pricing: RingCentral Video Solutions’ cost is determined by the specific needs and number of users. To acquire correct and up-to-date price information, contact RingCentral or visit their website.

3. RingCentral Conversation Intelligence

RingCentral Conversation Intelligence provides powerful AI-powered solutions for businesses to analyze and get insights from client conversations. Call recording, transcription, sentiment analysis, and discussion analytics are all included.

By employing AI, businesses may spot trends, evaluate consumer sentiment, and extract important information from conversation recordings. The conversation intelligence component also includes agent coaching capabilities, which provide personalized feedback and recommendations to improve agent performance.

Pricing: RingCentral Conversation Intelligence is a licensing add-on that is accessible. For the most precise and up-to-date price details specific to your business requirements, contact RingCentral directly or visit their website.

protip image

VoIP solutions are essential for businesses looking to optimize their calling operations. But choosing a viable VoIP solution provider that best suits your business requirements is tricky

Most VoIP providers in the market offer a plethora of services at varied pricing. Providers like CallHippo dominates the market by providing advanced functionalities and free-of-cost plans.

These types of offerings will be beneficial for you to have major savings on budget while simultaneously scaling up your business process effectively. So, have a proper evaluation before opting for a service provider.

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What Are the RingCentral Pros and Cons?

When selecting RingCentral as a communication option, weighing the benefits and drawbacks is critical. RingCentral’s features include a broad range of communication capabilities, scalability, and dependable service.

Configuration complexity, a learning curve for advanced capabilities, and cost factors should all be considered.

Pros of RingCentral

1. Comprehensive communication suite

RingCentral provides comprehensive communication tools and solutions, including VoIP telephony, video conferencing, team messaging, and contact center functionality. This integration enables enterprises to improve collaboration and streamline communication operations.

2. Scalability and flexibility

RingCentral is intended to serve organizations of all sizes, from small startups to major corporations. Because it is scalable, organizations may easily add or remove users and features as their needs change. The flexible pricing plans allow for customization depending on unique needs.

3. Reliability and quality

RingCentral has a solid infrastructure and global data centers, which ensures consistent and high-quality communication services. Its cloud-based architecture reduces downtime and ensures consistent performance, resulting in a smooth communication experience.

4. Mobile and remote workforce support

RingCentral’s mobile apps and softphone capabilities allow employees to stay connected and communicate from anywhere, improving remote work and increasing productivity. The platform provides a uniform experience across several devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

5. Integration and collaboration 

RingCentral connects with major corporate apps, including CRM systems, productivity tools, and team collaboration platforms, improving workflow efficiency and allowing seamless information exchange.

Cons of RingCentral

1. Cost

RingCentral’s cost can be an issue for small firms or startups on a tight budget, particularly those who demand sophisticated functionality or have many users. The cost of new features and services might raise the overall cost.

2. Learning Curve

RingCentral may have a learning curve for those who are new to cloud-based communication platforms. Training and onboarding may be required to guarantee all functions’ smooth integration and use.

3. Customer Support

While RingCentral provides 24-hour customer service, some users have reported difficulties gaining quick assistance or addressing technical issues. However, it is crucial to note that customer service experiences might differ.

4. Dependency on Internet Connection

RingCentral, as a cloud-based service, is dependent on a stable internet connection. Internet outages or disturbances may impact the ability to make calls or access some functions.

5. Limited International Calling Plans

RingCentral’s pricing plans may include restrictions on international calling minutes or coverage of select countries. Examining the specifics of international calling plans to ensure they match your company’s need is critical.

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RingCentral lived true to its boasts of being an easy-to-setup and use cloud phone solution. The call and video are of great quality, and it offers a variety of call restrictions, such as who can enter meetings. Furthermore, the transcript feature was precise; we could see it altering in real time to record what was stated during the call.

When it comes to software features, RingCentral makes extensive use of automation. While the customer service may improve, the software provided an excellent starting point for small business owners and those new to VoIP products in general. The UI is consistent across platforms, so you can start on your laptop and pick up where you left off on your smartphone without feeling lost.

RingCentral is an excellent choice for organizations searching for a VoIP provider. The pricing is cheap for what you get, which is a plethora of features and a simple setup process, which is worth the price on its own. Yes, there are other good options, but RingCentral is one of the best VoIP companies for the money.


1) What are the benefits of RingCentral MVP?

RingCentral MVP provides benefits such as unified communication, video conferencing, team messaging, omnichannel contact center solutions, and AI-powered conversation intelligence, all of which improve collaboration and customer engagement.

2) What does MVP stand for RingCentral?

MVP stands for “Most Valuable Player” in the context of RingCentral, emphasizing the complete and crucial functionality in their business communication package.

3) Do you need a landline for RingCentral?

No, RingCentral is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that operates fully over the Internet, removing the need for traditional landlines.

4) How does RingCentral VoIP pricing work?

RingCentral VoIP pricing is normally per-user, per month, with several plans offering differing features and functions. Specific add-ons or international calling rates may incur additional charges. For detailed pricing information tailored to your business needs, visit RingCentral’s website or contact their customer service.

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