Since how long have you wanted to expand your business to France?  And you were putting it off just because you don’t have an office there, and you are worried about how would you handle customer queries and communication? Well, we have an idea for you, using which you can set up everything and be ready to manage French business from your country. The idea is to get a virtual phone number.

What and why of virtual numbers

Virtual, as the name suggests is a number that does not directly represent a local phone line. Working as an intermediary, these numbers are developed to route a local to another number in a different area and even different countries like France. Thus, the caller can still call a local French number while connecting to the client out of his local range.

Businesses often target users in different French localities in order to expand their scope of business, competitiveness, and clientele. Many a time, they face the challenge of communicating with them as local French users avoid making inquiries on international help desks or numbers outside their region that cost them. This is where virtual phone numbers come to their rescue. Using a France virtual phone number, businesses can set up their presence in a region without being physically present there. Do you understand the importance of having a local France number now?


How does it benefit your business?

Apart from the first and foremost benefit of extending presence, businesses cloud virtual phone numbers can reap many other benefits as listed below,

  • Without hefty local investments, you can venture into crowded local French markets.  
  • When you give a local French number to prospects to contact on, you appear to be professional and trustworthy to them. Therefore, you can observe the increase in potential inquiries coming to you from the markets of France.
  • You can even save money and avoid setting up heavy phone systems to communicate with clients from other regions.
  • While operating in a distant market, this business phone number will act as a safeguard to conceal your personal number and maintain privacy.
  • In some plans, you get the benefit of paying for only what you use.

How to get a local virtual number in France?

Out of the plenty of service providers who provide a virtual phone number, you need to select a one that fits your needs and financial estimate.

Your service provider will have a database of available virtual numbers in various cities of France, of which you can pick a number that is easiest for your prospects to remember.

Now that you have a virtual French number, you need to associate your own number on which you wish to receive calls. Now, you can allocate your one or more personal or office numbers to this virtual number.

Understandably, after connecting your real and virtual number, you can share the local French numbers in all your marketing campaigns as Call-To-Action.

And when French callers call on the local number, you’ll receive it right on your number!

What features you should look for while buying a Virtual number?

In addition to just routing the calls, virtual numbers come with a wide range of supplementary features. These are widely useful marketing and business metrics. Following are some of the features you should look for,

  • Multi-Lingual IVR
  • Amount Wise Call Blocking 
  • Call Scheduling 
  • Time Zone
  • Portability

How much will it cost you?

Depending on where you are based and the call volume you expect, the cost to get a virtual French number would vary. Starting from $14, it can even cost you up to and beyond $145 if you are to consume a big amount of call minutes.

Bringing it all together

This is high time for businesses like you to create a virtual presence in the country and expand. So when are you making the most of using a virtual phone number in France?

Updated : May 6, 2021


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