Running a business is not easy. It comes with its own set of challenges. We are in the 21st century, and when it comes to business, you can have a potential client from any part of the world. New businesses have a different set of struggles. 

They have to ensure they are doing better than their competition in every aspect. Excelling in every area may not be possible for businesses to start with because of internal and external constraints. 

However, there is one area where businesses can excel and have the edge over the competition, and that is offering an excellent customer experience

And this can be done by having an international virtual phone number.

As already mentioned, most businesses are already global, having an international phone number is very important. 

International phone number tells your customers you are trustworthy, and if they do business with you, you will be easily reachable no matter where you’re from.

Before discussing the benefits of having an international phone number, let us understand international virtual phone numbers and how they work.

What are international virtual phone numbers? 

Virtual phone numbers are also called DID (Direct Inward Dialling). These numbers do not require you to have a direct connection like a traditional telephone line. 

International virtual phone numbers act as an intermediate between digital VoIP-based systems and traditional switched telephone networks.

In other words,

An international virtual phone number is a phone number without any physical phone lines attached to it. This means that the virtual International number can be forwarded to any local phone number. International virtual phone numbers make international calling seamless and cost-effective. 

How does an International Phone Number work? 


Virtual phone number do not need a SIM card or even an actual physical address to work. It uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to place real telephonic calls amongst parties. 

Basically, it is the same proven technology used to make calls and text messages through WhatsApp, iMessage, or Google Voice.

VoIP has boomed because it offers real-time communication using existing broadband connections. 

Over many years, VoIP technology has evolved to offer rich call quality without consuming a lot of data.

Moreover, you do not need a wired Ethernet connection to take calls through a VoIP or virtual international phone number. So, as long as you have a fast and reliable data connection — 4G LTE (now even 5G soon) or Wi-Fi — you can make and receive calls. These international calls are then routed to local phone numbers (again through the internet.) This is how international virtual numbers work.

Benefits of International Phone Numbers

Now that you know the basics of the international phone number, let us look at how they will help your business. Below are the advantages of international phone numbers:

1. They are easily available 

If you have ever got into the process of getting a landline number, you will know it is a complicated process. Contrary to it, getting an international phone number is a cakewalk. All you need to do is select a service provider, select the number you want, make the payment, and it is done. Your number becomes active as soon as your payment is confirmed. Find the most trustworthy virtual phone number providers.

2. No charge for the customers

If your customers have to make an international call to get in touch with you, they won’t probably like doing business with you. This is because international calls charge money. One of the best advantages of having an international phone number is that you can offer toll-free numbers to your customers. With international virtual phone numbers, your customers can reach out to you from anywhere across the globe at zero cost.

3. Costs less than traditional systems.  

Even when they feel a need for an international phone number, most businesses don’t go with it because they think it is costly.  In reality, virtual phone number pricing is only a fraction of what you pay for a traditional phone number.  

If you are going with multiple numbers, you may even negotiate the deal with the service provider and bring the cost down even further.

4. Cater to customers across the globe

Smaller businesses cannot afford to open offices in a different locations. For example, a website development company may have a potential client across the globe. However, they cannot set up offices everywhere, but they definitely get an international phone number and make it seamless for potential customers to reach them. Thus having a virtual phone number is highly useful for small businesses as its helps in gaining new customers but also helps in retaining old customers. You won’t be surprised to know that a virtual phone number builds a positive image of your company.

5. Get as many numbers as you want 

If you want to target customers from five different countries, it is not an issue. You can buy international phone numbers corresponding to those five countries. If you want different numbers for the support and sales department, do not worry. You can pick as many virtual numbers as you need for your business to flourish – easily and quickly, without any hassle or tedious paperwork. 

6. Virtual phone numbers offer multiple features.

Virtual phone numbers are just not for receiving calls from customers. They offer you much more. It helps you create a call queue by setting rules in the app. The system also allows you to record calls – as a business owner. It helps you track how your employees are interacting with customers. It also offers Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features for smarter routing and a better customer experience.

7. Get the time zone right.

If you have numbers from multiple countries, it can be complicated to manage them to begin with. However, it is very important you set the time zone right. You can achieve this through the system or app that your virtual number provider will provide you with. The app helps you in setting call routing to specific agents as per the time zones assigned to them.

8. Check your Business Calling Insights Regularly

Business call analytics reports provide information on important metrics like the volume of business calls, caller demographics, peak calling hours, missed or received calls, and more. Therefore, you can identify which geography generates more calls, what the peak calling hours are, and when most calls are lost. Additionally, this data can assist in making decisions about how many agents will be assigned to a particular geographical region.

9. Tailor-made customer experience 

Different countries have different languages and different ways of greeting. Your employees or call center people may not know all. To set the first tone right with your customers, you can make use of IVR that will greet your customers with a personalized welcome message in their native language.

10. Use Voicemails To Make Up For Your Absence

It is likely that, at least occasionally, your business calls will go unanswered, no matter how automated your call management system is. Agents might be busy with other calls; they could be on leave or have any other reason, which made them miss the call. 

IVR proactively helps you manage these situations by letting you callers leave their messages as voicemails. Organized voicemails allow your support staff to call the customers back at the earliest.

Common Misconceptions Regarding International Phone Numbers 

The most common misconceptions regarding international phone numbers are that they are expensive and that one will have to stop using old phone numbers. However, the fact is:

  • With virtual international phone numbers, businesses can keep all of their existing phone numbers. You won’t have to update all of the advertising channels that include your telephone number, like social media and phone book listings. 
  • It’s surprisingly inexpensive to get your business a virtual phone number. Having the capability of seamlessly redirecting incoming calls anywhere in the world seems like it would be expensive at first glance, but in fact, it is not.


An international phone number is a great way to expand your reach globally. Entrepreneurs with small businesses will find it a boon. Give your customers the freedom to call you any time by using an international phone number and not just rely on emails to reach you. An international phone number will definitely enhance your international customer service, create more leads for your business and give your business a professional look — all of this at a shockingly low price.

Want to get started with international calling now, get your virtual international phone numbers in less than 3 minutes with CallHippo.

Updated : July 23, 2021


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