Globalization has made the world a unified place – businesses can smoothly conduct transactions across borders! In such a scenario, many organizations choose to shift operations to buzzing cosmopolitan cities that give them access to a wider customer base and more exposure.

The United Kingdom is a top choice when it comes to international business destinations. Why exactly do businesses move to the UK and expand their scale of operations? Well, for starters, it is a very conducive market with easy labor regulations, tax policies, and laws. It has a number of business destinations such as Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburg, Glasgow, and Cardiff.

If you have a growing business venture or you are part of a small-medium enterprise, the United Kingdom is the best market if you are planning to expand operations. It has a strong infrastructure base and a supportive Government that facilitates easy regulations for international investors and immigrant entrepreneurs. If there is one aspect that can help your business gain a steady foothold in the United Kingdom, it is definitely a communication system.

Communication is the key to gaining a large target audience in any overseas market. Customer call centers are an ideal solution as they can enable new organizations to open two-way dialogue with their international client base. Investing in a UK phone number will ensure that your employees are always accessible, and available to solve customer complaints.

A UK toll-free number is another must-have asset for any company that is operating from the United Kingdom. It will allow your customers to talk to support representatives without worrying about phone bills, as they will not be charged even a penny. Since your customers will require a reliable medium of communication to get in touch with your organization, getting a UK virtual phone number with a local area code will give your organization credibility in a new market.

How To Go About Setting Your UK Customer Call Center

If your organization is planning to expand to the United Kingdom, don’t even think of relying on a traditional phone network. It will lead to disrupted conversations, and poor quality audio phone calls. You will need a radical tool such as a UK virtual phone number to ensure that your organization can forge a genuine connection with local clients and remain available for their queries at all times of the day. 

Customer call centers have gained popularity in the recent few decades, as they are an excellent means of providing speedy support to clients. Since most customers do not want to worry about mounting phone bills while making their support calls, investing in a UK toll-free number will also help your organization gain a credible reputation and create goodwill in the United Kingdom market.


Now, it’s not always easy setting up a call center from scratch – there are a million things that need to be handled simultaneously. You need to know what to do, and when to do it.

Aspects to keep in mind while setting up a customer call center in the United Kingdom

1. Identify The Main Purpose of Your Call Center

If you are thinking about opening a call center in the United Kingdom, the first thing that you need to identify is the core purpose. Call centers are meant to support and facilitate your business objectives. Is your organization aiming to sell products through cold calls, or respond to customer inquiries? Are you planning to provide technical assistance to customers who are facing problems? Once you are clear about the main purpose of setting up a call center in the UK, you can align the process with your long-term business strategy. It will serve as a blueprint for your plans, and your organization can move ahead in the setting up process smoothly.

2. Decide on The Kind of Call Center

Another important aspect that you need to focus upon before setting up your call center is whether you need an inbound or outbound call center. An inbound call center is generally used to provide customer service; hence customers make calls to agents so that they can resolve their technical issues. However, it is an outbound call center, call agents mostly focus on making cold calls and letting prospects know about a brand’s products and services. If you need to conduct a lot of telemarketing to inform the UK audience about your products, it will be a good idea to set up an outbound call center. It is also possible to build a hybrid customer call center that allows your call agents to make economical outgoing calls, as well as receive incoming client calls for support and service. In recent times, many organizations have shifted to virtual call center solutions as it allows them to deliver the service from any corner of the world.

3. Decide Whether An On-Site or Virtual Center

One of the best parts about investing in UK phone numbers is powered by virtual technology is that it will not necessary to set up an on-site call center. Rather, UK virtual phone numbers will enable your sales representatives to make or receive calls from any geographical corner of the globe; all they need to do is to connect their device to a high-speed Internet network. If you need to open a physical on-site customer call center, your organization will need to consider a number of important factors such as space rental, location, proximity to local transportation nodes, and ease of facilities. The size, quality, and real estate cost of office space vary across the various cities in the United Kingdom, hence your team will need to do research all aspects well before coming to a final long-term decision.

4. Choose The Right Technology

The United Kingdom is a highly competitive market, hence your organization will need to use advanced technological tools and software to gain an edge over local rivals. Your organization will need to invest in the best quality equipment such as Internet routers and headsets so that call agents can benefit from uninterrupted business communication. Also, it would be highly beneficial to include third-party software integrations and call analytics in your must-have list. 

Call analytics and reporting tools will enable your call agents to know vital metrics such as average call wait time, call duration, and volume of call traffic. Tracking all customer calls provides a rich data bank, and gives better insight to managers so that they can make smarter decisions.

5. Recruit A Skilled Team

Your human resource will be your most valuable asset in the United Kingdom. If you are launching business operations in a new overseas market, it is imperative that you invest time and energy in recruiting an enthusiastic and motivated bunch of people. The right team should be able to work beyond the extra mile to forge genuine connections with the UK target audiences and compete with rival firms. You may require to hire a senior and responsible project head who will manage the entire call center operations in the United Kingdom

Make sure to tap all sources of employment so that you can get top-quality talent for your organization. Give a clear charter of duties to the team members, and let them know if they will be expected to move to the United Kingdom or allowed to operate remotely from the company headquarters. Keep your team of call agents happy by providing a congenial work environment and they will be delighted to put in extra hard work to set the ball rolling for your call center in the United Kingdom.

Building a call center from scratch is definitely not an easy task. To add that, the United Kingdom market is highly competitive and it is difficult to penetrate through it. If you plan to set up a UK toll-free number, your organization will benefit from a seamless two-way flow of communication with prospects and existing customers.

Virtual phone numbers have changed the face of modern telecommunications. It is a sure-shot medium of communication that can help any organization to connect with external stakeholders, suppliers, vendors, and clients. So do not shy away from getting a UK virtual phone number instantly – it is the quickest way to make a splash in an unknown market and increase bottom line profits!

Updated : August 6, 2021


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