“New York is a place where dreams become a reality”. Hundreds and thousands of corporations make New York their hub, from advertising to finance to insurance. It is a melting pot for both businesses and industries.

New York has an excellent business climate. If you are a startup or a business owner looking for expansion New York is the place for you. It has a stable environment, a large economy and also one of the most travelled regions.

Doing business in New York will offer you a wide range of advantages and some excellent opportunities, where a New York Virtual Phone System will help you in establishing that first building block in order to achieve success.

The 917 Area Code and New York City

The 917 area code has been the New York City since 1992 and covers all the Five Boroughs of  New York city- Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

The 917 area code is prestigious which creates a sense of trust among its business owners looking to create a presence in New York City.

With technological Advancement, a business owner no longer needs to have an office in New York City or even New York State. Using cloud based virtual phone number you no longer have to invest money in establishing the traditional Telephone lines in one of the costliest cities in the world. Instead, you can use a New York Virtual Phone number on your website and other marketing materials and the calls to this number will be automatically rerouted to your number and device of your choice.

A New York local Virtual Phone number will be appropriate if your customers are located within a specific city in New York State. But if you have customers spread across the other states of the USA and Canada then Toll-free Phone numbers are an ideal choice.

A Virtual Phone System comes in two flavors

1. A local New York Virtual Phone system

If you are using a local virtual phone number than your caller will able to call you at no cost to them only if there are calling from the same geographical local area code as you are.

Callers outside New York will also be able to call you, however, they have to pay for the additional long-distance charges.

For example, you can own a local Virtual phone number for say New York City, it will be a local number for those residing in New York but for the ones outside the New York state say Houston will have to pay for the long-distance charges.

2. The toll-free Phone number in New York

The toll free phone number that you own will be accessible to the callers inside the New York state at absolutely no additional charge to the caller.

How does Virtual Phone Numbers Work

Usually, the incoming calls to the Cloud-Based Virtual Phone Number are transferred to the destination using a VOIP internet calling technology. Virtual Phone System is less expensive when compared to the traditional telephony, which allows the inbound caller, as well as the New York Virtual Phone System subscriber, save a considerable amount of money.

Unlike a traditional telephone system, Cloud-Based Virtual Phone Number generally do not have an actual physical line or a mobile device allocated which means they don’t actually ring anywhere.

You can assign the New York Virtual Phone number to any type of device-a mobile phone, a landline, a VOIP number, a fax machine etc. New York virtual phone system will work the same way as the traditional phone numbers in terms of billing and payment. You subscribe to the services of the provider by paying a monthly fee. The exact cost depends on the service provider, the features, rates of the destination where the call is placed etc.

Compare Residential Virtual Phone numbers providers in New York before you take the final Call

There are numerous VOIP service providers in New York who will cater to both your residential, and business needs. Finding the right service provider might be a confusing as there are many companies that are affordable, reliable, reputable.

How to find out the right service provider who will meet all your needs at a lower cost?

Know what features you need

Call Waiting? Voicemail? Conference Call? Write all the features you need before looking for a service provider as these will not only help you find the best service provider but will also save you from getting attracted by deals and packages that don’t really give you what you want. You can also speak to the sales representative and get an idea on discounts, guarantee period, etc. Make sure to get each and every bit of information on each quote you hear. Also, try to track down the hidden charges associated. These can be international charges, number portability fee etc.

Once you find a reputable service provider, it will just take 5 minutes for you to get started. Sign up, select the number of your choice, pay the fees and you are all set to make and receive calls from all over the world to your New York Virtual Phone System. If you are a startup go with the basic plan that comes with features such as call forwarding, call planner, sequential and simultaneous ringing, IVR’s, etc. So make your dream become a reality with a New York virtual Phone system, break the boundaries and reach out to as many customers as possible.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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