Imagine you’re sitting in a cafe, sipping your coffee and working on an important project on your laptop. You put your smart phone on the ‘airplane’ mode; you do not wish to be interrupted by personal calls. But suddenly, you receive an important business call, on your laptop! Or you take a few personal days and go on a family vacation. You put your business calls on voicemail. However, you do not need to wait till you get back to office in order to listen to the messages left on your voicemail and respond to them. You can have them delivered straight to your email inbox! Out on a sales call? Worried about missing out on important business calls? You can now have them routed to your smart phone and answer calls anytime, anywhere! Want to contact your global clients? Get a local business number for more than 50 countries across the globe and call your international clients without counting the minutes!

But all this is impossible, some of you might say. Well, not anymore. Welcome to the world of renewed business communications! The new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems have brought about revolutionary changes in the way we answer calls today. VoIP takes your entire phone system on the cloud and allows your calls to travel through the internet. You can now answer calls from any part of the world using any device with a good internet connection. It not only boosts efficiency but also helps you cut down on communication costs.

Even though VoIP phone service is gaining popularity among businesses, some are still content with their traditional phone service. Due to lack of in depth knowledge about the technology, many businesses are still sceptical about switching over to this cloud based phone system. As soon as they hear about making calls over the internet, their minds go to calls made on social media apps. Some are still not convinced about the call quality while others believe it is costly and difficult to implement.

This article will provide such businesses with a little bit more clarity on how exactly the VoIP phone service works. We also aim to throw some light on the wonderful features of the VoIP phone that it offers and the numerous benefits that are gained by using them. After reading this article, the readers will hopefully understand the working and advantages of a VoIP phone service and will hence use it to gain an edge over their competitors.

The problems (read : myths) of VoIP phone service

Years ago, when the VoIP phone service was still in its development stage, there had been some issues regarding its quality, performance and maintenance. However, after years of finding and fixing bugs, the VoIP phone service has been pretty much perfected. It is safe to say that the problems faced by VoIP users years ago are now nothing more than myths. In any case, the superior call service and numerous features offered by a VoIP phone service far outweigh any drawbacks it may have.

Many big titans in the industrial world have recognized the real time benefits of VoIP and have switched over from their traditional phone systems. Dell, for example, has saved $39.5 million by adopting the VoIP phone service. Apart from saving a lump sum of money, they also claim to have cut down on carbon pollution. VoIP is pocket friendly as well as environment friendly!

Why should you choose VoIP phone service over traditional phones?

Traditional phones are hardly at par with this high paced, fiercely competitive business world of the modern 21st century. They simply do not offer enough anymore! It has several limitations that do not even make it eligible to compete with the latest VoIP phone service. The biggest limitation, for example, is location. When using a traditional phone system, one needs to be physically present near the telephone to answer calls. Every time you take a washroom break, or go out to get some fresh air, you miss out on calls and, in turn, kiss goodbye to potential leads. Two sales people should be competing about who can make the most number of sales, not who can sit at their desk longer!

If you are still not convinced to part with your old office phones, then let’s talk money. The aim or purpose of running a business is to get money in the vault. The only thing people want to see getting fatter and fatter is indeed their wallets! Nobody wants their wallets to become thinner, do they? The traditional phone systems are comparatively very expensive to operate and are a drain on your monetary resources. It is not uncommon to see large companies racking up huge phone bills every week. If someone tells you that you can save all of this money if you simply switch over to much more affordable VoIP phone systems, then what do you do?

The limitations of the telephone do not end here. There are several essential features which traditional phone systems neither have the technology nor structure to provide. All they provide is a two way calling feature. This is nowhere near enough to suit the modern business needs of companies today. The telephone is now a relatively historic and obsolete method of communication.

VoIP phone service

Communicating using the VoIP phone service

All the limitations of the traditional telephone mentioned above have been met by the VoIP office phone system. Let me tell you more about the exciting features of a cloud based phone service and how it will make life easy, for both your company and you.

The biggest edge that VoIP business phone systems have over telephones is that it allows its users to receive calls anytime, anywhere. Any device with an internet connection can be linked to your VoIP phone. You can then activate the ‘ring all’ feature. Now every time you get a call, all the logged in devices will ring simultaneously and you can answer the call from whichever device is convenient for you. It does not require you to be near your PC or telephone to answer a call. You can be in any part of the globe (with an internet connection) and still answer your desk phone!

Features like call conferencing allow up to almost 100 callers to join in one a call. The call transfer feature enables one to transfer calls to various extensions and build a secure and efficient communication network within the office. There are several other features like call barging, voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), etc which will significantly enhance your calling feature.

Real time benefits of cloud based phone systems

Once the VoIP business phone system is installed, organizations can take advantage of its round the clock services and build a strong communication network among company employees. The possibilities of what one can do using this cloud based phone system are limitless. You can send a message to someone on one channel, say X, and the recipient can view it on another channel, say Y. Now one doesn’t need to press a button on his telephone to listen to his voicemail; he can simply get it in his email inbox! Revolutionary, don’t you agree?

Team collaboration and productivity can reach levels you didn’t even know existed. A common communication interface which is flexible and easily accessible drastically improves efficiency levels in the office. Features like call monitoring and call analysis helps you keep an eye on your employees. Knowing that their actions are being monitored and reviewed, employees are always on their toes. As a result, productivity levels automatically shoot up. The VoIP phone service is like a multi-purpose Swiss army knife – a single tool which is an integration of several important tools.

According to McKinsey & Company,

“Interactive technologies can raise the productivity of employees by 20 to 25% through faster, more efficient, more effective collaboration.”

Next to no hardware or infrastructure is required to install the VoIP phone service. Most companies just move their entire communication network to the cloud which enables them to access it from any device of their choice. The VoIP office phone system can be set up in no time! It is also easier to manage since all communications are located in one single place. IT and hardware maintenance can now focus on more important and pressing issues in the office.

Another important advantage of the VoIP phone service is that employees don’t need to be in the office to work and attend to clients. In case an employee is having a family emergency and needs to stay back home, he can still work and get his job done. Employees can now work from any environment in which they feel comfortable and still feel like they are sitting at their desks in office. This not only keeps the employees happier, but also improves their efficiency which reflects in their performance.

What if your phone system stood by you and helped you expand your company? As communications become easier, so does managing branches across the country. Video conferencing and 24*7 connectivity makes you feel like you’re right there; not sitting in an office miles away. No matter where you are, you are virtually present everywhere! Don’t limit your expansion to your country. Take your business global. Using VoIP phone service, one can now make international calls at negligible costs. In these modern times, you do not need to spend a fortune just to make a call halfway across the world. Using VoIP, you can get local business numbers for more than 50 countries across the globe.

A few final words…

The revolution of communication systems was long due; and it is here now! Reliance Jio, a titan in the telephone service provider industry, has recognised VoIP as the future of communications. With the launch of the new JioFiber phones, Jio has attempted to implement the VoIP technology in their phone systems. It won’t be long before traditional telephone service providers become obsolete and the VoIP phone service becomes traditional across the globe.

If you are looking to achieve more with less, to get a state-of-the-art communication system that eliminates the needs of any other system and is pocket friendly at the same time, then it is time to dispose of your old office phones and set up the new VoIP phone service immediately. Be the early bird and catch the worm. Use this opportunity to get ahead in the game and dominate the market. Join us at CallHippo and leave your competition behind!

Updated : July 15, 2021


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