Today, the world considers New Zealand to be a land of business opportunities. And so every entrepreneur who aims to earn in dollars marks New Zealand as its milestone for business functioning. With so much global competition getting concentrated in one place, how can your business outshine others and still make a mark? Well, the answer is to shake hands with the latest technology and ace the pace. Offer your prospective customers the best customer service experience with New Zealand virtual phone numbers.

So, if you are in any other part of the world but have a good concentration of customers in New Zealand, then know why you need a virtual phone number. Virtual phone number presents your organization as an established and reputable brand in the market. This location-independent virtual phone number provides the ease of attending calls any time and from anywhere. It is perfect for small and new enterprises who need to assure the success of their business in a very short span of time.

The ease of installation and package of robust features makes virtual phone numbers the right fit for almost every business. So, let’s learn how a virtual phone number can grow your business in New Zealand:

1. Saves money

Virtual phone numbers or toll-free numbers relieve its users from the long-distance calling charges which otherwise exist with traditional phone lines. Apart from this, with the use of virtual phone numbers, the entrepreneur can operate international business operations in just one location.

This saves the overall infrastructure and business setup costs across multiple regions. There is no upfront hardware setup cost involved. One can make use of the existing smartphones, desktops, tablets, or laptops to execute the operations of the virtual phone numbers. Also, the cost of VoIP business phones is much cheaper than the traditional landline phones.

2. Establishes goodwill and does brand building

Virtual phone numbers mean your firm will have a toll-free number. Consumers perceive toll-free numbers as the reputation and trust of the brand. Therefore, the entire setup of virtual phone numbers is such that it elevates the level of your brand goodwill in the international market to a large extent.

Toll-free numbers require minimal one-time setup cost but elevate the ROI of the firm much beyond the expense incurred. Apart from this, the feature of auto-attendant or IVR as present in VoIP service which help grow your business globally and improves the overall brand image to a large extent.

3. Saves time and improves productivity

Virtual phone numbers are accessible across and get connected to multiple devices. Because of their cloud connectivity, the employees who work from remote places can stay connected to the company every time. This results in timely management of business operations, thus resulting in improved productivity.

Also, the employees need not travel long distances just to share the reports and data. The employees no longer can excuse themselves from being unavailable for calls because of being out of town. The virtual phone number system comes with a built-in tool for SMS texting, videoconference, and more.


4. Provides a better work-life balance to the employees

In the organizations which make use of virtual phone numbers, it does not require the employees to share their personal contact number for official work. Also, a virtual phone number means that the employee can access the official calls even when he is out of office premises, working from home, or traveling. This means zero compromises at work and personal front, both.

Apart from this, there is call forwarding in the VoIP service, which means the if the employer wants, he can customize the calling hours of a particular team as per the need. For example: if an employee works during the morning hours only, then the incoming calls will get forwarded to him only during the morning hours. At other times, the call will get forwarded to an employee working that shift.

5. Eases installation and implementation

It is very easy to set up and execute a virtual phone number in the organization. You can make use of your existing hardware setup or opt for a new system set up as per your need. You don’t need to be an IT professional to manage a virtual phone number. The entire process is as easy as plug and play.

6. Comes with customizable plans

The virtual phone numbers come with highly customizable VoIP packages. There is an enormous difference in the cable and streaming cost of the virtual phone numbers and traditional landlines. VoIP is much cheaper. The streaming packages of virtual phone numbers are such that you end up paying less for the streaming services.

7. Helps create a local presence

Using virtual phone numbers gives a local and trustworthy feel to the customers, even when they interact with firms seated in another part of the globe. When using virtual phone numbers, firms often have solely dedicated personnel for one specific region to give an overall personalized and localized feel to the customer relationship.

8. Provides scalable

It is much easier to accumulate the changes in the business phone setup, with the enhancement in the scale of your business or with the increase in the number of employees. Virtual phone numbers express no glitch in accumulating the change in the scale of business. Adding a new user to the pre-existing virtual phone number list is no big deal. It is simple, quick, and budget-friendly.

9. Makes data reporting easier

Virtual phone system service providers like CallHippo offer certain customer-centric and even employee-centric data insights, which help in the overall productivity enhancement of the business. The data analytics drawn by CallHippo as a service provider summarizes the most complex of data into actionable results. Also, such data can further be used to train the employees in the future for quality improvement.

10. Helps in global expansion

Often when an entrepreneur plans to expand his business, there is a concern on how to reach the customers in the new market and how to make yourself feel local despite being global. But, with the presence of VoIP technology, all such fears take a back seat. With top VoIP service providers like CallHippo, you can get implemented local caller IDs with local geographical numbers and local area codes. In this way, the local population knows whom they are contacting and so trust builds.

11. Comes with add-on features at no extra cost

Unlike traditional phone lines, where a single add-on feature requires much hassle and cost, the virtual phone numbers come accompanied by features like internet messaging, SMS texting, and video calls or conference. This makes it easier for the employees to get connected to the customers and vice versa.

Despite all the above perks of owning a virtual phone number for business expansion in New Zealand, the entrepreneur needs to take care of the very minimal number of risks associated with it. These risks can be in the form of weak internet connectivity, the vulnerability of safety and security, and few extra costs for add-on features. But the good news is that these downsides are avoidable by opting for a reliable service provider like CallHippo. It is easy to use and thoroughly customizable. The best part is its round-the-clock customer support.

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Updated : August 5, 2021


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