Any non-native person who wants to learn the French language will agree that one of the trickiest things to learn is the France phone number. It is a walk in the park till you hit sixty-nine, but things go peculiar as they don’t have a separate word for seventy, eighty, or ninety. 

Even proficient french speakers will agree that they seldom have to scratch their heads to jot down the number as what they thought was 60 something turns out to be 74. 

When not just that, you need to be good at maths to have a grip on these numbers. For instance, take 77. In France phone number it will be sixty ten seven, Imagine numbers like 95 or 99. You’ll surely be killed doing the math. 

France is a mixture of art, science, beautiful countryside, and technology. No wonder it has become a prominent destination for both tourists and ex-pats. Since French is a friendly person, it’s pretty much possible that you may meet someone and would want to talk to them. So, if you’re residing in another country, how’ll you make an international call to France. Stay with me until the end of the article to know the tricks and tactics to make international calls and grow your business in France. 

How to place a call to the France phone number? 

Just like making calls to other countries, you need to dial an international code for calling in France or to a France toll-free number. Without the code, neither you’d be able to make a call, nor would it be easy to memorize. The county code for France is +33. 

Are there other codes in France I should be knowing? 

France has some area codes that you must dial for reaching out to that part of the country. 

Paris and Paris region: 01

Northwest France: 02

Northeast France: 03

Southeast France and Corsica: 04

Southwest France: 05

Along with that, France has two separate codes 06 and 07 respectively for dialing from mobile irrespective of the area. For example, for dialing a number from a mobile, you need to dial +33 then 06 or 07 and then the eight digits mobile number. 

When calling France from a foreign country from a landline, use the international calling code instead of +1 before the number. This depends on the country you’re calling from. For example, for the UK, Italy, China, and France, it is 00, for the United States and Canada, it is 011 and for Japan it is 010. 

Seldom, you might find that you are not able to connect to the France virtual number. The reason could be:

  1. You’ve dialed a wrong number 
  2. You’ve not added the international code or added an incorrect code.

You can also use Skype or Whatsapp to make calls.

How to get a France virtual phone number? 

Are you looking to buy a phone number? CallHippo has the largest directory of France virtual phone number and France toll-free number. You can widen your horizons and grow your business significantly by allowing your customers to contact you from anywhere in the world quickly. France phone numbers will help boost your visibility and the number of incoming calls to your business. 

In today’s cut-throat competition, businesses like you must look for every possible advantage to market themselves. And, it is an undeniable factor that the phone is the most powerful tool to generate sales. Having a virtual phone number only increases your chances of converting more potential customers. With CallHippo, getting a France phone number is super quick and hassle-free.

Advantages of having a virtual phone number? 

  1. Call charges are cheaper than the traditional phone carriers
  2. Businesses with a virtual mobile number are recognized professionally. Plus, you can generate sales while being on the move. 
  3. When you incorporate a France virtual phone number with smartphone apps, you can place and receive calls from anyone.
  4. You have the freedom to choose your virtual phone number



How to get a France toll free number? 

France’s toll-free number enables us to call without paying for it. When you purchase a toll-free number with a call forwarding feature, it automatically forwards calls to the destination anywhere in the world. 

Along with that, having a toll-free number projects a professional image and increases your chances of getting business. With the call forwarding feature, you can virtually reach anyone in any part of the world just by setting up a virtual presence in France. A toll-free number is one of the best and cost-effective ways to expand your business. 


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Take the first steps towards making your big in France and capitalize on your business potential. We provide intelligent phone systems to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re an enterprise or a startup, we’ll cater to all your virtual phone-related needs. We offer cost-effective solutions and help you connect to your prospects in minutes. Drive your business to greater heights while we take care of your requirements. Partner with us to grow a profitable business.  

Updated : February 23, 2021


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