Starting and expanding a business is definitely one of the most challenging and yet satisfying tasks ever! The feeling of pride and happiness that business owners get when they have an effective business model in place is a feeling that is unparalleled. A huge part of achieving customer satisfaction and target achievement is smooth and streamlined business communication policies.

Communication is definitely the cornerstone of a successful business organization, and it is best to optimize your communication process for speed, efficiency, and productivity. It is super important to keep the lines of two-way communication always open, have good methodologies in place, and talk effectively with your valued client base to form a rapport with them. Your communication methods can make or break or business – so it’s better to choose wisely and ensure that your business communication is 100% efficient!


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Companies often take communication lightly by opting for free communication service facilities like conference calling, which does not serve them well in the long run. Organizations also tend not to invest in virtual telephone numbers where they are 100% accessible to their customers – thereby losing the trust and faith of all their business stakeholders.

Investing in a virtual telephone is one of the smartest moves for your business! In fact, the worldwide mobile VoIP (mVoIP) market to grow at a remarkable 28 percent during the forecast period, 2016-2020. This impressive statistic portrays the dynamic growth and adoption of virtual telephony in modern business organizations.

If you want to gain an instant competitive advantage, don’t think twice and get a virtual phone number for your organization. It will help your company gain a professional appearance, and develop the image of a reliable service provider for its customer base. It’s a one-time investment for a lifetime of benefits and cost-effective calling options that will surely help your organization save tons of money in the long run!

Business calls are a vital part of any organization that has a strong international presence across the globe. When long business calls are undertaken overseas, it often costs your organization huge amounts of money which hamper bottom-line results. If a company cannot afford to invest in traditional telephone service, they often have to rely on temporary or bridge conference services to communicate with their clients. This leads to interruptions and delays in conversation that further results in a huge amount of time and product wastage.

One great solution is to invest in a virtual telephone number through CallHippo, which is the market leader in providing organizations across the globe with effective and reliable communication solutions! Virtual service providers can ensure that your organization receives a host of benefits so that you can witness a dramatic increase in your overall profit levels.

One of the best parts of investing in a virtual telephone system is that it comes along with a number of small, yet power-packed features that can instantaneously raise the standards of your organization to an all-time high! Let’s have a look at some amazing features that can help your organization optimize business communication to greater heights:

1. Voice Mail – An amazing feature that can help companies remain connected and accessible throughout the day – voicemail enables customers, clients, and team members to leave voice messages when calls cannot be answered so that an audio file can be created for later use. This innovative feature allows you to receive, hear, and manage voicemail messages by a phone line, computer, or both.  The voice message can also be sent to your mailbox so that you can access and respond to business calls on the move – thereby enhancing productivity and overall output of business organizations!

So all you require is an internet-enabled device – any desktop, personal computer or tablet will allow a manager to look into business communication with just the click of a button – it definitely makes sure that your communication does not come to an immediate halt of your team members are commuting or away from office for work-related issues. Your customers will benefit from multi-channel support as all their queries and problems will be speedily rectified, keeping them delighted with your superior service levels. Employees can access their audio files or transcripted voice messages – making sure that they don’t miss out on essential business communication while they are away from their office desk. Voicemail is definitely a service that all business organizations need to invest in, as it can bring about some revolutionary positive changes towards your end goal achievement!

2. Call Planner – While expanding business operations, we often deal with a high number of international clients who are widely scattered across the globe. One huge problem that organizations face with global customers is communicating with them at a time of mutual convenience when both parties are available according to their respective time-zones. The call planner facility is a great way to organize business communication across diverse countries – it helps your organization be aware of different time zones and aids in the fixing of a time of mutual convenience for official business communication. It also enables users to write down important business appointments, so that you can have a detailed overview of your weekly or monthly schedule at just a glance!

Call planner is definitely a feature a great feature that can help you remain productive on the move. It also has the ability to give alerts and reminders, so that you don’t forget or miss out on vital business appointments. Call planner will make sure that there is no miscommunication or inconvenience caused to your clients in different parts of the world, thereby making your organization appear extra professional and skilled in their job.  So a call planner is a top feature of a virtual phone that will make sure that you can plan your communication with global clients according to the appropriate time-zone!

3. Welcome Message and Auto Attendant – Forming a bond and good rapport with your customers is super important in today’s current competitive business arena. Investing in a good virtual phone makes sure that you can set up a personalized welcome message for your customers that will make them realize that their time matters to your organization. Your welcome message can help you forge a positive relationship with your client base and greatly increase the company’s reputation in a constructive way. The welcome message is also very useful in reinforcing your brand’s vision and slogan in the minds of your customers, and it helps them to have an affirmative bond with your company. It is the first impression of your organization, and hence it is an excellent way to leave a positive mark on your customer base!

An auto-attendant or digital receptionist is also a very useful facility that can help to guide customers to the required extension number or department. So your customers get a voice down menu system that facilitates clients to be transferred to a department for better service without the need of an operator or support representative. It will lead to great cost-savings as it completely eliminates the requirement of live customer support staff, as the whole process is automated and super-efficient!

4. Multi-Lingual Interactive Voice Response System-Interactive voice response refers to a sophisticated umbrella of software-centered communication solutions. One great feature of virtual telephones is multi-lingual interactive response system that is an automated voice system that can prompt the caller to identify their exact need and channelize them to the appropriate department for better service. Now, in a business that has an international presence, a multi-lingual interactive system is a real blessing, as it gives users to identify a language in which they are comfortable and navigate the system in that particular language.

Your customers need not to worry about language being a major barrier – multi-lingual IVR offers a diverse variety of languages besides English so that your customers feel comfortable and can get guided to the appropriate extension line or department in the organization. There are various advanced language options, that can be customized for specific callers as well, which may assist your existing and/or potential customers to feel more comfortable. So, invest in a top-notch virtual phone service provider to make sure that your clients can navigate your internal systems at ease, and there are no communication gaps that will lead to a lowering of satisfaction levels.

Technology is making strides rapidly and modern business organizations need to make sure that they do not fall behind in the race by adopting poor communication techniques and policies. Getting a virtual mobile number for your company is a sure shot recipe for success and can help you accrue massive gains in overall productivity.

Power-packed features such as voice mail, multi-lingual IVR, call planner, and personalized welcome messages will help your organization create a distinct identity and form a strong lifelong relationship with your prized client base. So make sure to harness the power of virtual phones to escalate your bottom line results to great heights!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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