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The colorful, tropical country of Brazil has so much more to it than this outdated image. It’s the eighth largest contributor to world GDP (nominal) according to the World Bank and the United Nations. It’s not hard to see why Brazil can provide excellent opportunities for your business to expand. Globalization is the flavour of the decade, and tech developments have only managed to push it further. Today, every business aspires to be a globalized one. But, one of the most vital aspects of any successful global business is consumer satisfaction, which cannot be compromised in any situation. So, if you want to get started with growing a customer base in Brazil, you need something that can connect you with them. Luckily, that’s what a Brazil virtual phone number does.

Customers expect, or at the very least, prefer, that the company they’re using the product/services of,  be located in close proximity to them. Now, this is not always possible. But that does not mean that you can’t conduct business if you’re not in physical proximity with your customers. Businesses reach out to potential customers all the time via telemarketing. You can do the same with a Brazil virtual phone number.

You can boost your support and marketing efforts to a huge extent with a Brazil phone number. You can target major cities in Brazil with virtual phone numbers that have the local area code for the same. Your new customers could be in Porto Alegre: +51, Recife: +81, Curitiba: +41, Manaus: +41, Belo Horizonte: +31, Fortaleza: +85, Brasilia: +61, Salvador: +71, Rio de Janeiro: +21, Sao Paulo: +11. It doesn’t matter where in Brazil they are, you can reach them with Brazil virtual phone numbers which have area codes for all major Brazilian cities.

In such a competitive business environment, you need whatever can help you to exceed your competitors’ efforts.  A Brazil virtual phone number can do wonders in this case.
So, the basic premise is that a virtual phone number Brazil has the same area code as the customers that your sales reps are making the pitch to. The first step is to establish trust, and you have already done that by using a Brazil telephone number. Brazil phone numbers for different parts of the country will enable your sales representatives to market the product to local residents of that area, in an economic and effective manner.

Whatever you happen to be marketing,  it is necessary to establish a robust customer support system. A Brazil toll free number will help you accomplish just that. Even if you are marketing your product from a different country, which is true in most cases,  your Brazil toll free number will enable your Brazilian customers to reach you without incurring humongous charges.

Brazil phone numbers come with a number of sophisticated features so you can leverage that technical edge while marketing your products. The Brazil phone number offers features galore. Think call recording and forwarding, custom IVR,  voicemail, and more. Use your Brazil phone number as a training tool, with features like call barging and 3-way conferencing. The possibilities are endless. Using local Brazilian phone numbers will enable you to tap into the consumer preferences prevailing there, giving you better insight into how to market your products. Getting a Brazil telephone number ensures that agents need not be present in the office all the time. When you buy Brazil virtual phone numbers, agents can receive the calls anytime, from any location across the world, as long as they have a working internet connection. Goodbye, desk phones!

Improve collaboration between your departments with the Brazil phone number. You could have multiple offices around the world, but that’s not a problem as long as you have virtual Brazilian phone numbers. Your departments stay connected and in sync. Meanwhile, your small investment in virtual phone systems for small business will reap huge rewards as your business captures customers all over the world with its aid.

If you’ve decided you need a virtual phone number, there are two ways to go about getting one. You can reach out to VoIP phone companies in Brazil or you could opt for a service like CallHippo which offers virtual Brazilian phone numbers in addition to virtual numbers for 50+ countries. Whether your business operates from within the borders of Brazil or beyond them, CallHippo’s virtual Phone number Brazil is a brilliant value-add. A CallHippo Brazil virtual phone number gives an edge to your marketing efforts. This Brazil phone number helps you build brand loyalty from scratch and then retain it.  Your local Brazil phone number can be reached by Brazilian customers without them having to incur international calling charges, even if you’re sitting in the USA. Get a CallHippo Brazilian phone number to establish seamless connectivity with your global customer base and to rake in those profits ASAP!



Businesses need to manage their support center in the most economic and effective manner. A Brazil toll free number allows efficient customer support without customers having to break the bank. The basic package for the CallHippo Virtual phone number Brazil starts at $12. Instead of spending a huge amount on infrastructure for your support team, you can spend it on higher quality training for your support representatives. A virtual phone number Brazil can help you develop a favorable reputation by delivering excellent customer service. You don’t even need to  use the services of VoIP phone companies in Brazil for this task. CallHippo can connect you, no matter where you are on the map.

So, boost your customer support system with a CallHippo Brazil toll free number. Here’s how:

  • A Brazil toll free number is convenient to procure.
  • Add multiple users to your Brazil virtual phone number
  • Get separate Brazil phone numbers for each department and stay connected..
  • You can get a virtual phone number brazil for as low as $12.
  • Give your business a unique market identity with a local virtual phone number Brazil.
  • Drive your business growth globally with a virtual phone number Brazil.

Any business, regardless of its size or industry must use these highly efficient virtual phone number brazil services in order to explore opportunities, use best practices, and deliver top-notch service.

Getting your virtual phone number Brazil is easy!

  • 3 minutes is all you need to get a Brazil toll free number.
  • Set up the number of users in the Brazil virtual phone number system
  • Add multiple no. of users in your Brazil virtual phone number as per the needs.
  • Start making calls using your Brazilian phone numbers.
  • Set up Virtual phone systems for small businesses at no extra cost.

Features that will wow you and your customers:

Call Forwarding: Agents can now set up call forwarding on their Brazilian phone numbers so that they never miss a call again.

Call Recording:  Record each and every call and customer interaction on your Brazil telephone number. You can use these recordings to better your customer support and to collect customer insights too.  

IVR (Interactive Voice Response): A simple and effective method to guide customers calling agents on the Brazil cell phone number. Interactive Voice Response or IVR will easily direct customers to the department they are looking for.

Voice Mail: Customer couldn’t get hold of you despite calling multiple times on your Brazil phone number? They can simply leave a voicemail so you can get back to them ASAP.

Get started with CallHippo to see the difference it can make to your business efforts in Brazil.



Drive your business on global level with virtual number.


Add multiple no. of users as per the needs.


Setup your phone system in less than 3 minutes and start calling.

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Choose the city/state for the required number.


Give your Business a unique Identity by Brazil toll free and local number.


Get your Brazil Phone Number starting at just $12.

FEATURES of Brazil Phone Number

Call Transfer

Call Transfer

Transfer connected calls to the right place at the right time. Redirect your customer to where they need to be, in seconds.

Call Conference

Call Conference

Add a third party seamlessly to an ongoing call with this feature. Excellent for virtual meetings between global teams.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Call queueing is a simple mechanism to keep callers engaged while they’re waiting for an agent to address their problem.

Call Barging

Call Barging

Enter the conference bridge easily and enhance the performance of your agents. Our VoIP phone system makes it effortless.

Get Local Phone Numbers

Get Local Phone Numbers

Target your market with ease! Get area codes for 50+ countries with our business phone solutions and reach out instantly.

Smart Call Forwarding

Smart Call Forwarding

Get intelligent call forwarding on CallHippo & ensure that every call is forwarded to the right agent at the right time.

Team Collaboration (Manage Team)

Team Collaboration (Manage Team)

The perfect companion to your sales and support teams, CallHippo enhances their connectivity, flexibility and adaptability

Ring All

Ring All

Distribute incoming calls to avoid the chance of missing them. With ring all, transfer a call to multiple phones at once

Call Recording

Call Recording

Review sales + support calls. Make performance analysis simple with actionable insights from recordings with CallHippo Brazil Virtual Phone Number.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Get easy access to voicemail left by your customers. Let no message go unread and no query go unheard with voicemail.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

What makes your best callers the best? Find out with advanced call analytics, and implement the knowledge in your strategy!

On Hold Music

On Hold Music

Make the wait easy with CallHippo’s on-hold music. Your business can add custom messages depending upon the caller too.


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Why should you get Brazil Phone number?
Brazil Virtual Phone numbers can really do wonders for your business. They use IP telephony means you don’t at all have to worry about setting up traditional telephone lines. They come with great Voice quality and above everything are affordable to use.
How to buy an Brazil Virtual Phone Number?

Buy Brazil Virtual Phone Number from CallHippo, this will prove out to be one of your best decision. They will set your call center in less than 3 minutes.

Just Follow these simple steps:
• Sign up with Call Hippo.
• Log in with the username and password and this will take you to the dashboard.
• Assign the name you want like to your Brazil Phone number
• Click on Add Number select Brazil as the country, you can filter the numbers as per your choice and select a number from number pool.
• Make payment.

Do I need to integrate Brazil Virtual mobile number with CRM?
Yes, you need to integrate Brazil Virtual mobile number with CRM. The process is very simple. By integrating our calling system, you can make and receive calls from the CRM itself.
Why should you use CallHippo to get a Phone number in Brazil?
Brazil Phone number comes with a lot of extra features besides just making and receiving calls. The voice clarity is extremely good and the support team is available 24/7 to help you in case of any troubles.


No credit card required.

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