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With our personal experience, we can surely tell that you can save 20% of your time on every customer interaction with customers when you have the best business phone system for your software company. VOIP system for software company gives a very professional feel to its customer communication team, delighting the customers with features such as IVR and welcome message. When your business is growing by leaps and bounces you should get a virtual phone system for your software company. If you are a software or an IT company who wants to scale the business and reach customers and prospects all over the world, this is a must-have a solution. The reason is very simple and practical. It will allow you to connect you with your customers and prospects worldwide, provide them support, make sales calls, do surveys, etc.

Business phone system for IT and software companies is like lifeblood. If you take offshore projects or have customers worldwide or wants to build a business internationally. Cloud based phone system will help you and every team member in your company. May it be, your project manager, product manager, account manager, support executive or sales team member. One of the greatest advantages it gives that you can transfer the calls within teams very seamlessly and with a hassle-free business phone system.

It is said that any company who has 500+ employees has a presence in multiple countries. That means that teams should be able to communicate among themselves at any given point and time. The virtual phone system is one of the ways to bring teams closer and communicate faster. It helps in reducing communication gaps and a quicker response to your customers and prospects.


call transfer

Call Transfer

You can use call transfer to transfer the call to your internal team members such as sales to support or support to sales.

call conference

Call Conference

Call conference will allow you to get 3 people on a single call and discuss the technical problems or requirements.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

When you have large teams with high call volume and you must have call queueing feature to see how many customers are waiting to be responded.

Call Barging

Call Barging

its beautiful features for managers and team leaders to monitor and barge calls of their team members and coach them on their communication.

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

Get Local Phone Numbers

you can get numbers from 50+ countries that you can place it in your email signature, visiting cards, website and circulate for marketing calls.

Smart Call Forwarding

Smart Call Forwarding

Every call is important. Smart call forwarding will allow you to receive calls anytime anywhere even if you are out of internet coverage area.

Team Collaboration (Manage Team)

Team Collaboration (Manage Team)

A centralized management system that facilitates you to create various teams and manage your incoming and outgoing calls efficiently.

Ring All

Ring All

This feature will not restrict you to be available on your PC at all times. It will ring all the devices that you logged into. Including your web app and mobile phone app.

Call Recording

Call Recording

One of the widely used features by all business to refer to the communication later when you need it. Keep track of your communication.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail

It will allow your customers to leave a voice message when you are out of working hours and not available to take the call.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Track your staff’s support performance. Analyze the number of calls, duration of calls, and percentage of missed calls to make firm business decisions.

On Hold Music

On Hold Music

this feature will allow you to place your own custom music with your company branding for your every caller.



A centralized management system that facilitates project coordination among all project members, including students and mentors.

There are tons of features that will benefit your software and IT company by using VoIP phone system or hosted VoIP system. Some of them are listed below in a nutshell.

Go Global

Take your software and IT company to a global level by interacting with customers worldwide. It gives you the opportunity to sell and support to a global audience.

Easy communication

Cloud phone system will ease your communication among team and customers very drastically with features such as call transfer and call forwarding.

Increase sales

Every call is important. You can miss it but your VOIP system should be prepared not to. Enabled features like Voicemail and missed call alert and be informed of every call.

Customer oriented support

Delight your customers with features like the welcome message, greeting and IVR. Create an experience that will create a brand value of your company in the long run.


There is another set of software and IT companies where global VOIP system is a lifesaver for teams. These companies are located in multiple cities in the same country. They can take a huge advantage of virtually hosted phone system for software companies. Now, these teams tend to make a lot of international calls to different countries. Getting the right hosted VOIP system can save you a lot of time and money. These teams need to transfer the call from one location to another location due to distributed tasks in teams. CallHippo allows you to transfer the calls within teams for free.

There are tons of features that you can use from CallHippo that will make your software and IT company stand apart from the rest of the world. One of them is dynamic number insertion. Dynamic number insertion for software companies adds an advantage of being local. This feature allows you to change phone numbers from country to country. It injects a level of confidence on your website visitors and your will trusted more in comparison to other companies that have a single office but multiple locations and has only a single number to reach. At the same time, it provides another advantage of cost to the customer. VOIP for software company allows its prospects and customers to make local calls

Let’s take a look at some of the best features that will help you grow and scale your software and IT company to another level. It will provide your software and IT company a true professional communication channel that will delight your customers and prospects.

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Which plan should I select for my software and IT company?

It totally depends on the use case. If you are looking to receive more incoming calls then outgoing. The ideal plan for you will be the bronze plan. If you are into customer support and receive more incoming calls, you should choose the Silver plan.

I have a big team. Can I get a custom plan?

Yes, you can. Write to us at and ask for a custom quote.

Do you have a number of the country that I am looking for?

Yes, you can check the full list here. If you are still not able to find. Please write to us at and someone will be there to help you.

Can I take a demo before I decide?

Absolutely, you can. It’s an open system. As soon as you sign up, you will be able to see all the features and functionality without even spending any penny. If you still have more questions. Click here to schedule a demo with the product expert. Or write to us at


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Last updated: November 3, 2020

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