You are at an internet cafe, and you get an urgent business call on your laptop.

You are on the road and receive an urgent voicemail in your inbox.

Your office is in Florida, but you have a phone number with the area code of California.

Sounds interesting?

Well, welcome yourself to the world of the internet phone number! With the internet phone service for businesses, your phone calls travel on the internet just like your emails. Such services can reduce your telecommunication costs to a great extent. Simultaneously, it can even increase your productivity. And, the best part about it is the multitude of features and capabilities that you can’t leverage from conventional phone systems. 

Internet phone service is gaining popularity quickly in the business fraternity.

As per Future Marketing Insights, internet phone services will have approximately 204.8 billion subscribers worldwide by the end of 2020.
Some businesses consider such services on the sidelines. Why? They have a few concerns – the audio quality of the internet phone is substandard, implementing such technology is costly, and their phone service will be broken up if the electricity goes out. Lesser do they know is, the benefits of internet phone numbers far outweigh any drawbacks

According to, new businesses that switch to internet phone number system can cut start-up costs by up to 90%.

While getting an internet phone number for your business is easy, let’s gauge the benefits it can bring to your company.


Here’s how an internet phone number can help your business!

1. Internet Phone Service for business can significantly reduce telecommunication costs

When it comes to comparing the operating prices for the internet and traditional phone system providers, the cost of internet phone service providers is radically low. As it eliminates the requirement of expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure and hefty industry regulations, internet phone service providers charge less.
Further, businesses no longer have to maintain separate networks for data and phones. Another money saver, isn’t it?

2. Internet phone service enables a business to reach potential clients across the globe without opening new offices

Let’s say; you have a company with a presence in multiple cities. Establishing new offices in every town and recruiting talent pool that efficiently runs your office is quite challenging and way too costly. For businesses that are expanding their reach globally, the cost of phone calls can turn into a nightmare with the traditional phone system.
Well, employing an internet phone system can help you free up from such overheads. An internet phone number enables you to set up multiple local business numbers with unique area codes.

3. Stay connected without sharing your personal phone number

With internet phone numbers, you can keep your personal and professional lives separate. You can forward the calls from your internet phone number to your mobile number. Your business callers will only be able to see your internet phone number. On the contrary, you can get the calls forwarded to your personal number and get your own internet number displayed on the screen.

Internet phone number

4. Make your business phone system highly flexible

The Internet phone number system lets you do things that are impossible with conventional phone systems. Here are the benefits you can leverage for your business with internet phone number:

Have your phone system with you wherever you go:

With an active internet connection, you can access your internet phone system from wherever you are – be it from your home, office, or hotel. Your employees, as well as customers, can stay in touch with you just by calling your internet phone number.

Talk on your laptop: With call center software installed on your computer, you can make and receive calls via a headphone/microphone unit connected to the network. Thus, you can be worry-free about missing any urgent calls even when you are visiting any cafe for a meeting.

Receive Voicemail on your email: Many internet phone service providers offer features like Voicemail. The messages left by your customers are directly forwarded to your or employee’s registered email. In this way, you can always get back to your customers. Hence, your customers will never feel ignored or unanswered.

Enhance Productivity: You can even configure your internet phone service for businesses to ring multiple devices at the same time. With this feature, you can distribute the incoming calls to various phones so that you can eliminate the chance of missing the calls from customers.

Use Call Forwarding: In case, you are unable to receive a call, you can forward it to your team member. Or, you can configure your internet phone number to automatically forward unanswered calls to an alternate number.

Leverage On-hold Music: Customers likely hang up when they have to hear the annoying call waiting for beeps for a long time to get their call answered. Internet phone service providers offer you to customize the call waiting tone. You can set a personalized message announcing your latest products, services, offers, or discounts. This makes the customer stay on the line and also indirectly helps you increase your sales.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers: Your phone number can have any available area code. For example, your business is based in Bulgaria, and 25% of your clients are in the US. How will you call the US from Bulgaria? Simple! Using a US virtual phone number. This can be of great help for global businesses. You can thus create a local presence of your business in the US. It increases your customers’ trust in you and hence prompts them to stay committed to you.

5. Keep your business phone number forever

Once you’ve got the internet phone number, you can have the same number for the entire business span. If you change your personal number, all you require is altering the call forwarding settings. Thus, you don’t need to change any information on your business cards, website, or marketing materials if in case your personal number changes.

Irrespective of your business size, internet phone services are flexible and affordable. Furthermore, it offers sophisticated communication tools that your business requires to strive in this fierce competition. With an internet phone number, you can increase conversion rates, uplift revenue, and fuel your business growth.

Updated : June 17, 2021


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