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An Overview of VoIP

We look for methods to cut down the cord on traditional services and find an alternative that is more flexible and affordable. Therefore, businesses started finding ways to replace the traditional phone system.

The introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) opened a door of opportunities for enterprises. With VoIP, you could transfer audio information over the internet smoothly. When it comes to the VoIP phone system, there are two categories of the phone numbers available: Fixed VoIP phone number and Non fixed VoIP phone numbers.

Difference Between Fixed VoIP Phone Number and Non Fixed VoIP Phone Number

Fixed VoIP phone numbers are associated with physical addresses. It is portable, which means that if you move, you are updating your physical address in the system. It is a regulated system meaning even after receiving a free call; you are supposed to pay a minimal required tax.

On the contrary, Non fixed VoIP phone number isn’t associated with a physical address. It is commonly used as a disposable phone line and is less common to be seen as a substitute for the traditional phone system.

You can avail of both the systems for residential and business use.

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Fixed Voip App: The Replacement Of Landline

You can see the fixed VoIP app as the major fill-in for landlines. You don’t have to be seated at one place to make the calls. Instead, you can use a portable handset for that.

CallHippo provides the best fixed VoIP solution that goes beyond imitating the old landline system.

As fixed VoIP phone numbers relate with addresses, therefore, you can consider it as the most suitable option for a business phone system. The best fixed VoIP solutions are beneficial for your business in the following ways:

  • Enterprise-grade Secure

Fixed VoIP app provides top-tier security with security protocols and stringent safety measures. With a VoIP system, you don’t have to bother about any third party conversation breach as the network is entirely encrypted. CallHippo has taken the VoIP security to a whole new level ensuring that calls are completely secure, and there isn’t the slightest chance of losing your VoIP number.

  • Emergency Services

The best fixed VoIP solution gives instant access to emergency services. As soon as you dial an emergency center, the call gets transmitted to the exact address of the call responder. It is necessary to provide your correct address for seamless connectivity; otherwise, there will be a delay in emergency services.

  • Businesslike features

Investing in a fixed VoIP app will ensure a reliable communication system with a set of tools to enhance business productivity. The best fixed VoIP solutions provide access to all the advanced features that your business needs, like conferencing, texting, and many more. If your business has multiple phone lines, then VoIP is ideal solution for you.

Why Choose Fixed Voip Over Non Fixed Voip?

Non fixed VoIP is the most popular tool for spammers and fraudsters as it helps them to mask their identity. These phone numbers are difficult to track. In the case of scam or any malicious communication, you have to go through a lot of processes to trace the owner. On the other hand, if anyone uses the fixed VoIP number to jeopardize your company, you can easily track the person behind the deed.

Fixed VoIP can provide all the important and desirable calling services in a flexible and secure format. CallHippo offers the best fixed VoIP solution with easy usability, uncompromised security, and world-class features. With fixed VoIP, you can create a robust and reliable communication system for your business.

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