In this blog post, we particularly talk about South Korea, a country that is considered to be most innovative in terms of technology as well as a global business and a significant Asian marketplace for importers and exporters. Naturally, consumers of this market have attracted the eyeballs of a variety of businesses worldwide. In case, if you are working towards extending your business here, this post will give important insights on mobile communications accessibility aspects.

Now that you are set to enter the South Korean market, all that you want is more and more people in the new city to talk about your business; come to you seeking further details and eventually, buy your product or services. Ergo, the quickest mode to receive buyer queries is ‘phone calls’. You can leave a contact number in your advertisements, where your South Korean prospective clients can call you as soon as they come to know about you.

However, given that you are based outside the South Korean city or country, the local Korean buyers would be less likely of calling your international number. Plus, you cannot wait till you set up a regional office and get a virtual phone number. Then, the best idea is to set up a +82 coded South Korean virtual phone number for your business.

The excellent benefits of having an online number

  • Lesser or no charges translate to more inquiries. The caller pays regionally applicable charges to him if any. This way you can entice the callers who would turn away seeing international calling charges.
  • An easier way to ensure that you are quickly reachable and access the technology-savvy consumer base of South Korea.
  • Your online number establishes your virtual presence, thus increasing the consumer faith in you.
  • The cost-effective telephony can save you some serious money.
  • Virtual numbers in your business communication network are the best tools to boost customer relationships and acquire more sales.
  • The online number won’t have any physical attachment; hence you can operate them even without setting up an office in the region.

Features that optimize your communication

  • International call forwarding: This feature allows you to forward a locally made call to any number worldwide.
  • Some technology providers will allow you to forward calls on any landline number, fax, PBX station, or even VoIP.
  • Call recording
  • Routing of calls
  • Call details and history
  • You can set greeting messages for callers and send them bits of recorded information about your company.
  • Background music would replace the irritating machine sounds while callers are on hold.
  • Voice mail facilities to collect multiple calls and messages at one single place
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) where the system interacts with callers and directs them to a particular department or person.
  • And everything that technology has to offer you.

How to get a South Korean virtual phone number?

All leading technology and telecommunications service providers offer a wide range of international inbound numbers in numerous cities and countries world over. In order to get a one for yourself, follow these simple steps.

  1. Enlist all of those important features that you’d need a virtual number for your business. Pick a service provider who offers you everything you need under your budget.
  2. From the pool of available numbers, select a virtual number that your callers can easily remember, for the city or state in South Korea that you are to work in. You can opt for a local, national toll-free, or even a universal toll-free online number.
  3. Following this, you will need to link your own with the selected virtual number. You can select any personal or business virtual phone number of yours on which you wish to receive calls.
  4. Bingo! You are now all set to receive calls from your buyers in the region. They will be connecting to a local virtual phone number, which you will be able to answer on your linked number from anywhere in the world.

Prevailing pricing of virtual numbers in the communication market

For a country like South Korea, you can get plenty of numbers to choose from. Over and above, there are multiple packages available with a flexible combination of different features, talk minutes usage allowance, and pricing.

Starting from as low as $14, it can go on till $50 and beyond based on your subscription.  

Bringing it all together

South Korea is one of the fastest emerging economies, this is why it is highly likely that many new businesses like yours are already considering expansion in this country. therefore, we recommend that instead of using an international number, you should always opt for a local virtual number. Using a number of the South Korean city or state you intend to operate in, you can significantly increase your value proposition for the local set of potential customers. Additionally, without necessarily having a physical presence there; you shall receive increased call inquiries while reducing administrative costs. Sounds like a good idea to increase efficiency? It indeed is.  

Updated : May 6, 2021


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