Everyone is hooked on to their mobile phones nowadays. If there is one thing that you grab before leaving home, chances are high that it’s your smartphone. 

But there are places that your phone will not work due to a lack of signal. What do you do then? How do you make calls if you have to urgently?

Well, fear not – the advancement of technology will always give you the option of using an internet phone calling app. You do not need to rely on cellular networks all the time. Instead, you could use Wi-Fi calling by logging on to an available network and connect with clients or anyone else in an instant. With free Wi-Fi connections in most public places around the world, Wi-Fi calling saves the day and makes you less dependent on your phone service provider.

What Is Meant By Wi-Fi Calling and How Does It Work?

While Wi-Fi calling has been around for quite some time now, many people are still not familiar with the concept. The concept of Wi-Fi calling involves using a wireless internet connection to make phone calls or send text messages instead of a mobile phone network. It allows users to experience a clear calling experience and helps them avoid frustrating blackspots where there is no cellular network coverage.

Internet phone numbers have surely gained popularity in the last few years. No one wants to spend massive amounts of money on traditional wired phone systems as they are extremely restrictive and keep users confined to one particular location. Hence, all Android and iOS devices have now accepted internet calling and have set universal standards to facilitate internet calling platforms.

Investing in a specialized internet phone service for business organizations will ensure that all your team members can utilize Wi-Fi calling applications. The most popular and easiest way to make a Wi-Fi call is over a VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) system. An internet business phone system enables users to reach the mobile carrier over a high-speed internet connection so that they can make calls or send messages. 

There are many widely used internet phone calling apps available nowadays such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. In fact, there are also specific phones that are customized to give priority to internet calling such as Google Fi and Republic Wireless. All you require is a reliable and high-speed internet connection, and you can make unlimited Wi-Fi calls at any time of the day.

Why Would You Want Wi-Fi Calling?

Communication is a crucial aspect in the current digital era. Whether for personal or professional success, you need to stay connected at all times and don’t need to miss important phone calls. Hence, adopting revolutionary technologies such as Wi-Fi calling is a good idea as it can give any kind of business a competitive advantage.Wi-Fi-Calling-Everything-That-You-Need-To-Know-Middle

Whether you have a new business that has just commenced operations, or whether you are a big geographically scattered organization, getting an internet business phone system will surely prove to be an investment. Not only will it exponentially reduce your calling expenses, but also give access to an array of facilities to users. Here are some strong reasons that will motivate you to ditch the traditional phone network, and go ahead with Wi-Fi enable calling options:

Accessibility At All Times: It is imperative for business organizations to stay accessible to their stakeholders at all times. Employees or senior managers simply cannot afford to miss important calls from vendors, suppliers, customers or vendors. They will lose out on opportunities and earn a negative reputation if they do not communicate seamlessly at all times.

Now, what happens is that many times we unexpectedly lose out on cellular network signal. We may be getting into an elevator, passing by a tunnel or underground parking or traveling to some remote region, and the telephone coverage goes bust. In such cases, having the option of Wi-Fi calling is the best thing as it can ensure that you are available to make or receive business calls round the clock.

Since WLAN is now available in all public buildings, Wi-Fi calling is no longer a distant dream, rather a reality. It is a potent business tool that can give organizations a competitive advantage by ensuring that they do not miss even a single phone call due to poor signal strength.

Value-Added Services: Wi-Fi calling is not limited to audio calls only. It gives the user multiple value-added services such as caller ID, call forwarding or voicemail. Virtual assistants can also be set up on internet calling applications so that customers can self-direct themselves to a particular extension number.

Calls can be made on any device such as a smartphone, or a tablet. Your device will utilize IP networks to transmit to provide seamless call quality and uninterrupted service. A Wi-Fi calling solution can provide multiple benefits to institutions such as hospitals or supply chain firms as they can maintain job-related communication at any time of the day.

The introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning promises to hold exciting new developments in the field of Wi-Fi calling. It is indeed the future of telecommunications that can have a major impact on the business arena and increase productivity in all vital domains.

Superior User Experience: One of the most frustrating experiences for clients is to fail to get in touch with a support representative or call agent when they wish to – it makes them lose faith in an organization. Wi-Fi calling is the ideal solution that can make sure that your customers can reach out to your service staff members at a time of their choosing and enjoy superior call quality.

Wi-Fi calling ensures that there is no disturbance in phone lines, or that calls are not randomly dropped. Internet business phone systems are designed to provide a much better user experience than generic third-party apps. Wi-Fi systems calling can also route call traffic on different phone lines, thus making sure that clients do not have to wait endlessly to get connected and receive support services.

Lower Costs: Communication expenses can burn a heavy hole in any organization’s pocket. Most traditional phone service providers charge hefty amounts for outgoing and incoming calls. For companies that deal with a high number of customer calls daily, this can lead to a big dent in their revenues.

Internet calling platforms are a great way to cut down on communication costs. Most credible service providers do not take any charge for Wi-Fi calls, rather they are provided for in your monthly data plan. This means a single one-time investment can ensure that you can make or receive internet calls through the plan duration.

The good news for Wi-Fi callers is that they will not spend gigantic amounts of money for making calls to international clients – they simply use internet data from their monthly plan allowance. Since internet calling gives organizations the chance to reduce expenditure, it increases customer loyalty and keeps clients retained in the long run.

Wi-Fi calling is a buzzing trend that is here to stay in the times to come. Just to give a clear picture, just WhatsApp users make more than 100 million voice calls every day. Wi-Fi calling is speedy, flexible, and economical making it a popular way to stay in touch with people across international borders. The best part is that Wi-Fi calling in no way disrupts your traditional phone service capability, thus users can also make normal calls through cellular network if they desire.

Mobility is what organizations are looking for these days, as it is expected that 42.5% of the global workforce will be mobile by the year 2020. So, go ahead, and invest in an internet phone number – it will surely result in an exponential increase in all major bottom-line results and help you gain number one position amongst your loyal customer base!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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