Recently, one of our clients in Pharmaceutical sector shared their core problem with us. Along with the problem, they also implemented a great solution which is worth sharing.

“In pharmaceutical business, all the listed clients (doctors or chemists) are majorly in contact with the MRs, and lesser with the company. The bond between them makes the revenue of the company stronger. But, when MRs leave the company, we have to face the loss of customers sometimes.” This was the problem the client was facing.

Actually, the frequency of the Medical Reps leaving the job is very high, and it is one of the common problems pharma industry is facing from a long time. To solve this issue, our client came up with a simple yet effective solution.

Provide each employee an individual virtual phone number.

What used to happen was, employees are in constant contact with the customers, and when they leave the company, there’s a shock on the business that can be easily observed. The employees use their personal contact numbers to contact the clients, and they reimburse the calling amount.  

By providing a Virtual Phone Number to each employee, the authority of the number remains in company’s hands. So, even if the employee leaves the company, clients will be still in contact with the company, as all the rights of the number are in company’s hands.

Benefits of Providing Virtual Phone Numbers to Each Sales Rep:

  1. Phone Number Authority remains in company’s hands.
  2. Each employee can listen to their Call Recordings and improve their performance. These recordings can be a great tool for a manager or a team leader to evaluate the employee.
  3. The employee can divert the calls to his partner or colleague if he is not available.
  4. The entire team can effectively collaborate.
  5. Employees can use these numbers from any device like laptop, tablet, personal computer or mobile phone.
  6. Multiple users can be added under one number. Many a time it happens that the targets are provided in groups. This feature will be highly beneficial when working with a team.

Bottom Line:

There are tons of benefits you get when you use a Virtual Phone System for your business, but one of the benefits is you can be assured about your customers. The risk of losing a customer decreases as communication with the customers still continues with the company, even the employees leave.

Updated : April 8, 2021


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