When you are trying to grow a plant, there are three main things you need- seed, soil, and water. But does this mean that your plant will grow to its fullest without the need for any external source? The answer is no. You need to give it a little boost of fertilizers. Consider the business phone system as an excellent fertilizer for your business. It will boost and simplify your business by making everything more practical for you.

Before we talk about the benefits of a business phone system, let’s know what it is and how it works.

A business phone system is one where various phones are interconnected for business use that has features like call transferring, conference calling, call handling, call metering and accounting, private and shared message box, and much more. A phone system can either be simply having a few phone lines or a complex Private Branch Exchange system for large businesses. The telephone system can operate on both telephone networks called PSTN or over the internet called VoIP. If the companies are looking for a stress-free environment for their IT employees, they can opt for a hosted system, also known as centrex.

As we are already three months into the year 2020, there is an endless list of options for a Business phone system for businesses. Today, companies have the option of using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over the traditional landline phone. They can choose to opt for a cloud-hosted or on-premise solution, and the list is never-ending. 

And if you have decided not to settle down with that old-fashioned landline phone of yours, you can always choose virtual phone numbers.

Having so many options onboard to choose from can be quite a tedious task, to be honest. 

Previously only the big industry players could afford to have phone systems in their companies. As the business phone systems were so over the board, complicated, and expensive, small size businesses used to stay away from them. But that’s not the case now. But now, with rising competition in the market and great packages, small business owners have multiple options to choose from. Now the phone systems have an attractive price tag along with plenty of features and can support large-scale operations.

Here are some of the exceptional features that will want you to install a business phone system if you already don’t have one.

Transcribe Voicemails

Voicemails have been part of the game since before the 80s. But voicemail transcription is something new. It is a simple feature that can change the way you do business. When your customer leaves you a voicemail while you are away, that voicemail will be received by you in the form of a transcribed message via email. You need to see the email and decide if it’s your priority or not.

Playing recorded music for calls on hold

Muting the calls while they are on hold is undoubtedly an option if you ask, but do you want to do that. Of course not. When you have the option of playing a musical sound or maybe your company monologue, you can perhaps announce company news or tell them about new discounts and promo codes that your company is offering in the festive season. This will make the client believe that they are valuable to the company.   

Ability to be mobile


While everything around us is suddenly mobile, why shouldn’t the phone system be mobile too? So, let us talk about the modern hosted business telephone system and its mobile abilities. Just like other freelance remote jobs in today’s time, companies have the freedom to hire remote telecommuting employees without giving it a second thought. This technology is so empowering for the employees as they can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world without having a dedicated business phone. The employees can have this feature by having a mobile app, and they can have the full functionality of their office phone anytime and anywhere.

Simultaneous ringing

If you are from sales, the essential feature to have is the ability never to miss a call. Right? Imagine having a feature where your business desk phone and your mobile phone will ring at the same time. This is a crucial feature to have. This feature will also give you flexibility and personal time. It will ring only at convenient times as you can schedule it. 

This means you can receive office calls on your phone without having to worry about getting disturbed while you are with your family or friends. Also, an additional benefit is that even your staff can answer your calls while they are in the office and transfer it to their mobile phones without even disconnecting the call.

Remote callback

Have you ever wanted a feature for your phone where you hear the message and decide whether to return the call or not? Well, guess what it already is a feature. Having a new business phone number allows you to push a number on your mobile phone to return the call, even if you are not at the office. As simple as that. The person you call back who might be a customer will see your business phone number instead of the actual mobile number you are calling from. This sounds so professional. So receiving calls on the weekend from clients is not that difficult, huh!. 

Moving on. 

This feature will let you do work without tampering with your personal space. And if you are worried about wasting your phone minutes, please don’t. As the virtual phone system will be operating on the Internet, your mobile function works on an app. It’s simple, just download the app and log in with your business credentials. 

Apart from making and receiving calls, you have access to the company voicemail directory. Other than that, it lets you send and receive a fax and be part of conference calls. This allows you to have an “always available” image in front of your customers, which will make them think that you are overly dedicated to what you are doing. 

Now, as we have discussed all the features of a telephone system, let’s help you find the best-suited one for your needs.

Which one is right for me? 

To be honest, this depends on your business needs and how much you wish to invest in it. Larger companies can easily benefit from the on-premise system as they can afford it, and it will give them more control as well. A large company can hire an IT team to manage the phone system for them. Their IT team can help debug the phone system as well. If your business has no access to broadband, you need to work to use traditional solutions. If you have small to medium-size companies with high-speed internet connectivity, you can opt for a cloud-hosted VoIP system. This will offer you sophisticated features at a reasonable price. A cloud system is an excellent option for a business that wishes to take benefit of mobility tools.

In the end, we want to say that over the past decade, the number of organizations that have options for a fully functional business phone system that is cloud-based has increased. Though in the beginning, the companies didn’t want to switch to virtual phone numbers due to the fear of bad connections or incompetent service, they are now things of the past. 

Updated : July 17, 2021


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