Setting up a seamless communication network is a vital necessity for business organizations. They need to have a cost-effective structure that enables partners, managers, clients, and organizational stakeholders to communicate with each other. Most organizations are now relying on virtual phone systems for making internet-powered calls, so choose the best virtual phone system for your business. In fact, the VoIP industry is growing at a rapid pace, and it will reach $55 billion by the year 2025.

Most organizations find it a challenging job to manage their global clients. Figuring out when to call them and what country code to put before their number is a tough task. So, is there any holistic solution that can help companies manage their international business communication? An international phone number is just what you need to boost your communication framework and add efficiency in routine operations.

What is Meant by An International Phone Number?

Most companies have switched over to virtual phone systems as they are much more advanced than traditional wired phone networks. VoIP phone solutions give access to an innovative range of features and also lead to cost savings of around 50-75%. Organizations get international phone numbers as it enables them to expand to new geographical areas and create a strong rapport with local customers.

Let us now understand what exactly is meant by an international phone number. It is a business phone number that can be utilized to connect with local clients, partners, or vendors based in a particular city or area. Customers can directly dial the number – all they need to do is add the country and area code to get connected to support representatives instantly.

Organizations can accrue tremendous amounts of benefits by merely investing in the best international phone number. Suppose your organization has commenced operations in the United States of America. All you need to do is get a US virtual phone number, and your local customers will be able to get in touch at any time of the day. Investing in a US virtual phone number would give your brand name a highly credible reputation and forge active engagement with local clients.

Business Features of International Phone Numbers:

Most businesses do not see the requirement of getting an international phone number. They feel that business communication is running on the right track, and there is no need to make costly investments. However, with various sophisticated advancements in the field of virtual telephony, there is a lot to gain by getting a VoIP phone system for your organization.

Most modern service providers offer customized packages that give business firms a professional appearance and reduce their communication expenses. Virtual phone numbers are hassle-free, user-friendly, and require no sophisticated hardware or software components for installation. In fact, most call centers softwares can be set up in just a couple of minutes!

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International phone numbers have many functional novel features that boost workplace productivity. It leads to a reduction of manual effort, saves time, and drives better output. Here are some useful features of online phone numbers that can increase operational efficiency:

  • Call Forwarding: This is one of the most beneficial features of international phone numbers. It allows users to forward business calls to any other personal mobile number or landline. Hence, if an employee is unable to take calls, they can be easily redirected to an available agent. This makes sure that company representatives attend all customer calls and delights clients as they have a holistic experience.
  • Call Recording: Organizations need to maintain a record of all customer calls. Online phone numbers have a new facility of call recording where all conversations with clients can be saved and accessed at a later time. This allows managers to identify any problem areas in customer support, and train employees to respond better to customer problems. Call recording makes sure that all vital customer call data is stored at a unified place, and team members can access these records at any later stage to enhance service levels.
  • Interactive Voice Response: Automated voice technology is an excellent benefit of international phone numbers. Interactive voice response (IVR) allows customers to listen to voice menus, and self-direct themselves to the required extension number or department. This reduces the need for a full-time receptionist, saves costs, and empowers clients to get speedy service round the clock. IVR is a multilingual feature; hence, it is the perfect tool for international clients as it can serve them in their preferred language choice.
  • Call Planner: Organizations that deal with a high volume of global clients need to plan their business communication effectively. Call planner is a useful feature of voip phone system as it informs users about the time zone and day in another country. This helps team members plan calls or conferences at a time slot of mutual convenience. Your employees appear as professional and do not end up annoying a global client by calling at the wrong time. Hence, time planners are a smart asset that can boost productivity and facilitate seamless two-way communication.
  • Call Queuing: Many time organizations handle multiple calls at the same time, and this leaves customers waiting in queues for a long time. Call queuing is an exciting feature of international phone numbers, and it places incoming calls in a structured line when agents are already busy attending calls. This ensures that calls are answered in a particular order so that customers can be served speedily and responsively. Virtual phone solutions even play pre-recorded music and messages for clients while they wait in the queue, thus forging a secure connection with loyal customers.
  • Number Portability: Businesses do not want to continually change their office phone number as it is a distinctive identity. Number portability makes it possible for companies to improve their geographical location or service provider but still retain their old number.  Virtual phone numbers can be ported to any other service provider at any time, thus maximizing flexibility. Number portability is a very useful feature as it makes sure businesses can keep their old number, and clients can get in touch with them at any time.

International phone numbers are a potent marketing tool that can help organizations establish a dominant position in overseas markets. There are tons of variants available in the market – all you need to do is assess your requirements, scan the options, and choose a reliable service provider to get your international phone number. There is very little maintenance or capital investment required, and your virtual phone number can be installed instantly so that team members can start making calls.

The number of corporate VoIP subscribers is expected to reach $204.8 billion by the year 2020. This demonstrates the growing popularity of this revolutionary technology. International phone numbers are the ideal solution for companies that are expanding in new global commercial centers. They make sure your clients can communicate with support staff members just through the click of a button and boost employee mobility. Getting an international phone number is the best way to increase customer satisfaction as it creates long-lasting relationships. So, go ahead and get an international phone number to witness a dramatic increase in all key performance parameters.

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