What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Phone Numbers are also known as Direct Inward Dialing numbers (DID number), it is simply a telephone number which uses a Virtual Phone System instead of the traditional PBX system. Virtual Phone Numbers use the Internet to make and receive calls which make the calling process easy since it is compatible with multiple devices (when connected to the Internet)  like a laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Choose virtual business phone numbers of more than 50 countries with prices starting from as little as $6. Get CallHippo’s online phone numbers from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and more. Enjoy our promise of hassle free communication.

Virtual Phone System


Port your virtual phone number from any other provider to CallHippo & eliminate the tedious process of having to inform all your clients regarding it. Switch your existing virtual phone number to us & avail the benefits associated with using CallHippo.

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Call Recording

CallHippo’s Call Recording feature helps to record your calls using which you can analyze them later to improve your customer service. Most companies use this feature to simplify staff training, maintaining quality standards, for advanced record bookkeeping and more.

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Call Forwarding to Any Number

Never miss any of your important calls by using our call forwarding feature. With CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers, don’t just stick to your laptop or desktop, enjoy freedom by transferring your calls to any mobile numbers you want.

Virtual Phone Number - CallHippo

HD Call Quality

Enjoy high quality calls no matter which part of the world you are calling. Get advanced HD call quality and an attractive set of features. With CallHippo, you don’t have to spend heavily on hardware and you also get the best bang for your back without any glitches.

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System


The Voicemail feature makes it impossible for you to miss any of your customer’s calls even if you are away. Encourage your callers to send a voicemail when you are unavailable so that you can reach them at your own convenience.

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Benefits of Virtual Phone Number

  • Connect with your global clients at minimal rates:

    CallHippo offers virtual business phone numbers of more than 50+ countries starting from as cheap as $6. Fret not about your phone bills no matter how many clients you have from different parts of the world- you have CallHippo.

  • Pay only for what you use:

    CallHippo offers Four plans - Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Platinum, which comes along with the convenience to add users according to your need. Pay only for what you use. If you need only two users under the same number, pay only for these two users and your virtual number.

  • Virtual local numbers for individual use:

    Our virtual phone numbers are also available for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of money in international calling. CallHippo brings your family and friends as close to you as possible with our local virtual phone numbers that are as cheap as calling locally.

  • Applicable in businesses:

    CallHippo provides a convenient communication process for companies located far away from their physical business location. Virtual Phone numbers enables the company to manage the sales and support without any physical presence.

Why Businesses should Use Virtual Phone Numbers

If you have clients across different countries, it is essential to have an uninterrupted flow of communication. Being available to answer any queries shows that your client’s project and contentment are important for you. An efficient communication process is vital for the growth of a business as it helps you retain and gain new clients, build good customer relations and generate revenue.

Let’s say if you are an Australian company and your exceptional product and service helped you amass clients from around the world in a short period of time, it will be difficult for you to scale when you keep toting a local Australian number for your international clients.

Most businesses will be skeptical of seeing a phone number from a different country and the assumption that calling a different country will lead to steep call charges doesn’t help either. This is where virtual phone numbers come into play, it helps you gain trust by providing a number of the same country you want to contact.

If the Australian company purchases a USA virtual phone number, all the communication made through that number will indicate a local USA number. Not only will your customers be comfortable calling a local number, but they will also be able to trust you better.

Virtual phone numbers, by being local numbers get the confidence of prospects which eventually leads to a direct increase in the number of times they try to reach you. This is a must-have tool for startups and small businesses as it enables you to communicate to your global clients at significantly lower rates.

Communicate effectively at affordable rates with maximum perks

  • Never miss out on calls from your potential customers.
  • Analyze customer feedbacks through call recording to improve the customer experience
  • Communicate and assign tasks to your team in the most effective way possible.
  • Manage support queries efficiently by adding multiple users under one number.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Phone Number

A CallHippo Virtual Phone Number allows you to have a local area code and phone number in another state or country. This means you can make calls, and be reached by people with the same area code, for the price of a local call.

If you’re running a business that depends upon users who live in the area, then you may want to choose a local phone number. Here’s why:

  1. Local phone numbers identify your location. Certain area codes make it obvious where your business is based, which can be important depending on what you sell.
  2. They cater to regional customers. If people that live in Philadelphia see that you’re based in Philadelphia, they’ll be more likely to buy from you. If you have a brick and mortar location and only sell to people in your region, then you probably want a local business phone number.
  3. Sometimes customers prefer if a business seems local. Sometimes a local business number appears more down to earth, especially compared to a toll free number that implies a national, less personal focus. People have a lot of pride in where they live and work, and often love other sentimental locations.
  4. Easier to receive international calls. It is more difficult to receive international calls with a toll free number because calls are paid for by the recipient. This isn’t a problem with local phone numbers.

Yes, you can choose a number in any area code. This is a great way to establish a local presence in specific markets.

Yes, you can have as many CallHippo phone numbers as needed. Please note that there are additional costs associated with hosting more than one number from your CallHippo account. Please see our pricing for more information.

Due to local regulations, some virtual phone numbers require the address of end user to be located within or outside a geographic boundary. To purchase these local phone numbers, you will need to provide, a valid business or personal address that satisfies the requirement. The address must be  of the residence or place of business of the individual or entity using the virtual business phone number. If you are using the virtual phone numbers directly, the address should be yours, and if you are reselling the DID numbers, the address should be that of the end user (i.e. your customer).

Incoming Call Charges

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