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Get Belize Virtual Phone Number in the world from CallHippo and stay connected with your customers. All in less than 3 minutes.

Buy a Belize phone number from CallHippo and have it running in less than three minutes. There’s no set-up cost involved, and you can connect with your customers in Belize from anywhere in the world. Create a local presence by choosing the Belize area code. Sign up now!

Available Area Codes for Belize Number

CallHippo has an extensive collection of local numbers in Belize. Using the Belize country code 501, you can call Belize from another country.

Belize international dialing 501 is followed by an area code. Some of the popular Belize phone numbers provided by CallHippo are:

Belize National Codes

NationalDial Codes
Belize Toll Free+501-001

Belize City Codes

CityDial Codes
Belize City+501-2
Benque Viejo+501-93
Orange Walk+501-3
Punta Gorda+501-7
Stann Creek+501-5

How to Buy a Belize Virtual Phone Number?

CallHippo can get your virtual phone system running in no time.

1. Get a Virtual Number

Sign up with us and choose from a Belize local number or a toll-free number.

2. Set Up the Number of Users

CallHippo lets you add unlimited users/agents and get a separate extension for each one of them.

3. Customize Your Pack

You can custom add the features you want for your business. Pay for only what you need.

4. Start Calling

Start calling and receiving calls from your customers worldwide.

5. Track Calls

Get detailed caller insights and identify the best prospects.

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How It Works

Get Your Business Virtual Number For Belize

Let your business thrive on a global scale with a virtual phone number.

Set Up The Number Of Users

Add as many users as you need.

Start Making Calls

Set up your phone system in less than 3 minutes and start calling.

Get Your Virtual Number For Belize

Select The Country (Belize)

Choose the city/state for the required number.

Select Local Number Or Toll Free Number

Give your business a unique identity by Belize toll free and local number.

Get Your Own Virtual Phone Number

Get your Belize virtual phone number starting at best price!

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Features of Belize Virtual Phone Number

Best VoIP Features Included in Your Belize Virtual Phone Number

Trusted by over 5,000 businesses worldwide, CallHippo is a leading virtual phone service provider in the global market. No matter where you do business, you can choose a local area code from more than 50 countries worldwide and expect the best phone service from CallHippo.

Why Choose CallHippo Over Other Belize Phone Number Providers?

1. Instant Activation

Set up your Belize virtual phone number in just three minutes.

2. Unlimited Users

Add as many agents as you want in one phone number.

3. Advanced Integrations

Connect with 85+ business applications to save time and improve productivity.

4. Global Connect

A unique feature that helps you know if it is the right time to call a customer in Belize based on their time zone.

Frequently Asked Question

Why should you get a virtual phone number for Belize?
Owning a Belize local phone number can help you establish a local presence even when you are located in some other country. You can build a good brand image with a Belize phone number and expand your audience. Most importantly, you can get a Belize virtual phone number from CallHippo at extremely affordable rates and set it up in three minutes.
Should you integrate your virtual mobile number for Belize with your CRM?
CallHippo provides integration with a range of CRM software. Your entire communication gets streamlined with your client base, allowing your sales team to nurture leads. Besides, you can directly make and receive calls from the CRM itself.
Why should you use CallHippo to get a Belize phone number?
CallHippo is an award-winning VoIP service provider that offers Belize phone numbers at affordable pricing. Moreover, its active and reliable customer support 24/7 makes the offer more enticing. Its wide range of features enables your agents to manage calls without geographical or time barriers and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

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