Virtual telephony is the latest buzzword in the corporate arena, and organizations are always in the quest to find the best virtual phone system. There is no doubt that getting a virtual phone number is a transformation idea that can lead to a dramatic positive change for your organization and help to gain a huge competitive advantage over rivals.

However, choosing a virtual phone number is a challenging and confusing task for anyone – there are so many vendors in the market with attractive and customized packages that investing in one becomes a tough choice. If we scan the environment and conduct some quick research, it is seen that CallHippo reviews and RingCentral reviews are generally very positive, and they both have some quality features that can help small business organizations in their daily operations.

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There are many innovative facilities that are offered by CallHippo and RingCentral – so go ahead and check out this detailed review of both these credible service providers to help you understand which one could work better for your budding business enterprise.

CallHippo – The Leading Virtual Phone Number Service Provider

CallHippo is a top-notch excellent system service provider that provides virtual phone numbers for over 50+countries on a global level. It has hundreds of satisfied customers  – the fantastic CallHippo reviews are a testimony to the great service and customer satisfaction provided to numerous clients! Investing in a virtual phone system by CallHippo is sure to help your organization climb up the ladder of success and gain immense popularity amongst valued customers. Here is a list of some amazing CallHippo features that will surely give your business productivity a boost:

  • Call Transfer:

    Call transfer is a very useful facility as it allows for the seamless redirection of a connected call from your phone number to another team member. The transferred call is established as a new connection, and it is the easiest way to ensure better service from extensions or departments in your organization.

  • Call Conferencing:

    CallHippo virtual phone numbers make it very simple to engage with global partners, clients, customers and stakeholders through virtual call conferencing. It enables users to add a third party to a call, and convert it to a streamlined conference experience, thereby escalating operational efficiency.

  • Interactive Voice Response:

    Automated voice response provided by CallHippo virtual phone numbers is a massive time, money and energy saver as it eliminates the need of a receptionist to answer calls at the front desk. Customers can avail better service at any time of the day and automatically redirect themselves to a particular extension or department.

  • Call Queuing:

    This is one of the best of all CallHippo features – call queuing is a dynamic facility that places a client in an orderly queue while an agent is attending to another call. CallHippo also allows for personalized pre-recorded messages or music to play while customers are waiting in the queue – a customized touch to show clients that their patience is appreciated!

  • Call Barging:

    CallHippo virtual phone platforms have a revolutionary feature of call barging which facilitates supervisors to silently monitor calls and enter a particular call through a three-way conference if required. This is very helpful in training new agents and providing superior service to existing customers.

Most CallHippo reviews are full of praise for the beneficial CallHippo features – it is definitely a differentiating factor that establishes their market dominance in virtual phone solutions and makes CallHippo the best virtual phone system available today!


RingCentral- A Good Option For Virtual Phone Numbers

There are many RingCentral reviews that provide authentic knowledge about the quality of their services and features. Here is a comprehensive checklist about RingCentral’s major features:

  • Cloud PBX:

    RingCentral is a cloud-based virtual phone system provider, so it is a secure way of handling all your business communication. It also makes sure to maintain a backup of essential information on the cloud, so that there is no data loss in case of any unforeseen event.

  • Automatic Call Recording:

    RingCentral automatically records all conversations and maintains a log so that they can be accessed at any time to improve service and train staff members better.

  • Number Portability:

    Number portability is another helpful feature of RingCentral as portability enables organizations to carry on with the same number and not lose valuable clients in the long run.

  • Greetings and Music on Hold:

    RingCentral provides personalized greetings for customers and also plays music on hold to provide a seamless calling experience with a personal touch.

  • Caller ID:

    All RingCentral’s virtual phone systems have an advanced caller ID system so that team members can be aware of where the call is coming from, and provide better service.

RingCentral reviews give extensive information about their facilities, and they are sure to help you come to an informed decision – so make sure to check out both CallHippo reviews along with RingCentral reviews!

Pricing and Plans:

Pricing is a make or breaks factor when it comes to choosing a virtual phone system – so check out the comparative pricing and plans of both CallHippo and RingCentral.

CallHippo Pricing:

CallHippo reviews always state that it provides the maximum value for money as it serves over 50+ countries at the most affordable and economic plans. It is possible to get a US virtual phone number or a UK local phone number at the least minimum price – your organization can choose from a number of plans such as basic plan (2users) for 0$, bronze plan for 8$ per month, silver plan for $15 per month or the platinum plan for $35 per month.

RingCentral Pricing:

RingCentral has a number of plans to suit your organizational requirement with the essentials plan at $19, standard plan at $24, premium plan at $34 and the ultimate plan at $49.

Final Verdict

While both RingCentral reviews and CallHippo reviews establish them as reliable players in the virtual phone segment, it seems that CallHippo definitely emerges as the winner amongst the two – there is no match to the novel and innovative CallHippo features, and CallHippo provides the quickest return on investment. Deciding to go in for a CallHippo – it is the best virtual phone system in the market and is sure to increase your bottom line results!

Updated : July 21, 2021


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