In the current era of globalization where we are integrating the various economies of the world with the purpose of the emergence of a cohesive global economy, all the businesses are aiming towards the integration of domestic and foreign activities to earn a higher market share. Over the last few decades, many organizations have expanded their business horizons to a multinational level acquiring over thousands of customers and clients. However, with a higher market share, comes a greater need to grow, as the organizations need to constantly change and develop their strategies to deal with the dynamic business environment. This can be both a boon, and a bane to the organizations as even though it increases the number of prospects, at the same time it increases the number of competitors as well.

Technology, like globalization, has also played a major role in revolutionizing the business world. It is an integral part of every organization whether big or small. And with the current technological advancement, many businesses have multinational customers and partners with whom they must be in constant contact with to ensure the productive, and profitable working of the organization. However, in today’s fast-paced life, businesses tend to overlook, small details which can cause them huge losses, one of the most frequently neglected factors which can make or break their deal is Time. “To the right person, in the right place, and at the right time,” is the basic principle that every organization follows. Ensuring that the firm approaches the target customers at the right time plays the most crucial role in defining the success of that business. While many consider the time to be figurative, the literal sense of the word is equally important.

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Currently, there are 37 time zones in the world which are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and an hour apart, i.e. if it’s Monday 9:00 am in Tokyo, Japan, it is Sunday 8:00 pm in Washington DC USA. Thus, for a business with multiple international clients when to call them is a crucial decision, as the customer’s comfort and convenience set the pace of the transaction. A study shows that the time taken to acquire a customer is five times more than the time taken to retain them. Imagine, that after spending that much time you would lose a client just because of the time difference. Is that even worth it? Is something so trivial as a time worth losing money, clients, and reputation for? But checking the time redundantly before calling the client is not feasible either.

Considering that you call 100 clients a day it takes at least 1 minute to search the country, and the time of that place and many a times that number isn’t even valid, which means you are wasting more than an hour of your day, for something which isn’t even significant to your organization. Thus, even though tasks like this are necessary, yet they are insignificant for the growth of your organization. Is there an easier way out? Is there any other way which can solve this problem more efficiently and effectively? CallHippo has recently developed Global Connect that works with its chrome extension with a simple hover of the mouse informs the user of the place, time, day, date and validity of that number.


Imagine this: You have a manufacturing company in Tokyo, Japan for which you are supposed to import raw materials from Washington DC USA. You have been in constant negotiations with them regarding the price and delivery of the material. After a few weeks of constantly talking to them, they have finally agreed to meet you halfway, however, you are supposed to talk to the owner to finalize the same. It’s Monday at 3:30 in the afternoon when you finally get the time to talk to them and without thinking you dial the owner’s number. A disaster, isn’t it? Calling the owner at 2:30 at night. Imagine their reaction, their anger. A deal that could’ve saved thousands of dollars went down the drain because of something as trivial as a time difference.

Why waste hours of time and hundreds of dollars on such things, when with a simple hover of the mouse you can decide whether it is a right time to call or not. It is not only efficient but effective as well.

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