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Powered by the Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) technology, business phone numbers are an innovative model of making and receiving phone calls over the Internet. Also known as a virtual phone number, the VoIP-enabled business phone system provides features and benefits that are not available in traditional analogue-based phone systems.

As a cloud-based VoIP phone service provider, CallHippo provides multiple types of virtual mobile numbers specially catering to the business phone-related needs of small-time business enterprises. Operating in over 50 countries, the CallHippo platform enables small businesses to set up a virtual call center and expand their reach to local and global customers.

CallHippo-Virtual Phone Number

Rated among the best business phone number, CallHippo is a reliable and affordable mode of communicating with your global customers. Customers are able to reach your business any time through innovative call plans, while your business does not miss any crucial customer call at any time or from any location.

Types of Business Phone Numbers from CallHippo

Depending on your business need, CallHippo provides the following types of business phone systems:

1. Local number

A business phone number with a local number is used to connect with customers based on a local city, area, or state. This local phone number starts with the area code and makes it comfortable for local customers to connect with your business on global terms with the help of business phone numbers.

2. Toll-free number

As a small business phone number, toll-free numbers are a major factor that can improve both customer ability and business marketing. With an 1800 toll-free number, any business enterprise can improve its market credibility for you business using business phone number and client communication, thus having a positive impact on their revenues.

3. Online phone number

With the increasing number of devices including mobile phones and tablets connected to the Internet, a cloud-based online phone number can help your business make or receive calls from any personal device. Online mobile numbers enable your small business to provide 24×7 connectivity to your customers and improve external communication with local and global customers.

Irrespective of which phone system you opt for your business, the CallHippo business phone number can provide multiple benefits for your small business (as discussed in the next section).

Business Phone Number features that can benefit your business

The business phone system from CallHippo can benefit your business with the following features:

Call forwarding

This facility allows you to easily forward incoming customer calls to your mobile number. This is particularly convenient for small entrepreneurs working from their home or a cafe. Additionally, with a dedicated virtual phone number for your business, you don’t have to share your mobile number with your business contacts and customers.

Call queuing

Call queuing facility can impart a professional touch to your small business enterprise. If you are already engaged with another client on your phone, calling customers are placed in a call queue instead of being frustrated with the engaged tone of your business phone number.

Voice messages

Using the voice message facility, you can configure a standard or customized message to calling customers encouraging them to leave behind a voice message. Using this facility indicates that you care for your customer calls and that you will return their call.

On-Hold music

On-hold music is another professional manner of keeping your calling customers on hold while you try to resolve their queries or are in the process of transferring their call to another business executive. While on hold, your customers are much more engaged with either a standard or customized music tune.

Number portability

With its portability feature, your virtual number from CallHippo is dedicated to your business and can be easily ported to another service provider at any time.

In addition to feature-related benefits, here are 5 more reasons why your business should opt for a small business phone number from CallHippo.

Affordable customer communication

Your business phone system provides a 24×7 point of contact for your local and international clients. At a monthly charge starting at just $6, you can reach out to customers in over 50 countries.

Reduced call costs

Your VoIP-enabled virtual phone number offers cheaper local and international calls as your small business phone number calls are charged according to the local rate in the country.

Better phone mobility and scalability

A VoIP-enabled business phone system offers high phone mobility for customers looking to grow their business to different geographical locations. High scalability ensures that businesses do not need to acquire more phone lines as they look to add more users to their network.

Business phone number

Call clarity

As compared to a mobile phone where call clarity depends on your service provider and your location, you can always enjoy high call clarity with your business phone system. This is particularly important during important conference calls with your customers.

Easy to use

With their easy and user-friendly interface, a business phone system can be configured in quick time and do not require much user training or maintenance costs.

You can get a fully-functional business phone number from CallHippo in the following 3 easy steps:

  1. Register with CallHippo and buy a business phone number for the country of your choice.
  2. Configure and add the number of required users to the same number.
  3. Select the best business phone number plan (Basic, Bronze, Silver, or Platinum) that suits your business needs. That’s it. You can now start making or receiving business calls globally.

A business phone system designed for small businesses

With all these features and benefits, a VoIP-powered business phone system can boost the global reach and growth of your small business or start-up.

With a range of features available at a nominal cost, the CallHippo virtual phone system can serve as the best business phone number for your business. If interested, check out the complete list of features on the CallHippo website now.

Why wait any longer? Sign up now with CallHippo and get started in less than 3 minutes with business phone number.

Note: Please check our updated pricing plans

Updated : June 23, 2022

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