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Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone Number means Direct Inward Dialing abbreviated as DID. It’s a format of accessing a number in which a contact number does not have a direct association to any telephone line. It’s a program format for providing forward facility to incoming calls and all the calls are forwarded to one of the pre-set telephone numbers. And in this process, the client has full liberty to select a fixed, mobile or VoIP. It’s a gateway process where two blocks are there one is traditional calls also known as PSTN on one side and on another side it’s VoIP.

  • A subscriber who uses virtual number has no need to have additional hardware as they can easily use their existing phones.
  • A virtual private number is a number that user contacts and the incoming call is forwarded to any of the numbers which is pre-set one. Another name given to these are the follow-me number.
  • A virtual contact number is also called as Personal Number in the UK.
  • The virtual toll-free numbers can be programmed in such format that the calls are forwarded to different numbers. The factor which can create a differentiation is the dependency on the time of day and the day of the week. For example: in a working place incoming calls in between 9 and 5 in the days of working will be put on forward to the client's workplace, on the contrary, if the client is having the weekends, then according to his demand the call will be forwarded to one's cell phone number.
  • The acceptance of use, even as the availability of virtual phone numbers free is a subject to the regulatory situation specifically in the issuing country.

How these are applicable:

  • Applicable in Businesses: Suppose a company is located in the northern part of the world, but they want to operate their business in the western part of the world, then they can have a virtual phone number without paying for a fixed foreign exchange line.
  • Popularity: Virtual numbers are pretty popular among the new format of customer dealing that is ‘call centers’. Usually, it appears to a caller that it’s in one country, but in reality, one or more countries are organized in different time zones, it’s done for delivering efficient 24/7 cover.
  • Virtual local numbers for individual use: A virtual phone number can also be used by an individual for international migrants and travelers as they can create contact with their friends and family back home by using a local call.
  • Marketing purpose: Marketing is the main source of advertisement for most of the companies in these days, that’s why the companies prefer to use virtual numbers for various marketing campaigns. It provides a facility to companies to use different media channels, even allow them to track the campaign or medium with traffic information.
  • Virtual services: The services are multiple in number which is being provided by virtual business services and these can be listed as a virtual address, virtual receptionist, and virtual office. All these facilities are used to tie a virtual number with their other virtual service provider. It’s a gathering of two different ports into one seamless solution. This solution allows the multiple customers to have a phone number, an address, and the voice presence in most of the parts of the world.

Most of the VoIP providers are so helpful for their clients and offer virtual numbers which are unbundled with labels. The virtual phone numbers are typically offered on the basis of local geographic numbers according to various selected cities as the non-geographic number usually carries higher per-minute cost on receiving.

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