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About Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence software. It is more than a mere call recording solution. It records and automates the transcripts to understand the keywords used, the meaning of the customer interaction, and in-depth analytics to create personalized recommendations based on the interaction. It helps train and appraise sales teams, personalized coaching, overall visibility of the customer interaction, and better marketing insights.


  • Market Opinion: The software collects the customer reaction and opinion to market changes.
  • Call Recording And Archiving:It automatically records the call, archives it for future use. It analyses the interaction to get the gist of the conversation.


  • Calls, Emails, And Meetings:Gong can capture conversation through emails, calls, and meetings.
  • Increases Deal Closure Rate: The brand promises a 44% increase in deal closure rate after using the product.


  • Customer Support: Gong offers limited business hours of customer support.
  • Scalability: Gong is not a reliable solution for startups and small business entities with a couple of representatives.

About CallHippo Speech Analytics

CallHippo is an AI and ML-powered conversion intelligent solution that allows businesses to record, transcribe, analyze, and audit customer interactions through the phone. Due to its continuum of features and easy-to-integrate ability, many small-sized, medium, B2B, and contact center businesses find CallHippo Speech Analytics to be a better Gong alternative.


  • Interaction Transcription: It is an automated solution to transcribe the entire call with the customer
  • Moment Analysis: Beyond general transcription, the AI module can help the agent identify the critical moments in the call that signed its success or failure
  • Call Analysis: The software analysis the entire call to report the call and agents’ performance in terms of pre-defined metrics
  • Intelligent Data Filtering: You can create a QA hypothesis to filter the calls with detailed filters focused on various call parameters
  • Feedback Management: The solution can rate the calls, offer intelligent feedback, and share those pointers with the agent while listening to them
  • Library Management: CallHippo Speech Analytics can bookmark the essential interactions for employee training, induction, or escalation requirements
  • Personalized Solution: It is possible to customize the solution for a specific use case like support, sales, customer success, or call scripts
  • Completely Self-managed: The features and tools are easy to use, and thus, the managers and leaders can utilize the platform without additional support.


  • 100% Coverage: The solution covers all the customer interaction, and thus, even the shortest call does not go unnoticed
  • Risk Management: The platform can identify high-risk calls like customer objections, compliance gaps, deviation from scripts, etc.
  • Speedy Process: It just takes a few minutes to transcribe and analyze a thirty minutes call. You can quickly scan through the call to find critical areas and understand the feedback.
  • Faster Induction, Training, And Appraisal: It is easier and effective to bring employees on board, train them, and appraise their performance. It is also possible to conduct a comparative analysis to promote a positive competitive environment among your agents.


  • Complex Registration: The initial registration process involved in creating a new account is a little complex, and the customer support team would help make it easier.
  • Call-only Analysis: Customer interaction takes place through emails, chatbots, and social media platforms. However, CallHippo Speech Analytics covers only the call-based interaction

Why Is CallHippo Speech Analytics Better Than Gong?

CallHippo Speech Analytics is a similar conversion intelligence system like Gong. However, CallHippo Speech Analytics is seen as a better sales Gong alternative because of the following factors.

CallHippo Speech Analytics is a versatile solution that covers sales, marketing, customer support, and more. However, Gong focuses on the closure of deals and marketing analysis. Gong is more of a revenue intelligence system for deals management.

If you are looking for a Gong alternative to improve your customer support department in terms of client-customer behavior, volumes of calls taken, duration of the call, appraising a strategy, and compliant management, CallHippo Speech Analytics, has better tools for the same.

While Gong does provide good customer service, they are only available through email and phone support. However, CallHippo Speech Analytics offers phone, live support, email, and ticket-based support solutions.

CallHippo Speech Analytics offers better training resources and services than any best Gong alternative you can find in the market.

Pricing Comparison

While Gong offers a quote-based pricing policy, CallHippo Speech Analytics has a subscription-based one that provides better flexibility in scaling up or down, whenever required. The price starts at as low as $20 per month for one user. However, Gong explicitly mentions that it is not an excellent solution for companies with one or two users. Thus, if you are a small business owner, CallHippo Speech Analytics would be a reliable Gong alternative.

Declaration: The information presented on this comparison page is for general informational purposes only. We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate, but we make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk and conduct your own research before making any decisions based on it.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why should you opt for CallHippo instead of gong?
With multiple features and integrations, CallHippo is specifically designed to help teams reach their peak. We believe that every business is unique and requires flexible and transparent plans to get the most out of any service. At the same time, Gong has an on-demand quote system.
Who provides better customer service, CallHippo or gong?
CallHippo definitely scores one over in customer service. No matter what the problem is, CallHippo has got your back. We ensure that nothing holds your company back from providing the best with around-the-clock customer service across multiple channels. Unfortunately, Gong offers limited business hours of customer support.
Who offers a better return on investment amongst CallHippo and gong?
When it comes to calculating return on investment, CallHippo is miles ahead. 24*7 customer support, platform- independence, a bevy of integrations, and AI-enabled features, all at an affordable price, ensure the maximum return on investment and beyond.
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