Are your business and you always on the go? And have you always been wanting to have a wireless business phone system because the traditional ones restrict your growth possibilities?

These are the questions that every company owner has who wants to excel in international markets. 

Can you tell us what was the last time you thought that your business phone system needed an upgrade?

We guess this must be the time when your work faced a little jolt due to the old-fashioned phone system that you have been using. And if your company is out of the ones that existed a few decades back, then you are still using a landline phone system thinking that if it’s not broken, then there is no need to fix it.

There is no second thought in the fact that a phone system is not just a tool for making and receiving calls in your office. Today everyone wants more services. Now the Business phone systems are ready to provide services that let you communicate via mobile phone, video, and text. This is giving the companies the flexibility to communicate with their customers and clients in different ways. 

Leaving all that apart, we are here to tell you that there is an unfathomable number of business phone systems to choose from. You can select any wireless business phone system that suits your needs. 

Due to the quick rise in the business phone system market, there are a vast number of options to choose from. This makes it a bit difficult for a business to choose the best one according to their needs. 

A business phone system is a livelihood and survival strength for a company. It is up to you whether you want a system that lives in the cloud or something that you can see in a closet. What do you want to start with an on-site PBX system, landlines, and technical support, or do you plan to go lean, mean, and completely comfortable relying on an Internet Service Provider with off-site tools?

What should be the essential elements in a business phone system provider?

A business phone system is entirely dependent on how good the service provider is. All the companies invest a lot of time in planning, hardware, setup costs, but sometimes sacrifice on the service part. Always take care of the following steps when choosing an internet business phone system.


When you are about to set up a new phone system, always read the market and then make any choices. This is a critical decision, so make sure that you start your search by finding the best service provider that suits your needs.

Consolidated Services

Always look for the data center that is state of the art and easily accessible. Make sure that the service provider has its own network. This will ensure that when you put entire office phones, connectivity, and servers on a single system, you will still be able to enjoy the fantastic performance. You will also get the ability to manage the data that is secure, and communications will be way more comfortable. 

Customer Support


Companies have been spending way too many expensive employee hours dealing with service providers who don’t know what they are doing. Please make sure that when you opt for a service provider, they have excellent phone support, and most importantly, their field technicians are well-qualified to handle any network problem in a short time. 

Why are companies moving to the wireless business phone system? 

Here are some of the features of an internet business phone system when compared to PBX-

A PBX system is your traditional analog phone system that has been used by companies for a very long time. It consists of a direct line-to-line connection that is made by an exchange. If an employee makes a call to the customer, they are always connected through the exchange network. But if we talk about VoIP, it uses the Internet for the packaging of voice signals into data packets. These data packets are transported over the Internet. In this scenario, when an executive makes a call to the customer, the voice signals will be broadcasted over your network first and then on the Internet. 

Costing difference between PBX and VoIP 

VoIP can beat the PBX phone system any day if we talk about the overall cost though there is a small fee associated with the installation of infrastructure as the VoIP phone system has a lighter infrastructure load. 

Your VoIP system has a lower monthly bill, which is easy to pay because now your telephone and Internet bills are the same. 

VoIP is more flexible.

VoIP is the latest technology that was created to suit all sizes of businesses. It is considered more flexible than any other business phone system. It is capable of adding new users and has a flexible capacity as per your company’s changing needs. Its flexibility can only be restricted due to the slow internet connection or network bandwidth. On the other hand, if we talk about PBX, they are configured with a predestined number of analog phone lines. You will need to purchase more capacity from your telephone provider if your call volume increases or you wish to add additional employees.

Let’s talk about the pros of a wireless business phone system.

We have compared VoIP over PBX now. Let’s talk about the pros that VoIP or an internet business phone system possesses.

It is more flexible than any other phone system.

If you ask us to give one word to describe a wireless business phone system, we will use the word flexible to describe it best. 

High scalability

If you are planning to opt for a VoIP phone system, then please note that it is a license-based system. This means that all the features, users, voicemail boxes, and everything else will be controlled by a license. Once your license is added, you can use all the features and extensions. Contrary to the wireless business phone system in the PBX universe, the systems worked on cards. In case the user wanted to add a new device or extension in the PBX system, they had to make sure that there are enough ports or cards. So, it is pretty clear that a license-based solution is way easier to extend for extension of the company.  

Top-Notch Features

Everyone wants to have systems that are rich in features, and VoIP is just that. An internet business phone system is understandable and straightforward when compared to PBX. VoIP helps you bring your telephony to a whole new level by encouraging the integration of different phone systems. 


Remember, when the PBX phone system was the only best option in the market, and you had to purchase a physical phone system to set up. Gosh, how hectic and expensive! But with VoIP technology, things have changed. The company can deliver a full phone system as a virtual setup or host telephone system in the data center.

Final thought

We know that adapting to new technology can be a bit difficult, but think about the growth and success rate that you will be obtaining once this system is installed correctly. Having a wireless business phone system will expand your horizon and help your business in many ways that you haven’t even thought of till now. Please get in touch with CallHippo’s trained executive, who will assist you further.

Updated : July 19, 2021


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