There is pretty much that drives growth of businesses in any country. If you have hopes of your business prospering in any country, you have to do your due diligence. You probably would want to dig deeper in research and flesh out critical information – could be details about statistics, culture, government regulations and any other data – that might be useful l to you. For instance, you can purpose to read annual report releases by the New Zealand treasury to get in-depth info with regard to this data and other issues.

While that would sound brilliant to you, unfortunately, every other business is doing the same.

So how is your business going to gain a competitive edge? You need to focus on your brand’s customer experience. Give your business a local feel by invest in New Zealand Virtual Phone Numbers that will help you establish a local presence.

Why does your business need to get New Zealand local toll free numbers?

Thanks to New Zealand virtual numbers, your internal business can’t afford to sleep.

Virtual numbers give you a softphone and a number that routes your calls to the different VoIP devices of your preference. These numbers are not directly related to any telephone line.  The good thing about the numbers is that they can be assigned to any mobile phone app, hardware desk IP phone or desktop softphone app.

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Now, you could use these virtual phone numbers to make a virtual contact center. For example, if you have a business based in Texas that services both local and international customers (specifically in New Zealand), you could use New Zealand Virtual Phone Numbers to give your clients a more personalized touch. As a result, it leads to improved customer experience.

Why to choose CallHippo for New Zealand Virtual Number

There are many reasons why people and business are dying to get  CallHippo’s New Zealand local toll free numbers:

  • Excellent customer service – Just a call, email or text message away and the customer rep teams will get back to you and where possible sort you out.
  • Reliable numbers – Many customers love how the cloud-based virtual numbers work anywhere, anytime.
  • No credit card – No more hassle. You can always—try it out, and cancel anytime. You don’t have to endure the financial burden of hidden charges. You always pay what you are shown.
  • Affordable – Compared to other providers, CallHippo is much pocket-friendly, yet deliver much better than the highly-priced virtual numbers from the other providers.

Benefits for using New Zealand virtual numbers

We can never exhaust the benefits of having a local VoIP phone system in New Zealand for your business. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get New Zealand local toll free numbers:

    • Set up a local presence – With virtual phone numbers, you can easily assign two or more New Zealand mobile phone numbers to one specific line.  That way, your customers in the overseas country can call you in case they need any help. In other words you would establish a local presence without actually having one.
    • Cut roaming costs – if you are running a business in New Zealand from another country, Local New Zealand virtual phone number online allow you to bypass any fees associated with making long distance phone calls.  That way, you will avoid incurring drastic international fees.
    • Establish a professional image – Thanks to New Zealand virtual numbers, you can create the coveted professional Enterprise image that is usually done with expensive equipment. With local New Zealand virtual phone number online, businesses can easily establish the different virtual phone numbers they need to use to call different services within their businesses.
    • Flexibility around the worldToday, telecommuting is gaining traction. Millennials, who make the bulk of the modern workforce, prefer working conditions that favor their lifestyle. And that means providing virtual numbers that offer them flexibility to work from anywhere is not a matter of debate. Since virtual numbers aren’t directly tied to one specific phone, it ensures that they are not going to miss any customer’s call.

How to get local New Zealand virtual phone number online

If you have decided to take your business to the next level, CallHippo offers you different numbers to choose from. This is all you need to do to get started receiving or making calls in less than 3 minutes:

  1. Sign up with CallHippo.
  2. Give a name to your New Zealand Virtual number
  3. Choose your state/province and New Zealand as your country.
  4. Select what you want for your business – a toll-free number or a virtual number.
  5. Pay up and start calling immediately.

See how easy it is? You can sign up for your New Zealand virtual numbers here.

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Features and  pricing schema

So now you know that get New Zealand local toll free numbers for your business is just a walk in the park. Once of the greatest reason businesses are adopting New Zealand’s international phone numbers is the abundance of features it provides.  It ensures that you are always accessible, well-organized and productive in the highly techno centric world.

Those are  just some of the features. Here is a couple more:

  • Call Forwarding – Thanks to the feature, you can forward your business calls to any VoIP device of your choice. That way, it ensures that you or your employees will never miss any important business call.
  • Call Recording – As we said before, customer experience is everything in your business. CallHippo’s VoIP phone number in New Zealand allows you to record every call. As a result, you can easily evaluate and enhance UX.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – Most businesses run various departments. New Zealand virtual phone numbers helps businesses set up department extensions. As a result, they will be able to guide them to the respective department.
  • Voice Mail – The local New Zealand virtual phone numbers online offers the customers an opportunity to record their messages and queries.
  • Team collaborations – If you are working with a team, the New Zealand virtual numbers allows your team to collaborate well, and consequently achieve more.
  • Call analytics – Your New Zealand virtual number is not complete without you tracking your phone support performance. CallHippo’s New Zealand mobile phone numbers help you achieve that.


Most people love how CallHippo’s New Zealand virtual phone numbers are affordable yet they deliver much more quality than most highly-priced virtual number providers. For example, New Zealand virtual phone numbers are charged as follows:

  1. A nominal monthly rental of 8$.
  2. Incoming calls are only 0.018 a minute.

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