With the onset of globalization, international trade and commerce have expanded beyond borders. Seamless communication is essential to carry out business transactions in any foreign land, and getting a US virtual phone number is the best way to establish your organization strongly in the United States marketplace.

Buy a US phone number to gain a competitive advantage in the US business market, and form a strong rapport with global clients. In fact, your organization can invest in a toll-free number to remain accessible to customers at any time of the day –keeping your prized clients super-delighted with superior service levels!

Four Ways To Increase Business Profitability :

There are four key areas that can help drive profitability. These are:

1. Reducing costs

2. Increasing turnover

3. Increasing productivity

4. Increasing efficiency

You can also expand into new market sectors, or develop new products or services.

This guide explains how to assess your business’ profitability, deliver growth for your bottom line, and how to plan and manage change.

US phone number is a comprehensive solution that can help your company penetrate a new market, and cement a loyal bond with your stakeholders. So, get a virtual phone system to set up dominance in the United States – your customers develop trust in your brand and it helps your organization gain a credible reputation in the long run.

Benefits of Getting a US Phone Number:

If you need a reason to invest in US phone numbers, think no more and make the decision! It is sure to have a far-reaching positive impact on your organization, as you will definitely accrue these amazing benefits:

  • A virtual phone system can minimize your international calling budget – it is indeed the perfect platform for companies that have a high volume of daily calls due to extremely cost-effective pricing.
  • US phone numbers can help you boost relations with your customers as all their queries and complaints can be addressed instantly.
  • Your business can develop a more professional image and getting a virtual phone system can help you expand operations in a new geographical region.
  • Buy a virtual PBX phone system to increase team collaboration and make sure that your company representatives are always available to provide excellent consumer service.
  • US phone numbers can help you increase lead generation and conversions, as your team members remain connected on the move – thrusting up mobility and connectivity!
  • Your organization can develop a strong regional presence through virtual phone numbers as customers connect deeply with your brand due to local or toll-free numbers.

Features of a US Phone Number:

Modern virtual phone numbers come packed with a range of impressive business features that increase the operational efficiency of daily work functions. Here are some vital features that you must look out for in your US phone number:

  • Call Forwarding – You can be sure that you will never miss another business call as the innovative call-forwarding feature allows you to transfer or forward calls to any alternative personal landline or mobile number –keeping you in touch with a business communication round the clock!
  • Call Recording – This allows organizations to keep a record of all prior call conversions that can be accessed at a time of convenience. Call Recording can benefit your business by identifying service problem areas and also help in improving staff performance.
  • Voicemail Facility – Make sure not to lose out on important messages as the voicemail facility allows for call messages to be directly saved in your mailbox. These messages can be heard later and stored for later access – increasing flexibility and convenience!
  • Call Planner – Make sure to plan your business calls overseas at a proper and convenient time for both parties – Call Planner is the perfect add-on feature that can help managers handle multiple international calls with ease and efficiency!
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Automated voice technology facilitates your customers to self-direct themselves to desired extension numbers or concerned departments. A novel facility- IVR increases customer satisfaction and reduces staff burden for the company.

How to Get a US Phone Number:

CallHippo is a reputable service provider that is a leader in virtual telephony service – you can easily sign up and establish your virtual phone system in less than three minutes! Here are a few simple steps that can help you get the best business phone solution for your organization:

  • Visit the website of Callhippo or any credible service provider to choose the area code of the location for which you need the virtual phone number.
  • Select the US phone number from the list of options that appear.
  • Opt for a local or toll-free virtual phone number.
  • Link your own number with the selected virtual number and add the number of users.
  • You can complete the payment and start making/receiving calls instantly!


CallHippo provides the best VoIP call quality in the entire US market and cost-effective virtual phone system suites across the globe. Your organization can get a US phone number starting at just $6, and customize a specific package to suit your budget. So to align your organization on the path to great success a US phone number is an ideal solution for your business.

Virtual phone systems are the future of sophisticated telecommunications – make sure to leverage the power to enhance your bottom line results and achieve business prosperity!

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Updated : July 21, 2021


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