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Serbia Virtual Phone Number

Unleash the potential of Serbia’s virtual phone number with CallHippo’s virtual telephony services. It is easy to buy the Serbia area code number from anywhere globally, and that too in less than three minutes. All you need to do is sign up to CallHippo, select the number, start calling Serbia, and receive calls from Serbia with no additional delay.

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Stay Connected With Serbia Virtual Phone Number

Stay Connected All The Time With Serbia Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual telephony has multiple benefits for any business. Many companies have entered the competitive Serbia market using Serbian phone numbers. According to your business requirements, it is ideal to go for the city numbers or toll-free numbers. The best part is that it is possible to buy these numbers even if you’re located far away from the Serbia region. All you need to pay is based on the subscription services, including monthly costs, call forwarding, and other valuable add-ons according to the customer’s needs.

While there is no facility for SMS services in Serbia, businesses can get the best out of answering and making calls using the Serbia phone number. The simple process of buying Serbia virtual phone numbers is facilitated by the dedicated customer support of CallHippo that is available around the clock. It is easy for the teams to manage the customers from any iOS or Android device while working remotely. Further, the customers will never know that you’re calling from a virtual number and the high-quality call ensures that Serbia’s virtual phone number offers a great customer experience.

Available Area Codes for Serbia Number

Any business can go for the options available in the CallHippo’s Serbia phone numbers. However, it is crucial to know local codes to target a specific audience from one region, whether you go for local or toll-free numbers. Further, it helps customers identify the business’s exact location and proceed with transactions accordingly.

The country code of Serbia is +381. Further, the different area codes according to the geographical location of Serbia are:

Provinces/TerritoriesSerbia Area Code
Novi Pazar20
Novi Sad21
Provinces/TerritoriesSerbia Area Code
Sremska Mitrovica22

How To Buy A Serbia Virtual Phone Number?

1. Sign up and Buy Serbia virtual phone number

Take no time signing up on CallHippo’s website and start using the local area number or toll-free number according to your business needs. Or you can use free serbia phone number by getting a free trial.

2. Connect with your team on Serbia number

It is easy to add all your team agents on the portal using CallHippo’s Serbia number.

3. Customize your Serbian phone numbers pack

It is possible to customize your Serbia phone number pack according to your exclusive needs without continuing to pay for non-required features.

4. Start calling on Serbia number

You can start calling and receiving calls on the Serbia number in less than three minutes.

5. Track calls on Serbia virtual phone number

It is quick and easy for businesses to track Serbia’s phone number calls. The detailed customer insights help companies draw actionable insights for promoting business.

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How Serbia Virtual Phone Number Works

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Let your business thrive on a global scale with a virtual phone number.

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Add as many users as you need.

Start Making Calls

Set up your phone system in less than 3 minutes and start calling.

Get Your Virtual Number For Serbia

Select The Country (Serbia)

Choose the city/state for the required number.

Select Local Number Or Toll Free Number

Give your business a unique identity by Serbia toll free and local number.

Get Your Own Virtual Phone Number

Get your Serbia virtual phone number starting at best price!

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Features Of Serbia Virtual Phone Number

Serbian Phone Numbers With Hand-Picked Features

Get a highly customized Serbia phone number from CallHippo by adding advanced features and popular add-ons according to your business needs. Pay only for what you have to use!

Frequently Asked Question

Why should you get a Serbia mobile number?

It is easy to obtain a Serbia mobile number from CallHippo’s portal. The company has a range of features in its virtual telephony services, including essential, advanced, and specific add-ons. It is quick to sign up to CallHippo’s portal and start using the virtual phone number for calling and receiving calls. We offer these services at affordable prices in monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans.

Should you integrate your virtual mobile number for Serbia with your CRM?
Many businesses have integrated CallHippo’s Serbia phone number with their existing CRM. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for the teams working remotely and helps them serve customers better. Furthermore, it is easy for the team managers to have a detailed review of every team agent’s performance and ensure proper guidance to the respective team member. Hence, any business can confidently integrate the virtual mobile number for Serbia with the existing CRM.
Why should you use CallHippo to get a Serbian phone number?

CallHippo is the first choice of any business looking to have Serbia virtual phone numbers. There is a wide range to choose from of the basic and advanced features that help companies create a custom-made Serbia number. The unlimited number of call agents using the exclusive phone numbers ensures that your employees can confidently unlock virtual telephony’s potential. It is ideal for businesses looking for flexible and scalable business telephony services.

CallHippo also offers Serbia WhatsApp number to use WhatsApp business in Serbia.

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