The advent of globalization has brought about a tremendous change in the way we communicate. 

The distance between geographical boundaries has reduced, and new-age organizations harness technology to seamlessly communicate across borders! The new breed of business phone systems ensures that you will not remain restricted due to geographical location. 

Virtual telephony is a raging trend. You can be located in any corner of the globe, yet communicate with clients, stakeholders, partners, and vendors.

Virtual phone systems are not a fancy frill anymore, rather a dire business necessity. Since in order to reach a 93% chance of converting a lead successfully, a call agent will take at least 6 attempts, businesses need to utilize virtual phone numbers that are cost-effective, flexible and responsive.

In the current fast-paced corporate arena, businesses need to expand to lucrative markets. They need to scale up with agility and speed, or they will perish in the race to succeed.

Suppose you enter the emerging marketplaces of Asia such as Singapore, the best thing that you can do to develop a credible brand reputation is to purchase a Singapore virtual phone number. Local customers in Singapore can get in touch with your agents round the clock, and the Singapore phone number will help you build a diverse client base.

Business phone numbers have replaced traditional copper-wired phone lines in a big way. To gain a competitive edge in an overseas market, you cannot rely on obsolete mediums of communication. Here are five reasons that will emphasize the importance of virtual phone systems:

Highly Cost-Effective

Communication expenses can burn a huge hole in any organization’s annual budget. One of the biggest advantages of business phone number is that they are affordable, and bring down call costs to a large extent.

Most service providers can easily customize pricing plans that fit into specific organizational budgets. Hence, if your company needs to make a heavy volume of cold calls daily, you can opt for an outbound calling package that provides an economical outgoing call rate.

A business phone number is a one-time investment that will surely yield high returns in the long term. It is the best way to boost profitability and revenues by saving on international and local calling expenses.

Provide A Holistic Customer Experience

Here’s an interesting fact – 86% of customers are willing to pay 86% extra for better customer experience. 

Getting a virtual phone number will ensure that your clients receive speedy service as call agents can receive calls any time of the day, even while on the move. Business phone numbers empower employees, as they do not need to remain restricted to the physical office premises.

For example, Your organization could have business headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and have expanded to Germany – a burgeoning economy in Europe. In such a scenario, purchasing a Germany virtual phone number is a wise decision. This means that you can conduct business operations from Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin, and your clients can reach you through a Germany phone number by just dialing the local area code before the number – easy and convenient!


Minimum Maintenance and Setup Requirements

Many organizations hesitate to ditch their traditional phone systems as they feel that virtual phone numbers involve a major overhaul and a long complicated setup process.

However, the fact remains that there are no complex hardware or software requirements involved in getting a business phone number. Most service providers can easily customize a virtual phone solution that will suit your organizational requirements, and get it running within a few hours.

Since virtual phone systems are extremely user-friendly, most of your staff members will be able to use them with ease. There will be no need to provide any kind of technical training – just a quick installation process, and your organization can start enjoying a vast range of benefits!

Supports Remote Work Operations

Remote work is not a dream anymore; it’s a stark reality. Countries that operate in overseas territories will greatly benefit by adopting business phone systems as their employees do not have to physically shift base, rather they can attend business calls from their present geographical location or even work from home.

Virtual phone numbers make international communication seamless and provide immense accessibility. Let us suppose that your company has diversified operations and entered the Philippines market. All you need to do is get a Philippines Virtual phone number, and your call agents can work remotely from your business headquarters. A Philippines phone number will not even let local customers know that your support representatives are not there physically, and build a strong brand presence in the market with business phone number.

Innovative Range of Features

Business phone systems have numerous innovative features that promote team collaboration, data sharing, and structured communication practices. Features such as VoIP call recording, call planner, interactive voice response IVR system, call forwarding, and voicemail can enhance your employees productivity with remote working and voip and engagement.

Along with features, most virtual phone solutions also have advanced analytical and reporting tools. This enables managers to track all key parameters such as average call duration, wait time, and agent performance. This promotes a smooth client experience, and focused training for staff members, thus leading to a better work environment.

The telecommunication industry is undergoing disruption. Organizations need to move with the times and jump onboard the virtual telephony bandwagon to accrue massive benefits. They supercharge organizations with business phone number to operate from any corner of the world and expand into new upcoming global markets without any obstacles or challenges. 

Business phone systems can improve your call handling processes, and help agents to cater to customer needs proactively. They are now intrinsic to Business communication and can make a world of positive difference to long-term objectives. 

So do not fall behind in the competitive race – surge ahead of rivals by choosing the best service provider and getting a personalized virtual phone system. It will definitely prove to be an advantageous decision and lead to a gigantic jump in all key bottom-line results!

Updated : July 29, 2021


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