The VoIP phone system is the latest technology in the communication sector. This new internet phone system comes with a solution for almost all your communication problems. Most multinational companies and businesses have switched over to VoIP for an integrated and improved communication network both in and out of the office. This new business phone system has taken over the market and is becoming increasingly popular. 

The reason for its popularity is its efficiency and utility. The VoIP business phone system comes with a wide range of features that are extremely useful for both large and small businesses in their day to day operations. Apart from this, it is also extremely pocket friendly and operates at a much cheaper rate than your traditional phone systems. 

Most of us are already familiar with the concept of this new cloud based phone system. One simply cannot talk about the communication sector without mentioning this ground breaking technology. For those of you who are still not aware of the working mechanism of this new way of business communication, let me explain a little further.


What is meant by an internet business phone system and how does it work?

The new VoIP phone system is a cloud based phone system. It operates by routing your calls through the internet rather than using the traditional PTSN lines used by your ordinary telephone system. This new business phone system needs no more than an active internet connection to function. It also offers a variety of exciting features like call forwarding, call recording, call masking, call transfer and so on. These features are not offered in the traditional phone systems that are currently used.

Why should one opt for this new internet business phone system?

Some business owners feel like their business is going good enough with their old phone systems, so why switch? But good isn’t good enough, is it? Apart from the obvious advantages of a cheaper phone system with a whole new range of exciting features, here is why you should switch over to VoIP. This new business phone system is designed to help businesses build a better communication network with both their clients and their employees. It not only makes things easier for your employees, but also keeps your customers satisfied with better customer care. It also adds a professional touch to your business, leading to good first impressions. 

Why is it so important to choose the correct VoIP service provider for your business?

While switching over to VoIP or getting an internet business phone system, one needs to be extremely careful while choosing his service provider. The wrong service provider can not only ruin your entire VoIP experience, but also make things difficult for your employees and your business.  Let me tell you why.

Every service provider is unique in their own way. They offer different types of packages and offer various services. Different businesses have different needs and requirements. Thus, different service providers are suitable for different businesses. While choosing your service provider, you cannot simply rely on the word of mouth. Just because a particular service provider worked out well for your friend, it does not mean that the same will work out for you as well. As mentioned before, his business might have different needs than yours.

Another important factor that you need to consider is the security offered by your service provider. Since this new business phone system uses the internet to route its calls, it does not offer the best security. The internet is full of crooks who could hack into your system and access your confidential business records. This is why it is important that you choose a service provider who takes special security measures to prevent hackers from accessing your business call records. 

So then how does one choose an ideal service provider for his business? First of all, search thoroughly and conduct in depth research about various prospective service providers. Find out about their policies and packages. Get to know about their customer service and maintenance programs. Make sure they can fulfil all your the various needs and requirements of your business. 

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The top internet business phone system providers in the market

To make your research a little easier for you, we have listed out the top business phone system providers for you. After sifting through tons of websites and providers, we have narrowed it down to the 10 best VoIP system providers that you could opt for. We have assessed many contributing factors like customer service, security and value for money while preparing this list for you.

Here are the 10 best business phone system providers in the market today:

1. RingCentral

A group which runs a wide communication network with infrastructure in Europe, US and Asia. It offers an extremely wide range of features with new AI (artificial intelligence) integrations. It also has a very intuitive user interface that makes its software easy to use and handle.

On the flip side, its hardware will cost you a pretty large sum. Although it is a small price to pay for  its wonderful software and services, it is a concern to many when cheaper options are available in the market.

2. 8×8

This service provider offers a user friendly interface with a horde of features. It also offers flexible pricing to its users, which makes it a favourable choice for many. It is pretty easy to set up and use.

On the other hand, it is still dealing with some stability issues as per customer feedback. It is also not as intuitive as one would have liked it to be. All in all, it is a good service provider which one may seriously consider.

3. CallHippo

Being the trusted service provider in over 50 countries across the globe, CallHippo offers a business phone system service that comes with multiple useful features. It also offers flexible and reasonable prices, where in the users only need to pay for the features they use. 

A relatively new start up, it seeks to offer more personalised assistance to all its customers. Again, a service provider that will not let you down.

4. Intermedia Unite

It promises a great uptime along with a service level agreement that is financially backed. One can also manage Microsoft Office 365 and hosted mail from the admin console. 

However, there is a little too much of focus and dependency on Microsoft for ancillary services. Another major drawback is that it only allows phone numbers in US and Canada. Overall, it offers a good feature set that one could avail of.

5. Vonage Business Cloud

The administrative features offered by this service provider are pretty impressive and superior. It offers a wide spectrum of features that the user can choose from. It mainly targets medium sized businesses.

However, one needs to pay for any extra add on features that he wishes to avail of. Also, unlike most other business phone system service providers, the call conferencing features are not offered. On account of its top class management services and wide range of features offered, one must definitely consider this provider. However, one should be beware of potential security issues that may arise.

6. AT&T

This service provider offers a comparatively mature list of features. It provides support for both desk phones as well as PBX hardware. For the more traditional customers, it even enables access to the PTSN network. 

On the flip side, it has a quite complex system that is difficult to navigate and interpret. Most companies require external help from IT experts to successfully configure this system. This is an ideal choice for a provider and it offers everything that a good business phone system should have.  

7. Grasshopper

Its software is pretty easy to understand and quick to set up. It covers all the basics of a virtual business phone system like IVR, call routing and forwarding, voicemail and so on. However, it does not offer any other extravagant features beyond these basic requirements. This service provider also aims at small and medium businesses.

This software requires existing landlines or mobile phones to work. It also has a pretty affordable price range along with all the basic features and support, thus making it a strong contender.

8. Dialpad

Its software is also pretty easy to set up and understand. One major advantage that it has is that scaling up or down can be done easily without much extra effort. It also offers solid support for both android and iOS devices. 

All said and done, some features and support systems are missing in the business phone system provided by this provider. It focuses mainly on software, without much emphasis on which hardware is being used. It integrates a variety of third party applications. It offers a pretty good deal to its customers.

9. Ooma Office

If you are looking for a low budget VoIP service provider, then this is the one to go for. Even those with little or no knowledge of communication networks can easily operate and set up this VoIP system. It provides support for the existing traditional analog phones as well as android and iOS based smart phones. 

Many small scale and medium sized businesses are attracted to Ooma office because it is available without a contract. It has all the basic features that are expected of a business phone system. 

10. Freshworks

Best suited for call centres and customer care services, this service provider offers a feature rich VoIP phone system. It is pretty easy to set up and operate along with being reasonably priced. 

It is not suitable for general businesses as it does not allow internal calling except in the case of conference calls. Also, it only provides support for soft phones on a computer or smart phone. Anyone looking for a business phone system for a call centre or customer care service can definitely consider this provider.

Apart from this, there are several other service providers that you can consider. However, these are currently the top service providers in the market that one could opt for. All things considered, these top business phone system providers have kept their word and delivered on their promise of a good VoIP phone service experience. 

As mentioned earlier, CallHippo is the trusted VoIP service provider of businesses all over the world. Sign up now to avail of our top class services at pocket friendly prices. 

Updated : October 19, 2021


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