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Nigeria Virtual Phone Number

Whether you’re expanding your business in Nigeria or want to strengthen your presence in the country, a Nigeria number from CallHippo can make things easier for you. Every Nigeria phone number comes with a myriad of features, such as a power dialer, automatic call distribution (ACD), smart call forwarding, call transfer, call recording, voicemail, and more.

The best part? There are no setup fees, complex infrastructure, or contracts when purchasing a Nigerian virtual phone number from CallHippo.

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Build Trust With Nigerian Customers With a Nigeria Phone Number

Nigerian people are more likely to answer your calls when you call them from a local phone number, increasing the chances of conversion. At the same time, a Nigerian virtual phone number will reduce your phone bills significantly as you’ll be charged as per local rates.

With CallHippo, you can purchase and set up your Nigeria number in as few as three minutes. All you need to do is sign up with CallHippo, pick a number, choose a plan, and you are set.

CallHippo offers two types of Nigeria phone numbers: local and toll-free.

Local numbers start with area codes, such as 9 for Abuja, 1 for Lagos, and 87 for Calabar.

On the other hand, toll-free numbers start with 800, 833, 844, 855, or similar.

When calling your customers in Nigeria, you will have to follow this format:[Nigeria Country Code (+234)] – [Area Code] – [10-digits phone number]

Nigeria Area Codes

As of February 2022, there are 58 area codes in Nigeria. Here are the area codes of the popular cities in Nigeria.

RegionArea Code
RegionArea Code

How to Get a Nigeria Phone Number?

Getting a Nigeria virtual phone number is easier than you think. You can get a number of your choice in five easy steps.

1. Sign up with CallHippo

Create a free account with CallHippo and choose Nigeria from the available countries.

2. Choose Your Phone Number

Choose from a local or toll-free number. Then, pick the phone number of your choice. You can also port your existing phone number (if any) to CallHippo and enjoy our range of advanced VoIP features.

3. Add Your Team

CallHippo allows you to add as many agents as you want to your Nigeria virtual phone number. You will get a separate extension for each of them.

4. Pick a Plan

CallHippo has four plans designed for businesses of all sizes. Choose a plan that suits your business’s unique needs. You can also choose from our wide range of add-ons (call scribe, voicemail transcription, and more).

5. Start Making Calls

You’re all set to make and receive calls on your Nigeria phone number. CallHippo offers in-depth insights into your numbers, such as what time of day your customers call you, words and phrases they use the most, their satisfaction level, and more. These insights will help you better understand the market to optimize your business strategies accordingly.

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Sign up with CallHippo for nigeria virtual phone number

How It Works

Get Your Business Virtual Number For Nigeria

Let your business thrive on a global scale with a virtual phone number.

Set Up The Number Of Users

Add as many users as you need.

Start Making Calls

Set up your phone system in less than 3 minutes and start calling.

Get Your Virtual Number For Nigeria

Select The Country (Nigeria)

Choose the city/state for the required number.

Select Local Number Or Toll Free Number

Give your business a unique identity by Nigeria toll free and local number.

Get Your Own Virtual Phone Number

Get your Nigeria virtual phone number starting at best price!

Select Nigeria Virtual Phone Number

Why Choose CallHippo Over Other Nigeria Phone Number Providers?

1. Instant Activation

Set up your Nigeria virtual phone number in just three minutes.

2. Unlimited Users

Add as many agents as you want in one phone number.

3. Advanced Integrations

Connect with 85+ business applications to save time and improve productivity.


A Patent-Pending Technology that enhances your call quality in real-time without any technical overhead.

5. Global Connect

A unique feature that helps you know if it is the right time to call a customer in Nigeria based on their time zone.

Frequently Asked Question

Why should you buy a Nigeria virtual phone number?
By investing in a Nigerian number, you can quickly strengthen your presence in the country. First, it increases the chances of calls being picked up. Second, it helps build trust with potential customers, boosting the chances of conversions.
How to get a Nigeria phone number?
Purchasing a Nigerian number is easier than ever. Here’s how you can get it.

  • Sign up with CallHippo
  • Choose Nigeria from all the available options
  • Pick a number
  • Choose a plan

And you’re ready to make and receive calls.

Why choose CallHippo to purchase a Nigeria number?
CallHippo is the most reliable Nigerian phone number provider globally. Every Nigeria number you purchase from CallHippo comes with a wide range of features at pocket-friendly prices. Plus, our team is available 24/7 to help you.
What documents do I need to avail myself of a Nigeria phone number?
You don’t need any particular document to get a local or toll-free Nigeria phone number. Reach out to our support team for more information.

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