How To Have Local Phone Number Of US While Living In The UK?

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We are living in an age where the entire transactional nature of businesses has gone global. Having transcended geography and languages, there has been a paradigm shift in the way we do business. This shift has been hastened by the provision of making calls across countries quickly, effectively, and economically through a local phone number.

It means that if you work in the UK and want or already have a clientele in the US, you won’t have to worry about losing connections due to a lack of physical presence. 

If your business pitch resonates with customers in the US, then there is plenty of room for you to mark your ground and establish a positive brand image with a local phone number

You would agree that communication is the key to building a global presence and guaranteeing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Having a local US number while working from the UK, you can establish a local connection with your clients as well as audiences.

This is possible through high-grade cloud technology that enables companies to use a virtual business phone number. It gives you a competitive edge by helping you set up a better local presence. 

How Does a Local Phone Number Benefit Your Business? 

How local phone number helps your business

Investing in a local US phone number can help you expand your audience reach. Using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) software, you can revolutionize the way you do business with international clients. 

It helps you boost your productivity while also enhancing customer service by streamlining your entire communication process. Let’s look at how having a local phone number can help you create a global business footprint with local numbers.

1. Expand Your Reach

Even without having an office set up in the US, you can still reach out to your customers with a local phone number and establish a connection. In other words, you can continue with your business advancements without the hassle of establishing a physical presence.

As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can expand your horizons ( literally) to any business city in the US that you want. Plus, with the facility of call routing, you can navigate and direct calls to those offices that are free at the moment — thus keeping your promise of 24/7 availability — totally intact! 

2. Create an Unparalleled Brand Image

Having a US local phone number with features such as global connect and customizable on-hold music can prove beneficial in establishing a healthy brand image. Having a good brand image and local presence with the local virtual phone number helps in increasing the sales figures as well. 

Here’s how to look at it — with the local phone number, you have already reached the streets of the foreign land with your business pitch. But with the add-on features that allow you to forward calls on the go or intelligent call analytics that help you track your calls and return them on time, you can create a brand persona that depicts credibility and trustworthiness. 

3. Bring Work Home 

Given the current pandemic situation, people are seen working from home. However, even when the situation normalizes, you can continue to conduct international business calls from home by establishing a stable internet connection. 

You can easily arrange team meetings with international clients. With call conference and call barging, a third person can swiftly join the conversation without any drops in connectivity. 

Working from home is bound to save time, energy, and money. With a handy local phone number, you can amp up business communications and see your company soar. 

4. One-Stop Shop for All Your Communication Needs

Calling isn’t the only way for customers to get in touch these days. They can leave a voicemail and wait for a callback, post on your social media pages, fill out an inquiry form on your website, or favor live chatting with you. With a platform like CallHippo, you can easily manage multiple communication channels — all from a single platform. 

Why Do You Need a Virtual Phone System?

Why you should have local phone number

A virtual phone number allows you to mark a local presence in the global economic market. But it offers so much more than that. 

Having a US local phone number with a specific area code can make it ten times easier for your customers in the US. They can easily dial and connect with you in case of any inquiries that demand immediate attention. 

Furthermore, it is safe to assume that US clients are more likely to attend calls from a US phone number than any other phone number. 

At CallHippo, you will have a variety of such phone numbers at your disposal. Not only will it help increase revenues, but it will also take your performance a notch up. 

You can use the CallHippo virtual phone system to set up a number easily online without the hassle of setup or installation charges. Moreover, each number offers you to choose from over 20 features that can accelerate your US-based business communication.

Here are some unmatched functionalities that are exclusive and unique to CallHippo:

Global Connect:

Knowing when to exactly call your clients is critical, especially for your sales teams. Global connect will help you find the time zone ( Day, Date, and Time) of your client’s location. It helps you chart out the best time to call the clients. 

Smart Call Forwarding:

If you are on the go and still need to have a business conversation, you can use this feature to seamlessly have your calls transferred to your personal phone number or any other CallHippo local phone number. The best part is that your clients will not get an alarm about the call being forwarded. 

Custom Hold Music:

This is an important feature because sometimes hold music has a pivotal role in keeping the client entertained enough to wait. You can get custom on-hold music for each unique US local phone number

Other incredible features include multilingual IVR, dynamic sequence number, call conference, recording, queuing, and analytics. 

Set Up a Local US Phone Number Using CallHippo

Get local phone number from CallHippo

A virtual phone number is a cloud-based technology enabled by Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) technology. In other words, it uses the internet to make calls from anywhere, using any device. 

This makes it convenient for you to set up numbers and easily connect with people across continents. CallHippo provides unique numbers for more than 50 countries, each representing a specific region or location. A three-digit area code in the prefix helps you identify which number is unique to a particular location. 

Skip ahead from operational blunders and communication errors, and use specific local phone numbers ( with area code) for the region — to boost up your company sales and double in size. 

CallHippo has got a plethora of area codes under one umbrella. Here are some of the area codes of the US to grow your native presence across

  • Area Code 1215 ( Philadelphia) 
  • Area Code 312 ( Chicago) 
  • Area Code 305 ( Miami) 
  • Area Code 929 and 646 ( New York City) 
  • Area Code 617 ( Boston)
  • Area Code 415 ( San Francisco) 

Using CallHippo, you can set up a local US phone number in under 4 steps:

1. Register yourself with CallHippo and fill in personal details such as name, company name, and work email address.

2. Using your credentials, sign in to the dashboard.

3. Select the USA as your preferred country, and then select/enter the desired state or city. 

4. You can then select the “local” phone number option for your business. Once done, you’ll receive a local US phone number. 

That’s it, you can now start your unified communication journey all the way from the UK.

Wrap Up

Make sure to take advantage of the tremendous potential of a local phone number for your company, as it will instantly boost all of your bottom-line revenues.

It’s safe to say that virtual phone numbers are a total revamp from outdated communication practices. Thus, don’t be surprised to see some revolutionary outcomes using this platform.

The world is moving fast, and technology is constantly evolving, so make sure your company in the UK keeps up. 


Updated : May 25, 2022

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