Customer service is the topmost priority of businesses in the present world. They need to make the service process extremely smooth and hassle-free for customers. It is where the business phone number comes into the picture. Phone calls dominate as the customer’s channel of choice. According to the study of the CFI Group, 76% of customers prefer the medium of phone calls to reach customer support spokesperson. 

Startup owners want to operate in the most brilliant way possible. They want to keep their teams lean and mean. But startup owners should invest in tools and technologies to ease their workload without getting more people on board.

What does a startup really want?

Here are the things that a startup will fundamentally need to sustain itself.

  • Acquiring customers fast
  • Retaining them for a long time
  • Establishing deep trust with customers
  • Creating a credible and people-first brand image and business
  • Offering customer support 24/7
  • Making digital customer interaction more humane

One of the easiest ways to do this is to make people speak with your business quickly, which can be done by getting a dedicated business phone number. We will explain why in detail later on.

Why does your startup need a business phone number?

In a world where live chat, chatbots, emails, social media messengers, and cloud communications are increasingly growing to be the preferred way to do business, many companies are unaware of how important the traditional telephone is when communicating with customers. No matter how small or big a startup might be, it is essential to have a business phone number

Here are seven main points why a business startup needs a business phone number-:

1. Credibility

A business phone number is not just for conglomerates but also for SMBs and startups. 

Having a business contact number gives a business credibility, something that is of immense value to startups. The more you present yourself as a professional service provider, the easier it is for your potential customers to trust and try your products or services.

This is because the ability to call a business representative is essential for a strong brand image. It presents that your customers can contact your company whenever they have a query or need any assistance. When users spot a business phone number on your website, it immediately gives more trustworthiness to your brand. 

2. Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction through business phone number

Customers may feel frustrated if they couldn’t find the contact information of the business. It can leave a wrong impression on their minds about the company. A virtual phone number allows you to be available for your customers, leading to better customer service, satisfaction, and a better brand image as well.

When customers find it easy to get their questions answered by simply calling a number, they are naturally inclined to connect with your business.

3. Enhances Conversion Rate

Word-of-mouth is a powerful asset to leverage the business. A business phone number helps to give a personal touch to the brand. 

Customers realize that they are working with real people. It also lets customers know that someone will be accountable for their satisfaction. It produces trust in the minds of customers and works to increase the conversion rate. 

4. Expands your communication capabilities

Expands communication capabilities through business phone number

When you add a business phone number to your website, you can even track calls made by your customers in an improved way. This helps in understanding the behavior of the customers. 

Generally, people contact to check for business hours, schedule an appointment, or inquire about the pricing structure, and these questions need to be answered asap! A phone call facility for your customers helps you do just that.

Moreover, suppose you want your business to earn and build goodwill with your customers. In that case, you should make communication as smooth as possible with customers that is possible through a separate business contact number.

5. Consumers Prefer Telephonic Communication

The findings of a 1967 study, “Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels,” by Dr. Albert Mehrabian still remain true to the business of today. The study showed that second to body language, the most important components of effective communication are spoken words and voice tone, both of which can be leveraged over a telephonic conversation. 

Telephonic Communication

Consumers Prefer telephone communication because they are likely to be more understood. Other reasons for preferring a call for communicating include the desire to speak with a human, faster results, and no-pre-written responses. It is also a fact that not everyone spends the day communicating via social media, email, and chat. So it is good to have a business phone number for seamless Business communication.

6. Wider Reach and Bigger Sales

Many business owners lose sales by making people struggle in search of contact details. 

Bigger sales through business phone number

Many Customers do not have time to fill out a “Contact Us” form to get in touch with you. Not having your phone number displayed on your website can cost you a heavy loss of sales as you made the route of potential customers to you so difficult.

If you want to broaden your reach and increase sales, you need to get your business contact number. It will ease the struggle of existing and potential customers to contact you when the need arises. And yes, this can be done with the click of a button.

7. Flexibility in changing the business location

If you want to move your business to a different location, a business phone number will help customers find you out easily. 

Business phones have easy portability where you can change your network provider in case you change the country from which you operate. Switching to a business phone number from anywhere around the globe can be done in just a few minutes.

Isn’t this a big advantage for any business wishing to expand beyond boundaries?

8. Easy to respond to urgent queries immediately

Solve urgent queries immediately through business phone number

If your customer has an urgent query or problem, they would prefer to call to get an answer straight away. It is easier than sending an email and hoping someone notices and replies to it in time. The customer may have a billing issue, require a product or service right now or have one or two questions to ask about its features first. 

Whatever the situation, your company phone number provides a vital channel for immediate contact. Now that you know why it is important to have a business phone number for your startup, you should know the disadvantages of using your personal phone number for business purposes.

Why should you NOT use personal phone numbers for business?

If you are using your personal number for business, you are inviting conflict and inefficiency into your business and personal life. The following reasons give you the picture to opt for a business phone number instead of a personal phone number: 

  1. You can not differentiate between your personal and business calls.
  2. If your business and personal phone numbers are the same, it is impossible to get dedicated time for either work or home.
  3. Your customers would perceive you to lack professionalism.
  4. Will compromise privacy.
  5. Difficult to follow up with leads and customers. 

You will face minimal inconvenience if you opt for separate business and personal numbers. And if you’re using a personal number for your business now, you can easily port it to a different number anytime, without causing any disturbance in your business. 

Social Media platforms and Emails Can’t Replace the Phone.

Communicating over Twitter or Facebook or responding over emails is not enough to eliminate the need for a business phone line. Customers expect even quicker responses on social media platforms than over the phone. When they do not get that instant satisfaction, they will have negative reviews. As a business owner, you need to step very carefully when it comes to communicating with consumers

  • While social media platforms and email can prove to be very impactful, it always makes sense to counsel a frustrated customer through a conversation over the phone. This way, you can address their issues with more personal touch and care.
  • The human voice and the power of a person’s words make a strong tool for guiding people. It is easier to understand a person’s message over the phone than from a written message sent through a social media account.
  • An efficient business telephone system streamlines good communication between the business representatives. It offers a faster interaction, easy and quick to use than email.

Click-To-Call to Increase Conversions

“Click-to-call” service is the best way to engage your audience and be at the top of customer service. Having a click to call button for your users to click means there is a maximum chance of clicking it for contacting the business representative. 

Most consumers use their mobile phones to search for information. However, when they see a click-to-call which is also known as a touch-to-call button, they are more likely to connect with you. According to Think With Google stats, 60% of cell phone users have contacted a business directly through the “click to call” option.

You might be shocked to learn that 88% of visitors are more likely to reach out to your business if you provide a click-to-call button on your website. Isn’t this a huge percentage of consumers who want to connect to your business? 

You can gain this just by placing a click to call option. What’s even more surprising is that a click-to-call can increase your call-to-conversion rate by rate by 200%. 

Your sales team needs to be ready to engage in click-to-call-tracking. Knowing these metrics can streamline their lead generation process and also better the ease of use for customers.

Wrapping up

You are failing on customer satisfaction if you do not have a business phone number yet. We made it clear with the above reasons that how a separate business calling number can drive your business to success. There is no better way to make a human connection than through the use of the telephone. It provides a medium for the customers wherein people can speak to a business anytime from anywhere.

Get your business a business phone number in a matter of minutes with CallHippo. 

Updated : July 8, 2021


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