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Get Germany Virtual Number In Less Than 3 Minutes

Stay Connected All The Time With Germany Phone Numbers

There is something unique and beautiful about Germany when it comes to businesses. German law doesn’t make any distinction between Germans and foreigners when it comes to establishing businesses. In there is very little friction that can stand in the way of any ambitious entrepreneur – including those with scant capital.

While that might sound alluring to you, competing with locals may still pose a challenge to you if you fail to project a professional image that locals will respect. That means, among other things, getting rid of communications bottlenecks that create a gap between you and your customers.

Why do you need to look for Germany phone number providers or VoIP provider Germany?

Before starting the race through bureaucratic hurdles, think about how your customers will experience your brand. The evolving customer needs in German can only be addressed with the help of some technology that furnishes and smoothes the interaction system between the company and its users. That’s one of the many reasons why most businesses are investing in Virtual Phone Number in Germany.

Thanks to CallHippo’s Germany phone number, your business can easily buy a VoIP phone Germany online for different states within the country. If fact, CallHippo makes your ‘how to get Germany virtual number’ it so easy that anyone can buy virtual number in Germany and get up and running within 3 minutes!

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How It Works

Get Your Germany Virtual Number

Drive your business on global level with virtual number.

Set Up The Number Of Users

Add multiple no. of users as per the needs.

Start Making Calls

Setup your phone system in less than 3 minutes and start calling.

Get Your Virtual Number For Germany

Select The Country (Germany)

Choose the city/state for the required number.

Select Local Number Or Toll Free Number

Give your business a unique identity by Germany toll free and local number.

Get Your Very Own Virtual Phone Number

Get your virtual phone number for Germany starting at best price..

Your Very Own Support Center In Less Than 3 Minutes

Set Up A Support Center For Germany Based Client With Ease

Do you want to give your customers a better experience of your brand? CallHippo, the top VoIP provider Germany provides German virtual mobile numbers that have become a necessity when it comes to setting up virtual support desks. Using Germany toll-free numbers, you can easily set up your customer support desk.

Affordable alternative virtual numbers that get’s more done

You can buy a Germany virtual number online that gets your business more business. Now, with your acquired German toll-free numbers, you can set up support centers for your business. VoIP phone online helps satisfy your customers by responding to their every whim or challenge without delay. The great thing about CallHippo’s virtual phone number in Germany is that you can always transfer the call to a different person or department if you are swamped such that you can take up the call.

Once you buy German virtual phone number package of your choice, you can always create your own Germany DID phone number that keeps you connected with your customers/clients. You can also buy German virtual phone number form the top VoIP provider Germany, CallHippo.

How to get Germany phone number

Here is the simple procedure for getting virtual phone number from Germany phone number providers like CallHippo

Sign up with CallHippo

Select German is your country of interest.

Choose the city/state for your German phone number.

Select your preferred Germany DID phone number or German toll-free numbers.

Select your package and pay up

With your new acquired Germany local telephone number or virtual number German, you can start enjoying your services almost immediately.

Features that make CallHippo’s virtual phone number rock

Call forwarding

Allows you to forward calls, text, and voice mail messages any VoIP devices of your choice.

Interactive voice response

Allows you to perform departmental extension so that you can transfer call/text messages to different departments in your business. That way, you can guide your customers through VoIP German phone numbers to the respective departments.

Call recording

Your German virtual mobile number allows you to record calls to evaluate the customer experience.


Allows your customers to record complaints, messages, and queries for a later when, especially when there is no rep to handle the call.

Team collaborations

The CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers allow hassle-free working environments that favor sales and marketing departments.

If you didn’t know how to get Germany phone number, there you go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why get virtual phone number German?

Every serious business like you are want to know how to get Germany virtual number. Buying VoIP German phone number opens a conduit that promotes the growth of small, medium and large enterprises by improving how customers experience your brand.

How to buy German Phone Number?

The process of buying your Germany DID phone number is pretty easy:

  • Sign up with CallHippo
  • Supply your names for your VoIP phone Germany online.
  • Choose your state/city and German as your country.
  • Select the number you want for your business – a toll-free number in Germany or a local virtual number.
  • Pay up to buy virtual number in Germany and start making calls immediately.
Can you integrate CallHippo’s VoIP German phone number with a CRM?

Yes. There is a CallHippo extension that allows your marketing, sales and support teams integrate with CRMs. That way, they will be able to access all logs, make calls to customers and prospects inside the CRM. The integration also enables you listen conversion and synchronize the contacts automatically.

How to get CallHippo’s toll-free number in Germany?

Getting a toll-free number in Germany is pretty easy too:

  • Sign-up for your account on your VoIP provider Germany, e.g CallHippo’s website.
  • Click on “Add Number”.
  • Choose your state/city and put your country as German.
  • Pick your toll-free number in Germany, pay up and get started in less than 3 minutes.

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Last updated: March 5, 2021