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Call Transfer System - CallHippo

What is Call Transfer?

The call transfer feature allows you to redirect a connected call from your phone number to a team member. Once the call transfer is done your call will be disconnected and the transferred call is established as a new connection. In simple words, you answer a call and then send it to another extension inside your office.

With CallHippo,

  • Transfer calls to a team member extension.
  • If a caller mistakenly calls to a different department, use the call transfer feature and redirect the caller to the right person.
  • Transfer phone calls to an appropriate Voicemail box.

After transferring a call you have three choices

  • Simply hung up
  • You can stay on the line until the person you have transferred the call answers then hung up
  • Start a 3-way conversation

CallHippo provides two types of Call Transfer

Warm Transfer

The warm transfer is also known as “ consultative” “ attended”, “ Supervised”,  or “announced “ transfer. A warm transfer is when you speak to the new agent before the call is transferred. This is usually done by putting the caller on hold and then dialing to the new agent. You can tell the new agent about the caller's issue or give him background information. If he is busy at that moment you can come back to the caller and inform him that the new agent is not available and if its possible for him to call on a different time. Long Story short, you talk to the new recipient and ask him whether he wants to take the call transfer or not.

Blind Transfer

Blind Transfer will transfer an active call without speaking to the intended recipient.Blind Transfer is basically used when it is not mandatory to speak to the recipient before transferring an interaction. If the intended recipient doesn't answer, the call will be disconnected. Many people also refer it as “Cold” or “ Unannounced” transfer.

How Call Transfer will help your business?

  • No need to buy or lease any additional types of equipment, easily redirect calls using CallHippo built-in call transfer feature.
  • It is a professional customer communication practice that will increase the reputation of your business.
  • You can seamlessly transfer the calls from different locations.

Got more questions?

Please check our Call Transfer FAQs or drop us a line to [email protected]

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