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Technology has proved to be a real game-changer in the business arena and has completely revolutionized the way companies function! If there is one particular field that has benefited the most from technological innovations, it definitely has to be the communication structure of organizations.

The advent of virtual phone systems has transformed the way team members collaborate and exchange information at the modern workplace. In fact, business phone numbers are now hugely popular, and the VoIP market is expected to grow to 204.8 billion corporate customers by the year 2020.

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If an organization wants to gain a competitive edge in a new geographical market, getting an online phone number is the best platform to invest in – it can instantly increase local presence and raise brand credibility to the highest possible level. Customers feel reassured by companies that have business phone numbers as they can get in touch with managers or staff representatives at any time.

Virtual phone systems are a comprehensive solution that can help your organization save lots of money in the long run. Most reliable virtual phone number vendors give amazing curated pricing packages that are customized to suit client requirements. Businesses that have adopted VoIP technology for calling can actually expect to witness a 50-75 percent reduction in communication expenses. This clearly indicates why getting a virtual phone system is a must-have in today’s time –  a complete money saver, agile and responsive solution in all aspects.

Get Your Online Phone Number in Just Three Clicks

If you are now convinced about the power of business virtual numbers, it is time to take some action and invest in the best package for your organization. This may seem to be a challenging task as there are many different options available in the market.

If you are overwhelmed or confused about investing in a virtual mobile system, don’t be any longer – just get in contact with a top-performing service provider such as CallHippo and get your personalized online phone number in just a couple of minutes through a few simple clicks. Here are some easy steps that can help you get your virtual phone number immediately:

  1. Open an account and sign up with any leading virtual phone number service provider.
  2. Once your account details have been verified, enter the country for which you need a business phone number and choose a number.
  3. Make the payment, complete all formalities and instantly install your business phone number.

Getting a business phone number is super quick and easy – there are no complex installation or hardware requirements, hence it only takes a few minutes to set up your very own call center.

Advantages of A Virtual Phone System

If you are now sure about going ahead and investing in the topmost virtual phone platform for your company, do not hesitate as it could make a world of positive difference to your operational efficiency and take your business to the heights spread globally. Even you can get numbers of different countries like the US, Canada, etc. Here are some great advantages to online phone numbers:

1. Professional Appearance:

Business mobile numbers lend a very professional corporate appearance to any organization. Customers feel delighted as they are instantly connected to managers or support representatives and they do not have to wait in long queues. Organizations can also play pre-recorded greeting messages or music for clients while they wait to get connected. It is an incredible business asset that can enhance company ranking amongst competitors by providing seamless calling service.

2. Better Accessibility:

It is the digital era and virtual telephony enables smooth communication by removing all barriers. Employees can access business calls on any device – a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone by logging on through a high-speed internet connection. It is an ideal solution for organizations that have a number of workers in the field and remote workers as it boosts accessibility. Online phone numbers can thrust up mobility and make sure that employees keep engaged with customers even on the move!

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3. Superior Client Service:

In this ultra-competitive business playing field, it is absolutely vital to give emphasis to customer satisfaction. Companies can utilize the services of a virtual phone system to rectify customer complaints, problems or issues at the earliest. It is a holistic communication system that can even record client calls so as to improve the level of service and provide a superior customer experience to long-term patrons.

4. Reduction in Communication Costs:

It is essential to save precious money spent on expensive calling rates by getting a world-class business phone system. One of the biggest advantages of virtual phone numbers is that they have extremely cheap and economical calling rates. Most vendors also customize pricing plans so that the feature suite and incoming or outgoing call prices suit specific organizational requirements. So, if your organizations deal with heavy call traffic on a daily basis, investing in an online phone number is a smart option that will yield a profitable return on investment.

5. Novel Features:

Virtual phone systems have a number of attractive features that enhance workplace collaboration, data sharing, and networking. Call forwarding facility makes sure that not even a single client call goes unanswered as calls can be diverted on any alternative landline or mobile phone number. Call planner is another great feature that aids in ensuring that business calls are conducted at a time of mutual convenience to parties from different geographical regions. Similarly, interactive voice assistant (IVR), voicemail, and call barging are other innovative features that make virtual business numbers a necessity in today’s fast-paced times

It is time to get rid of traditional and outdated phone systems by getting the best virtual phone platform for your organization. Online phone numbers can boost your business presence, engage local audiences and deliver an exceptional customer experience that is bound to keep your organization ranking high.

Voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) is the invention of the century and has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. So harness the power of virtual telephony to climb up the ladder of success and propel up all your vital bottom-line results!

Updated : June 24, 2022

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