Who doesn’t love to hear a good story?

Its gregarious characters, awe-inspiring story-line, page-turning twists, and surprising ending – seems just so fascinating!

But, have you heard any such stories from SaaS companies? Sounds a bit absurd, isn’t it? After all, you may be thinking, how can software be so exciting?

Well, the software is just like one of your Disney’s most celebrated fairy tales for its marketing world!

SaaS sector, being the most competitive and rapidly growing, demands companies to squeeze all of their creative juices to stay abreast. And that too, with only the fraction of budget that their competitors might be utilizing.

According to SaaS Statistics, the total size of the public SaaS market hit $141 billion figure in 2019 and is expected to reach $157 billion in 2020. 

So, if you belong to the SaaS industry, buckle up your marketing skills because the competition is going to be fierce. To help you emerge victoriously, we have piled up some examples of effective SaaS marketing tactics done right by the best SaaS companies.

7 Examples of SaaS Companies with Great Marketing Hacks

1. SproutSocial

Giving away free products or services – today, even the best SaaS companies have accepted this form of marketing. This standard and widely accepted strategy are deemed as a successful strategic marketing tactic that helps in customer acquisition and onboarding.

But does this mean giving away the full product for free? Never!

This so-called free model comes with a variety of iterations – free trial, 30-day free trial, free trial with credit card information, free trial with no credit card information, limited free version, etc.

Have you noticed the common thing in all the above iterations? Yes, it’s ‘free!’

Whenever you look around for a SaaS product, you’ll see the free trial option almost everywhere.

And one of the examples of SaaS companies leveraging this strategy most effectively is SproutSocial. This all-in-one, social media management solution, helps people better connect with their audience and make the most out of their social media strategies.

Here’s the home page of SproutSocial that is powerful enough to attract users:


With this strategy, SproutSocial has managed to win the trust of over 20,000 world-class brands and organizations across the globe.

Are you giving away your software for free? Well, it is an excellent approach to SaaS marketing as long as you got a strategy.

2. Canva

When it comes to discussing the most ROI-friendly marketing strategies, email marketing tops the list. Well, this isn’t different for SaaS examples, too.

Experts say that email marketing can be useful if used at later stages of the funnel, i.e., for customer retention and advocacy. But, we think Canva doesn’t stick to this statement. Canva is a graphic designing platform, where companies can create stunning social media graphics, posters, presentations, and all kinds of visual content effortlessly. 

As humans, we love when someone welcomes us. Whether it is joining a company or achieving your goals. Canva puts this human psychology into use very well. Here’s how:

When you join CanvaWhen you create some designs


As shown, Canva neither misses a chance to welcome you onboard nor fails to appreciate you when you create a certain number of designs. This demonstrates a remarkable way of retaining existing customers and making new ones along the way. 

3. Moz

Businesses across the world are leveraging content marketing, and SaaS companies are no exception. Right from building brands to attracting visitors and getting leads, content marketing is proving to be a smart investment for companies.

As opposed to other forms of marketing like PPC that yield results as long as you continue spending, content marketing continues to drive leads. That is why business leaders call content as the prime asset of an organization.

Want to have a look at some SaaS examples that have made content marketing inspiration for all? Well, here, it is! 


Moz makes SEO, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing easy. It produces a lot of content and has developed a reputation for its thought leadership content. They have an active Blog page, wherein they publish articles almost every day. They have a robust content strategy, and that is their long-form articles. When you go through its buyer’s guides, you will find a mini-course of the subject in itself. 

Be it their blog post, authoritative guides, or Whiteboard Friday videos, Moz continues to drive leads.

4. Buffer

While content should be one part of your strategy, the other should involve the propagation of this information. So, what you as a SaaS marketer should do is think yourself as a wise person of the industry, i.e., the one who has the information and the one who knows to hand out the same.

You must provide information such that it leads the reader to the source of even more information, i.e., your product.

Buffer, though being a social media management platform, is pretty known for its content distribution techniques.

Don’t believe us? Well, have a look below:


Their famous blogs are nothing but an actual information product that supports their social media service. It seems as if they want to have you read their blogs. But their intent is to make you try their product.

5. HubSpot

When we are talking about content distribution, how HubSpot can lack behind. You can say it is one of the top examples of SaaS companies working as an information purveyor. Yes, HubSpot’s marketing power lies in its information propagating skills. Be it their blogs, content offers, CTAs, social media, or email nurturing campaigns, HubSpot content distribution efforts have proved that it is crucial to growing a business. 

Let’s have a look here:


HubSpot cleverly places CTAs across their blogs and websites to align with the readers’ interest and help them move further through their funnel. We must say it’s a SaaS marketing tactic you must start using today!

6. FreshBooks

When you are in the SaaS business, you must stick to what it stands for – “Software as a Service.” Software is essential, but your services also need to uphold the paradigm of your business values. 

Undoubtedly, your programmers and developers are important, but the service providers like marketers, bloggers, sales, help desk, etc. are equally vital as they are the front-faces of your service component. So, consider selling your software with regards to promoting your service. This means achieving paramount customer satisfaction.

FreshBooks, a cloud-based invoicing and accounting solution, utilizes this marketing strategy to the fullest. Wondering what they do? Well, they send cakes!


Yes, it’s a real cake from FreshBooks to its loyal customer. And this maintains a high touch frequency with your existing customers.

According to Gartner, 89% of businesses compete mainly on customer experience. Thus, companies that take customer experience seriously will stand out from the crowd and win loyal customers.

7. CallHippo

Many SaaS companies collaborate with other companies that either complements their product or share a similar point of view. This is what we call co-marketing. As there are no hard rules to follow in co-marketing, companies can come together for any of these – webinars, eBooks, research, or more. 

This approach helps both the companies leverage each other’s following and thus reach a broad and different audience. When both the businesses are on the same page, co-marketing can yield fruitful results.

CallHippo, a leading cloud-based business phone system provider, embraced this co-marketing strategy by developing eBooks.


Joining forces with other prominent companies help you curate a unique piece of content as well as generate leads. Additionally, this approach is cost-effective as compared to your paid marketing campaigns.

Are you a SaaS business owner or a SaaS marketer? If so, which SaaS marketing strategies do you think are the most effective to grow a business? Let us know here!

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