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Call Center Outsourcing Services

With increasing market competition, businesses often overlook the essential aspects like customer support while focusing on product development, sales, and marketing processes. Thus, they fail to increase customer satisfaction and retention, which is one of the crucial factors for an organization’s success. To prevent such failures, many smart and successful organizations consider call center outsourcing a cost-effective option. Hence, they are likely to gain a competitive edge over their market.

Being one of the leading call center service providers, CallHippo enables businesses to delight their customers with its superior services. With its call center outsourcing services, companies can stay connected with their customers at all hours of the day. Besides, CallHippo makes sure you achieve a high rate of business growth and profitability while concentrating on your core competencies.

Considering professionalism, efficiency, and consistency as the traits to maintain successful call center operations, our team closely works with yours to develop a solution that makes outsourcing call center services a walk in the park.

Optimized Call Center Outsourcing Services

Work closely with CallHippo experts to develop a call center outsourcing solution; thus, accelerating your business output through call center services.

Cost Reduction in the Long Run

Save up to 50% of your operating costs with call center outsourcing services with growing business across geographies and increasing customer base.

Save on Your Resources

Utilize the benefits of CallHippo Call Center Outsourcing services and save in terms of manpower and infrastructure while using your resources for core business processes.

The CallHippo Values

Plug & Play setup

Plug & Play setup!

Get your call center set up in less than three minutes with CallHippo’s quick and seamless services

CallHippo Feature - Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Analyze your call center activities while determining the team’s call volume, % of missed calls, and other call metrics

Internal Team Communications

Internal Team Communications

Stay connected with your team at all hours of the day from anywhere with unified communication and collaboration tools.

Distributed Team

Distributed Team

Ensure your teams across different geographies are on the same page with CallHippo’s call center outsourcing services

Real-time Training

Real-time Training

Barge into any of your agent’s ongoing call, test their performance and help them with appropriate solutions in real-time to resolve customer queries

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Whether it is your local customers or international clients; be at their help 24/7 with CallHippo’s cloud telephony solutions

Multi-channel Communication

Multi-channel Communication

Connect with your customers on their preferred communication channels – be it SMS or Call, and ensure they never return unanswered

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Make sure you never lose your customers with CallHippo even out of your business hours

Safeguard Against Theft

Safeguard Against Theft

Prevent your customer data from security breaches with CallHippo’s call center safety measures and keep serving them without any disruption

Maintain Legal Security

Maintain Legal Security for your Business

Leverage the benefits of Call Recording feature along with actionable insights as a security in case of any legal actions against you

Increase team productivity

Increase team productivity

Enable teams to work from any place and at any time while eliminating commuting time. Help them stay informed with third-party integrations and boost productivity

Find Me Follow Me

Find Me Follow Me

Get your call center outsourcing solution designed such that teams can forward the calls on any number of designated phones

The CallHippo Advantage

As a call center outsourcing provider, we understand the challenges organizations face in fostering and resolving customers’ queries. Moreover, we are aware of the hurdles companies come across while serving their offshore clients and customers 24/7. So, CallHippo sees to it that you escalate your brand value through its cloud telephony services while achieving high customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Make the most of CallHippo’s call center outsourcing solutions and fuel your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The process of outsourcing the tele-calling activities of an organization to a specialized third-party vendor is known as call center outsourcing.

  • Companies outsource call centers to remain connected to their customers all day. This enables businesses to achieve a high level of growth and profitability while focusing on core competencies.

  • There are many advantages of call center outsourcing, including optimized call center services, cost reduction in the long run, and savings in terms of human resources and infrastructure. Customers get 24*7 availability and this enables them to enjoy a superior call center experience

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: October 19, 2021