Expanding to the international market can be one of the most daunting, yet the most lucrative endeavors for any business. It provides a business chance to access faster-growing economies. But, it also brings in the challenges like adjusting to a new society, different time zones, communicating in various languages, and more.

To ensure you handle all these astutely, it is vital to streamline and ease your international expansion. Whether you consider it or not, an international phone number can open new doors for your business. The foremost benefit of owning it is you won’t require leaving your seat to make your dreams come true.

With the entire world moving online, it is imperative for businesses to leverage the power of the Internet for international calling. Undoubtedly, Internet phone systems can bring your business a host of benefits and help you gain a strong competitive advantage in the market. The best part about investing in Internet phone systems for international calling is that your organization does not need to maintain a physical office infrastructure – it enables you to remain connected all the time and ensures that your team members do not miss out on important client calls. A highly cost-effective solution, Internet phone systems can drive operational efficiency and boost all critical bottom-line results exponentially!

Expand your business on a global scale without leaving your home

Establishing local offices or call centers in every city or country you are expanding to can be expensive. It would easily cost up to 20% of your total revenue. But, an online phone number for your business helps you from such a huge expenditure.

It can help you establish a global presence irrespective of where you are. Let’s say; you are operating a business in the UK. Now, you found brighter chances to profess your brand in Brazil. Purchasing a Brazilian virtual phone number can enable you to be proactively functional in Brazil.

What do we mean by International Phone Number?

In this digital era, international phone numbers are on the rise. It is a phone number that looks similar to the phone number of any country. The only difference is that it isn’t hosted on a physical device but the cloud. By leveraging services from VoIP providers like CallHippo, you can have virtual phone numbers that connect you with people across the globe. However, an online phone number brings with it a myriad of advantages. Let’s have a look at it.

Benefits of International Virtual Phone Number for your business

1. It helps you connect with your global clients at the right time

Handling clients in different countries with different time zones can be complicated. Well, features like GlobalConnect can make it easier for you.

This feature, in particular, helps you gauge the time zone of any country in a fraction of a second. You just have to hover your mouse cursor on the number you want to call. All the details, including the country name, its time zone (day, date, and time), and if the number you are calling is valid or not will pop up. Thus, you can be assured that you are calling your client at the right time. Moreover, it creates a positive impression of your brand for your clients.

2. It eliminates ISD calling charges for your callers

One of the paramount aspects of virtual business phone numbers is that it throws away the ISD calling charges for your callers.

For instance, you bought a UK local phone number. All your UK-based clients can connect with you on this number at local calling rates. In addition to this, if you make outgoing calls from this number, you incur less charge as compared to actual ISD charges.

Need of International Phone Number

3. It assists you in connecting your caller to the right representative

You can effortlessly transfer incoming calls to the right person at the right time. Sometimes it happens that you are unavailable to attend a call. To tackle such situations, you can take the benefit of call forwarding. It lets you forward the call to an alternate number without letting the callers know about it. Furthermore, the call can be forwarded to any device – be it a landline, cell phone, or a satellite phone.

4. It lets you make your customers feel special

While operating in different countries, you will require communicating with people speaking various languages. For instance, people in France will be speaking French, whereas people in Australia will communicate in English. So, it would be great if you greet them in their native language.

To handle this efficiently, international phone numbers come with a feature called IVR. It welcomes your customers in their native language. However, you can customize the greeting message as per the occasion, festivals, or events.

5. It enables you to never miss a customer even in your absence

Many a time, you or any of your team members might be unavailable to attend the call. Let’s say; you could be busy attending other clients or maybe on leave. But, this doesn’t mean your clients return unanswered. Bestow them with features like Voicemail. They can drop their queries in the voicemail. This feature can only be advantageous if it is kept organized. Moreover, a call back must be arranged as early as possible for all the voicemails your team receives.

6. It allows to record calls

You can leverage the power of call recording with virtual phone numbers. It helps immensely in monitoring the call quality and training the new employees. This, in turn, helps in improving your team’s performance. Moreover, call recordings can aid in fetching the important details whenever required in the future.

7. It enables you to take a glimpse inside your business call insights

Your business call analytics reports help you know your business call volume, call demographics, the number of calls missed or received, peak calling hours, and many more information. With this data, you can determine which geography is helping you drive more traffic in terms of the number of calls. You can also gauge the peak hours most callers call your team. Besides, you can even dig out the time at which most of the calls are being missed. These results can support you in building new strategies and increasing your business productivity.

8. It enables your CRM, and business phone number to work together

Why should you waste time shifting between different windows when you can all handle all your calls from a single place? Yes, the virtual international phone number offers integration with various CRM platforms through APIs. You can thus see all the customer data in a separate window at the same time. It also enables you to generate leads automatically in the CRM itself. Some service providers like CallHippo allows you to make or receive calls right from the CRM.

From all the above-discussed benefits, one thing is for sure that the international phone number does many favors to your global business. If you are looking forward to succeeding in any of the international markets, an online phone number is a must-have. So, stop battling and get one now!

Updated : July 29, 2021


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