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Connect with your valued customers in Denmark.

  • Denmark virtual phone numbers are not locked down to any particular location, number, or device. With sophisticated call management features like power dialer, warm transfer, IVR, voice broadcast system, etc., they help businesses build a rapport with local customers.

  • CallHippo offers Denmark virtual phone numbers in four different pricing plans. Evaluate the plans below and choose one that matches your financial and communication demands.

    • A. Basic: $0/user/month
    • B. Bronze: $16/user/month
    • C. Silver: $24/user/month
    • D. Platinum: $40/user/month
  • Denmark virtual numbers from CallHippo empower businesses with 50+ sophisticated features to streamline high call volumes, improve customer service, and save communication costs.

    • Skill-based Call Routing
    • Exhaustive Analytics
    • Robust Call Queuing
    • AI-based Dashboard
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Voice Broadcast System
    • Global Connect and Smart Switch
    • Multi-line Phone System

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Establish Your Presence With Denmark Phone Number

Establish Your Presence With a +45 Denmark Phone Number

Nurture a strong local presence and offer superior customer support with a Denmark virtual phone number. Having a local Denmark phone number helps build trust among the customers.

  • Add a professional touch to your business calls.
  • Unlock sophisticated features like power dialer, IVR, etc.
  • Be available for your customers at all hours.
  • Expand your customer base in the Denmark market.

Why Do You Need Denmark Virtual Numbers?

There are several compelling grounds for why you should invest in a Denmark virtual number like reduced costs, improved customer support, and all-round-availability,

  • Carve a professional image in the minds of your customers.
  • Maximize call handling rates with a suite of features.
  • Build a global customer base without investing in physical spaces.
  • Access innovative features like IVR, smart call forwarding, etc.
  • Offer timely support and assistance to your customers.
  • Scale your customer support without additional investments.
Why Do You Need Denmark Virtual Numbers

Benefits of CallHippo Denmark Virtual Phone Numbers

Denmark virtual phone numbers offer a broad spectrum of benefits that help you minimize calling costs and stay ahead of your competitors.

Regional Presence

Regional Presence

Etch a strong local presence using Denmark local numbers with specific codes that help build a sense of commitment, trust, and credibility among them.



CallHippo offers exceptionally affordable pricing plans starting at $0. Foster cost-effective communication while ensuring scalability as you grow and evolve.

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

With 50+ sophisticated features, CallHippo helps businesses streamline and handle high call volumes and enhance the performance of customer support teams.

Instant setup

Instant setup

Get your phone system configured and running in just 3 minutes. CallHippo offers extensive onboarding support to help you hit the ground.

How To Get a Danish Phone Number?

How To Get a Danish Phone Number
  • First, sign up with CallHippo.
  • Choose Denmark as the country, along with the preferred area.
  • Select the type of Denmark virtual phone number you prefer.
  • Pick a pricing package and make the payment.
  • Configure the phone system, import contacts, and make calls.

Features of Denmark Virtual Number

CallHippo Feature - Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Say goodbye to manual dialing. Improve call efficiency, minimize the downtime between conversations, and drive more sales with precision dialing.

CallHippo Feature - Global Connect
Global Connect

Connect with your business prospects during the most opportune moments. Improve call pickup rates while minimizing the time spent on failed attempts.

CallHippo Feature - Smart Switch
Smart Switch

Say goodbye to call connectivity troubles with our Smart Switch feature. Choose the most suitable provider and enjoy uninterrupted connections.

CallHippo Feature - Call Barging
Call Barging

Minimize escalations by immediate query resolution and real-time coaching. Supervisors can step into the call and guide the agent in addressing complex questions.

CallHippo Feature - Call Conference
Call Conference

Easily conduct multi-party conference calls with CallHippo's convenient conferencing feature, facilitating collaboration.

CallHippo Feature - Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Call Distribution

Streamline the high volume of incoming calls by sorting them based on customer responses and routing them swiftly to the right agent based on predefined criteria.

CallHippo Feature - Voicemail

When you are not available, engage your customers with a thoughtfully curated voicemail message that sounds professional, warm, and appreciative of the caller.

CallHippo Feature - Call Analytics
Call Analytics

Gain robust real-time analytics on call metrics, customer patterns, and agent performance to make data-driven decisions.

Denmark Toll-free Numbers

An 800 number adds a professional touch to your phone system. Encourage customers to reach out to you for free without worrying about the calling charges.
Denmark Toll free Numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No VoIP providers offer a free Denmark number for WhatsApp. With a robust system like CallHippo, you can access more advanced features than WhatsApp.

  • Yes, you can make/ receive international calls using Denmark virtual numbers. Callers from other countries have to add the country code, +45 to the number.

  • Yes, CallHippo offers seamless number portability. You can retain your existing number and identity while leveraging the advanced call management features from CallHippo.

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