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New Zealand has for the second time in a row scooped the top position in the World Bank Doing Business 2019 report for ease of doing business. While that’s good news, how can international business establish presence in New Zealand without incurring a lot of money?

That’s where virtual landline providers NZ  or New Zealand phone providers that offer new Zealand call forwarding come in handy.

Look for New Zealand virtual phone number providers

Do you have website in New Zealand and you need to extend your presence there? There are various online NZ virtual landline number or NZ international phone number providers that can help your business. Find one and buy NZ phone number online from them.

For example, there is a reason why CallHippo still rocks when it comes to offering Cloud Telephony in New Zealand or New Zealand virtual phone number you can use for your business. They make your New Zealand call forwarding partner. They allow you to buy NZ phone number online or new Zealand telephone numbers,  and forward the calls to any VOIP device of your choice.

Your opportunity to talk to customers you never though you had

Buying  NZ phone numbers or New Zealand virtual phone number offers international businesses some prestige points to your business. And you know customer experience is everything these days.

When you buy NZ phone number online or new Zealand telephone numbers from the CallHippos, you give locals an incentive to call you.  CallHippo provides New Zealand virtual phone number or New Zealand telephone numbers or Cloud Telephony in New Zealand allows you that previdege. Again, thir virtual mobile number new Zealand or online NZ virtual landline number offers you all you need solutions to extend your world presence within a few seconds.

CallHippo’s virtual NZ international phone numbers or New Zealand virtual phone number or  virtual landline providers NZ  provider also offers flexible forwarding options so that you can not only receive your call or text message through phone, but also receive incoming calls on Google Talk, Skype, or a VoIP (Voice-over-IP) provider of your choice.

The most impressive thing about your VoIP or NZ Phone Numbers online providers like CallHippo is that you won't have to purchase any hardware for you to enjoy your NZ phone number. In fact, you will never have to switch your local/home country telephony provider. Besides, it offers an easy to use, app-based virtual mobile number new Zealand or New Zealand telephone numbers management system. That way you will get all the flexibility you need besides boosting your business.

“I’m sorry, calls to this number are not allowed...” conundrum solved

If you are calling home from New Zealand, there are quite a lot of mobile horror stories when it comes to roaming charges in New Zealand. If you are not using virtual mobile number New Zealand or a New Zealand VoIP number,  Kiwis will always surprise you with excessive roaming bills.

But, it hurts much less scouring the internet for virtual landline providers NZ  or Phone Numbers NZ.

Getting yourself a New Zealand virtual phone number or New Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers will be a good start. So start by looking for virtual landline providers NZ or New Zealand phone providers. There are different NZ Phone Numbers providers or VoIP phone providers new Zealand or Cloud Telephony in New Zealand providers. Choose your poison. And get yourself a virtual New Zealand phone number to communicate back at home to your loved ones or business partners.

Callhippo, for example, provides the fastest and most affordable Phone Numbers NZ services.  Besides, CallHippo offers virtual New Zealand Phone Numbers including New Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers, NZ Phone Numbers, virtual mobile number New Zealand, and new Zealand VoIP number to serve your different business needs.

Another advantage for using CallHippo is that is helps businesses connect their data to New Zealand VoIP number online or VoIP  virtual landline providers NZ actually in a minute. Using these New Zealand Virtual phone number providers or NZ Phone Numbers  will help small businesses across different entities grow and increase productivity.

Your virtual landline providers NZ  or New Zealand phone providers offer you  an online Phone Numbers NZ. And, thanks to CallHippo’s Phone Numbers NZ features, you can use your Phone Numbers NZ or Phone Numbers NZ and your neighbour’s local wi-fi to  call your loved ones at home.

That way, New Zealand virtual VoIP number or Cloud Telephony in New Zealand prevents you from suffering a debilitating phone bill shock while you your stay there.  The good news is that CallHoppo’s virtual mobile number new Zealand or NZ phone numbers online or NZ Phone Numbers online will cost you a mere $10, but the benefits are immense.

Your Own Support Center in less than 3 minutes


It hurts to get edged out of business by local competitors. If you hate that experience, get new Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers for your business. Look for trusted New Zealand Virtual Phone Numbers or New Zealand telephone numbers or NZ Phone Numbers online providers. CallHippo is one of the most reliable New Zealand VoIP number or new Zealand VoIP number providers. Anyone can buy NZ phone number online or virtual landline providers NZ from them.

As a one of the VoIP phone providers new Zealand or virtual landline providers NZ  or New Zealand phone providers,  CallHippo makes your go-to vendor where you can buy New Zealand toll-free numbers online or virtual mobile number New Zealand for your business.

Getting your CallHippo’s New Zealand virtual phone number will help you build a flexible 24/7 customer support system that meets the different consumer expectations. The app, conveniently powered through Cloud Telephony in New Zealand. That way, you can easily acquire Phone Numbers NZ or New Zealand VoIP number your or new Zealand toll-free numbers online service for a minimal price of just $10.

Thanks to the CallHippo’s New Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers, you can buy NZ phone number online, or online Phone Numbers NZ to allow your international businesses to effectively compete in the local New Zealand market.

Benefits of using Call Hippo’s New Zealand telephone numbers?

There are a lot of benefits for using New Zealand telephone numbers or New Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers or Phone Numbers NZ to your business.  CallHippo makes it a reality by providing an app that offers New Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers or new Zealand toll-free numbers online that:

  • Allow Phone Numbers NZ to calls made from New Zealand to anywhere in the world.
  • Allow you to make outgoing calls with your New Zealand VoIP number using a phone and through your virtual mobile app.
  • Allow you to forward incoming calls to any mobile phone line a very low rate.
  • Allow incoming call forwarding to any new Zealand VoIP number or New Zealand VoIP number or new Zealand toll-free numbers online provider.
  • Allow you to own your virtual mobile number new Zealand with no contracts.

How It Works

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Add multiple no. of users as per the needs.

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Get virtual Number For New Zealand

Select the country (New Zealand)

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Select local or toll-free number

Give your Business a unique Identity by New Zealand toll-free and local number.

Get your own virtual phone number

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CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

Call Forwarding

Forward your business calls to your personal number and never a miss a business call again..

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

Call Recording

Record each and every calls to evaluate the customer experience, so that it can be enhanced.

local phone number- CallHippo

Get Local Phone Numbers

Buy New Zealand local phone numbers to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

CallHippo_IVR Feature

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Guide your customer to the respective department by setting up department extensions.

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

Voice Mail

It’s a precious feature which provides the facility to the customers to record their message, queries or complaints.

CallHippo_IVR Feature

Team collaborations

Provide hassle free working environment to marketing & sales departments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual NZ phone number or New Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers for your business can be difficult to setup provided your business is not located in New Zealand. For you to get a New Zealand Phone Numbers, you need to look for VoIP phone providers New Zealand.  And CallHippo’s NZ international phone numbers or virtual mobile number new Zealand make one potent weapon for slaying you international phone call numbers.   

Virtual New Zealand phone numbers or New Zealand VoIP phone numbers online will be a major shift for businesses. Why do you need to buy NZ phone number online for your business?

  • Virtual New Zealand phone number increases the credibility of your business among the locals.
  • Getting a New Zealand phone number online helps business improve the bond they share with customers.
  • The New Zealand virtual phone number make your inexpensive communication gateways to New Zealand.
  • You can use your new New Zealand phone numbers can be effectively used from other parts of the world.

Here are the steps you can follow to  buy NZ phone number online from VoIP phone providers New Zealand like CallHippo:

  • Enter your real phone number from your mother country.
  • Choose New Zealand as your country.
  • Select your virtual new Zealand virtual mobile phone numbers.
  • Make your payment for NZ international phone number to your VoIP phone providers new Zealand.

If you are working with a CRM, you can easily integrate your NZ international phone number or New Zealand Phone Numbers to the system.

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