Bitter yet true- if your business isn’t generating enough sales you are dead in the water. In the competitive world where startups are growing faster than the population of China, if you are not where your prospects are, then trust me you are losing a very big chunk of your business.

According to Bridge Group, sales productivity is the biggest challenge for almost 65% of the B2B organizations. However, Technology has a solution to this problem as well.  

Cloud-based Phone System is one of the most trending phone technology in the business world today. A lot of businesses in Australia are choosing this technology to upgrade their communication system and sell their products to as many people as possible. These Virtual Phone numbers are equipped will so many advanced features that if used effectively then you will never miss a sale opportunity.

Some Basic Ideas on how  to sell more using a Virtual phone system

CRM integration with the Virtual Phone system.

If you are business dealing with both inbound and outbound calls then it is extremely important for you to have your services integrated with CRM software. CRM integration with your Cloud-based phone system will save you from all the hassles of manually registering the data of your calls in the CRM. All the call data will be saved automatically. This way your agent will never call a customer ahead or behind the time and affect the probability of sale.

Unlimited extensions help you capture more lead

With, Australia Virtual phone number you can use as many extensions as you want. You can then assign these extensions for different purposes as per as your convenience. Since the recorded message is a soliloquy, you have a lot of flexibility to craft your content and market it.

As the prospect is listening to a pre-recorded message it is likely they will feel comfortable and secured as they are not getting the hard sell. Instead, they are receiving some free and useful information at their convenience. When the call is about to end, the customer is asked to leave his name and number so that you can call them back. When somebody does that he/she is genuinely interested in your product. The next step is to convert this prospect into a paying customer.

Use Recorded Messages effectively

While selling your product or services make your message as informative as possible. This will motivate your prospect to buy the products. Stuff all the relevant information possible about the services into the message. If possible mention guide and tips for buying your product or services as prospects are more interested in listening to this information. Don’t forget to explicitly mention that this is a recorded message. This ensures your prospects that they will not hear a hard salesman voice at the other end.

Business Phone System - CallHippo

Activate an IVR and assign it to a group of agents

An IVR provides the flexibility to your customer to connect with the appropriate agent as per as their needs. Defining a good agents structure is important. For example, you can create a team of agents who are dedicated to talking to your customers to resolve their queries and a marketing team for those who are looking for commercial information. When the right person is talking to the customers faster response are obtained and customer issues are resolved in a short time without any requirement of transferring calls between agent which is indeed annoying.

Call Tagging

This feature of the Cloud-based Phone system labels your call with valuable information after it has been logged into the phone system and other business tools. It allows the salesperson to keep a track on the progress of the prospect as we move through the sales funnel after every interaction.

 You can tag your call for

  • It’s outcome ( a “no,” a “call back later,” a “call back next quarter”)
  • Based on its subject (“needs more clarification,” “price is the main issue”)
  • Based on the prospects manners( “ excited”, “angry”, “reluctant”)

Call Commenting and Call Forwarding

A good number of sales calls requires some cooperation. Sales people will have to connect with other departments such as technical, support, management etc to provide their customer with the best possible offer. Forwarding the call to the right person and leaving a self-explanatory comment with be stupendous in this situation. Long story short, call forwarding and call commenting will encourage inter- and intradepartmental collaboration.

Australia Virtual Phone numbers to give a Local feel.

Research has shown that people are more likely to buy from a business which is in their neighborhood. Therefore using an Australia local Virtual Phone number in your marketing campaigns can double your response rate and your chances of closing new business.

Multiple Virtual Phone numbers

Australia Virtual Phone numbers help you know the ROI of various marketing campaigns in the country. Determining which campaigns are working best for your company is often hard to determine using a Traditional Phone number.

Use Unique Australia  Virtual Phone numbers for different campaigns in the different region of Australia. These will allow you to determine how many people called each phone number. You can then send these sales call to the people most qualifies to handle them. Thus Virtual Phone numbers will help you know where to spend more to make more.

In a nutshell..!!

Say goodbye to your traditional Phone system if you are using one and say Hello to virtual Phone system as they will not only help you to sell more but will streamline the entire communication process of your business. CallHippo is one of the leading and most trusted Virtual number service provider in the market today who will get you all the essential features in the most affordable rates. So think less and act more and get a virtual Phone number today. Make 2018 the most successful year in the history of your business by selling more using a Virtual Phone System.

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